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The global consensus on climate change and the SDGs has been breathtaking in its speed and breadth, but the promise of this consensus is made through action, writes United Nations Foundation President and CEO Kathy Calvin:

Making change decisive

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In a meeting with top scientists today, Pope Francis urged world leaders not to delay or impede action on the #ParisAgreement and other agreements on the environment:

Pope Urges World Leaders Not to Hobble Climate Change Pact

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While countries presented united front to act upon commitments made in #ParisAgreement, relatively few concrete targets set to help poor nations adapt to growing climate change:

Foundations Laid to Roll out Paris Accord but Poor Short-Changed

Ken Berlin, CEO of Climate Reality, is live at the SDG Media Zone. Learn what role civil society to play in climate action. #EarthToMarrakech
How can innovative ideas transform the way we address climate change? Tune in as the 2016 Momentum Change Solutions award winners from around the world share their inspiring action for the planet #EarthToMarrakech
What can the world's first fuel-free flight around the world teach us about innovation for climate action? Tune in now for a live conversation with Solar Impulse pilot Bertrand Piccard for #EarthToMarrakech!
We're live at the #COP22 climate conference in Marrakech, Morocco! As world leaders meet to discuss our shared future, we're sending a message, from #EarthToMarrakech: Leaders have made commitments -- now it's time to act!
The historic #ParisAgreement on climate change has entered into force! Have we saved the world? Not yet. But in realizing this first-ever universal climate accord, we may have saved our chance to save the world if we act now.

As leaders prepare to meet in Morocco to discuss our shared future at #COP22, we’re sending a message, from #EarthToMarrakech: The world has made climate commitments,...
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The day is here -- the #ParisAgreement has entered into effect!

What better day to reflect on the years of growing climate action, and the work still to come? #COP22 #EarthToMarrakech

Growing Climate Action

#EarthToMarrakech: Medellín's metropolitan green belt fights urban sprawl through park land:

Global Challenge, Global Solutions: Medellín's Metropolitan Green Belt

America’s next President will help to shape the world's action on climate change. On November 8, vote like the world depends on it. Because it does. #VoteFTW VoteFTW.org
#EarthToMarrakech: Ahead of #COP22, Morocco is driving inspiring climate action, creating 600 "Green Mosques" around the country:

Global Challenge, Global Solutions: Morocco's Green Mosques

Leonardo DiCaprio's stunning new climate film, Before The Flood, is released in theaters today. Carbon Brief's Leo Hickman reviews seven key scenes:

Review: 7 Key Scenes in Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate Film Before The Flood

In the lead-up to #COP22, we're joining the #EarthToMarrakech coalition to highlight inspiring climate solutions around the world. We're counting down to Marrakech with a new series, "Global Challenge, Global Solutions."

Discover black box technology that reduces airline fuel consumption, concrete made from CO2, and more:

Global Challenge, Global Solutions: OptiClimb

#Urban areas are disproportionately responsible for the planet’s emissions — covering only 2% of the Earth’s surface, cities consume 78% of its energy and produce 60% of global emissions.

Why #cities could be the difference between success and failure on climate action | #Habitat3

Why World's Climate Response 'Will Be Won Or Lost In Cities'

More than 170 nations adopt an amendment to the #MontrealProtocol for the rapid phasedown of HFCs, in a huge step forward on climate action:

The World Just Took Another Huge Step Forward on Fighting Climate Change

World leaders are meeting in Kigali, Rwanda to discuss an amendment to the #MontrealProtocol that would ban a greenhouse gas 1000 times more powerful than carbon dioxide:

World Leaders Try to Ban Another Greenhouse Gas

Climate action takes action: A #climate agreement reached Thursday by 191 nations will reduce #airline emissions through the purchase of carbon credits:

191 Countries Strike Deal to Cut Aircraft Emissions

I's official: The #ParisAgreement will enter into effect on November 4! The climate accord's entry into force is the fastest of any international agreement since the founding of the United Nations in 1945!

Paris Climate Agreement to Take Effect November 4

ICYMI: The #EU votes in favor of ratification of the #ParisAgreement, paving the way for the climate accord's entry into force:

Paris Climate Deal: EU Backs Landmark Agreement