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Science class should teach accurate science. Period.

Idaho Drops Climate Change Language from K-12 Science Curriculum
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Because climate change shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

A Rare Republican Call to Climate Action
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Incredible. If the bill passes, it will be the most ambitious clean energy commitment by a US state.

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Sea ice at both poles has been expected to decline as the planet heats up from the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Sea Ice Nearing Record Lows at Both Poles
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The climate crisis is already having a significant impact on our health. But don’t forget — we can take action to stop it.

Scientists Highlight Serious (and Sometimes Deadly) Health Risks of Climate Change
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Glaciers in Antarctica and elsewhere are melting from below because of an influx of warm seawater.

A Manhattan-Sized Iceberg Just Broke Off of a Glacier in Antarctica
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A sign of the times: This factory makes gasoline-powered cars. But it could run on 100 percent wind power by the end of 2018.

Texas General Motors Factory Commits to 100 Percent Wind Energy
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“We’re doing our jobs, it’s business as usual,” said a NASA spokesperson.

NASA Is Defiantly Communicating Climate Change Science Despite Climate Denial in the Administration
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Talk about flower power! Check out this cool new take on solar panels.
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Solar panels are not only getting cheaper, they’re getting more efficient.

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Unacceptable. The Senate rushed to confirm climate denier Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator because a judge ordered withheld emails between his office and Big Polluters to be released next week.

And you can be sure: Climate Reality will fight any attempt by Pruitt to put polluters over people.

Senate Confirms Pruitt to Lead EPA
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"This is the legislative equivalent of trying to ban fire trucks while your house is burning.”

New Bill Would Block EPA From Regulating Greenhouse Gases
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“And they’re keeping track of what’s already been removed — because yes, the pruning has already begun.”

Diehard Coders Just Rescued NASA’s Earth Science Data
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The power generated by the solar panels will provide more than half the electricity needs for the school!

This Danish School Has Installed the World’s Largest Solar Facade
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Climate change poses an immediate and serious threat to human health around the globe.

LIVE NOW: Al Gore and more are hosting the Climate & Health Meeting in Atlanta.
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The climate crisis isn't some distant, far off threat: it's already having an impact on the lives and health of people around the world.


When It Comes to Our Health, We Have No Time to Waste
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LIVE NOW: Al Gore is convening with renowned health professionals, leading scientists, and expert panelists to discuss how #ClimateChangesHealth
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Today we face a challenging political climate, but the climate crisis shouldn’t be political.

Al Gore: Climate Changes Health
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You know things are changing when oil-rich Saudi Arabia starts making the switch to renewables.

OPEC’s Top Producer Is Turning to Wind and Solar Power