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"It turns out President Bill Clinton’s experiment worked. Taking philanthropy beyond the traditions of corporate social responsibility — 'doing well by doing good' — is now the accepted norm for business 10 years later."

Read more in TriplePundit on the final Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting:

How CGI Changed the World By Changing Corporate Philanthropy
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“The central message of the work has been that everyone, whether a corporate CEO, a nonprofit leader, or an individual philanthropist, has a role to play in advancing the public good, nonprofit leaders said.”

The Chronicle of Philanthropy explored the Clinton Global Initiative's impact after the final Annual Meeting was held last September:

Clinton Global Initiative Winds Down on a Note of Optimism
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“This partnership model, which may seem self-evident today, was simply not how philanthropy and corporate responsibility worked over a decade ago.”

Ahead of the final Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting last fall, President Bill Clinton reflected on its innovative commitment model, which has been adopted by other forums and continues on through the CGI U program, bringing together...
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Empowering People to Build Better Futures for Themselves, Their Families, and Their Communities
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"Simple steps can make a big difference in your life and the lives of those around you" —Chelsea Clinton talks with The Alliance for a Healthier Generation about her #NewDaysResolution to spend time volunteering:

My #NewDaysResolution — Chelsea Clinton
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"Every student in attendance at the CGI U event is an entrepreneur. As part of their admission to the program, they have committed to trying to solve a problem that they’re passionate about."

Bill Clinton to student entrepreneurs: ‘Don’t stop dreaming’
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01/17/2017 at 22:49. Facebook
This month, Forbes recognized innovative young leaders who are making a difference in fields ranging from healthcare to renewable energy.

Learn about the CGI U alumni featured as part of this year’s class:

Six CGI University Alumni Named ‘30 Under 30'
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01/17/2017 at 18:48. Facebook
Students at CGI U have taken real, concrete steps toward solving challenges they’ve identified on their campus, in their local communities, or around the world → [ Link ]
"The simple fact remains that far too many children across the country lack access to nutritious food and time for physical activity. I’ve seen a lot of promising inroads since I’ve left government and become a champion of The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Here are some lessons I’ve learned along the way."

Read more on Medium: [ Link ]

Important Lessons from the Clinton Foundation’s Fight Against Childhood Obesity
✔ 835K+ children's books get distributed
✔ 5K laundromats access resources for kids
✔ 125K+ moms get research-based tips via SMS

Learn more:
"As we kick off the New Year, Chelsea Clinton and Clinton Foundation staff honored the incredible legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. by volunteering in our first Day of Action of 2017. Together, we repacked more than 25,000 pounds of grapefruit at City Harvest, a nonprofit that aims to end hunger in New York City." —Clinton Foundation president Donna E. Shalala

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The Foundation at Work: Celebrating Dr. King & Exemplary Leadership
"Investing in people is always a smart choice, and even more so today in the digital era, where problem-solving skills and brainpower are so important."

World Bank ​President Jim Yong Kim ​reflects on the Clinton Global Initiative​'s impact:

How the Clinton Global Initiative Changed the Way Wealth Is Put to Work
Meet Magalie: As co-founder of Caribbean Craft, her business is improving the lives of hundreds of women artisans by providing access to good, stable jobs in Haiti.
Seven years ago, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake that killed over 200,000 people, destroyed the nation’s infrastructure, and crippled its economy. Even as the Haitian people face continued challenges – as we saw with Hurricane Matthew this past year – we remain inspired by their determination to chart a brighter future for the nation.

These photos from 2016 are a critical insight into...
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15 Powerful Photos of the Clinton Foundation’s Work in Haiti
We view artisanship as one of Haiti’s greatest inexhaustible resources.
Seven years after the earthquake, a look at what’s working to improve life for families in Haiti:

The Working Woman Problem We Don't Talk About
While parents lay the foundation for their children’s health, it takes everyone in the community – from teachers to business owners — to create environments where children truly thrive.

How to Leave a Positive Imprint on Your Child’s Health
"The coalition partners have pledged over $70 million to advance the full participation of women & girls."

Partnering for Girls, Women, and the Global Goals – The Clinton Foundation
From the day we began working in 2001, the Clinton Foundation's story has been one of people coming together to take on urgent challenges and make a meaningful difference in people's lives.

Timeline: 15 Years of Improving Lives Worldwide
"We are not defined by the crises we face; we are defined by how we respond" —Raj Panjabi reflects on Clinton Global Initiative ebola response:
20 playgrounds with early literacy themes are being developed across the country to encourage fun, language-rich interactions between parents and children as a regular part of play time.