Last summer, 9-year-old Ana Cristina and her father left their home in Honduras and came to Clevland Clinic Children’s so that surgeons could repair a congenital defect in Ana’s heart, which wasn’t strong enough to pump blood through her body.

Philanthropy Provides Lifesaving Surgery
What's causing those stretch marks and how to treat them.

Stretch Marks: Hold the Cocoa Butter
“I really focus a lot on quality of life, including being active and athletes because that was always important in my life. Also, bringing the patient into the conversation in terms of devising treatment — what really fits them. If I can improve their life in quality or quantity, then that really makes my day.” Get to know Cleveland Clinic Children's Chair of Pediatric Cardiology, Dr. Tess Saarel.
Pros and cons about this common flu antiviral.

7 Answers on Tamiflu: Is It Best to Help You Fight Flu?
When a trip to the emergency room for suspected dehydration led to a diagnosis of heart failure, the prognosis was grim: Kendra needed a new heart. Thankfully for her, she received a new heart just six days later. Use of Aqua Therapy throughout her recovery helped rebuild her muscles and love of swimming. Now a four-time medal winner in the Transplant Games of America and honor roll student,...
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Symptoms to look for and what to do if your kid has Crohn's.

Signs That Your Child Might Have Crohn’s Disease
Music Therapist Christine Bomberger creates special keepsakes using a special stethoscope to record heartbeats which are then set to music that matches the tempo of the baby's heartbeat. #LoveYourHeart [ Link ]

Heartbeats Made into Music as Keepsake
Elevated cholesterol levels in kids can contribute to heart disease and stroke in adulthood.


How High Cholesterol Levels Can Affect Children, Too
John DiFiore discusses pectus excavatum and how it can be corrected with the minimally invasive surgical technique called the Nuss procedure. Cleveland Clinic is one of five centers of excellence in the United States for the minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum: [ Link ]
What you can do to reduce gun violence.

What You Can Do to Increase Gun Safety at Home
At 14 Sydney was a busy, athletic teenager when the effects of an unknown heart condition put her on the sidelines. Within days of getting EKG test results, she was under the care of Dr. Peter Aziz and into surgery to repair her heart. #LoveYourHeart>>[ Link ]
Jane's Make-A-Wish America was granted last week at the #Grammys! Check out her red carpet moment: [ Link ]

Instagram post by Make-A-Wish America • Feb 12, 2017 at 11:41pm UTC
Virtually all heart defects can be corrected

Born with a Heart Defect? Your Life Span Can Be Normal
“I actually tend to talk very directly to the children, and that sometimes catches them off guard, that I expect them, at age 7, to somehow know about their own health and family history... And that is how I try to set up the relationship: that it really is the child who is the patient, with the help of the family.” Dr. Kenneth Zahka pediatric cardiologist. #LoveYourHeart
Cindy was diagnosed at age 2 with hypertropic cardiac myopathy and went through pioneering heart surgery in the 1970s that left her struggling with social stigma of her scars. Eventually she turned to creating bold necklaces for herself and our pediatric heart surgery patients that she "designed to cover scars, make (the girls) feel normal and know that someone understands and cares." Cindy...
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Gift of necklaces is a woman's final gift from the heart
Today we celebrate Alivia who was born with a heart defect called Coarctation of the Aorta. By the time she was diagnosed at 11 months her heart was too sick to save which resulted in needing a heart transplant. She was transported to Cleveland Clinic in March 2015 and remained in the hospital on medications to keep her heart working properly. On October 5 2015 she received a new perfect...
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Today we celebrate Evelyn who was born with an undiagnosed severe coarctation of her aorta. At 10 days old she arrived at main campus in heart failure. At 13 days old she had end to end anastomosis and got right to work recovering. She was excited to eat, and she came home to her twin sister five days later. When her arch re-narrowed, balloon angioplasty was performed. At 7 ½ months olds she...
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Fortunately, chest pain in children often has a much more optimistic outlook.

Chest Pain in Your Child: Is it Normal or Something Worse?
Today we celebrate Kaiden who was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease called Tetralogy of Fallot shortly after birth. In order for him to survive, he needed to have open heart surgery. At just three months old, his surgery was successful but had some setbacks that sent him back to the OR twice during his stay. He continued to improve and eventually was happily sent home! Now, Kaiden...
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