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03/24/2017 at 03:25. Facebook
This week the Senate passed H.J. Res. 69 -- sanctioning, among other deplorable practices, approving going into dens & killing hibernating bears & shooting wolf puppies at point-blank range in Alaskan wildlife refuges.
Check how your Congressional Representatives & Senators voted on on this link: [ Link ]
CALL TO ACTION FOR OUR WILD HORSES: Make 3 one-minute phone calls to your...
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Death Sentence for Alaska’s Bear Cubs and Wolf Pups. Are Wild Horses in Holding Next? - The Cloud Foundation
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You too can adopt a wild horse! The Canon City, (CO) BLM short term holding facility is also an inmate training program in conjunction with the Colo. State Prison. Check out the link below to find out more. If you fill out your application and submit it along with your security information, you can then attend the monthly adoption day at the Canon City, CO facility. (Next one is April 14.)...
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CCi - Wild Horse Inmate Program
Cloud the Stallion
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Cloud's beautiful black father Raven was from the lower regions of Pryor Mtn. & his full sister Belle Star is the mother of this beautiful soon-to-be 10 yr. old stallion, HICKOK--making Cloud and Hickok 1st cousins. Hickok lives in the lower Dryhead and is often seen near the Bighorn Canyon entrance just past the cattle guard. Isn't he beautiful? His longtime 18 yr. old dun mare Seneca is one...
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Cloud the Stallion
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Read this great article about the Idaho Challis horses and Wild Love Preserve's effort to save them. This is the future of our wild horses--working with the BLM and finding solutions.

Idaho's wild horses spared from helicopter gather trauma -
We want to share a little Irish fun--here is little Limerick the summer she was born ('11) & throughout her first 3 yrs.
Ginger tells us more: "I named her Limerick because the BLM had named her red roan mother/Cloud’s sister, "Ireland." So, her offspring with Prince and then with Galaxy also have Irish names--(like Irial). The mother/daughter...
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2 Great Pryor Mtn. Stallions--Cloud and Custer, the son of Sitka & the great Shaman.
If you missed Ginger's update last month on Cloud & the Pryor herd, check out her video here: [ Link ].
“The ultimate goal of these 15 politicians is to wrest control of these lands out of public hands." Our public land is threatened by these 15 members of Congress--the home of our wild horses is in grave danger. If one of these 15 Congressional members is from your state, please call their local & WashDC offices once every week and express your opinion of how important these lands are to you....
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Report Identifies Top 15 'Public Lands Enemies' in Congress
These folks in Idaho are able to collaborate with the BLM and curtail the helicopter Challis roundup in 2017 and instead implement a bait-trapping removal. Idaho has been hit with a harsh winter and hay funds for are still needed. We applaud their work and encourage you to support them as well. Learn more how to do that here:

Challis Wild Horse Bait Trap Gather
Lorie sent us some new photos of Longstockings (Longsocks) who was removed from the Proyors in 2012:
"These are from the first two days he was out with the herd! He's awesome!" He has a great group of new horse friends where he now lives at Edens Aspen Horsemanship in the shadow of the Colorado Rockies, near Longmont CO. Longsocks is the son of Chance.
1-Day tours for Summer 2017 on Pryor Mtn. are filling up fast. Nancy and Steve are great tour guides--local ranchers who know the history, the community, and the horses individually, and they will take you up the mountain in their great mountain vehicle.Check out the Pryor Mustang Center's page to learn more about these: Click on the photos below!

Pryor Mustangs : Tours
Kristen was on the mountain with Ginger this week and here are some of her great shots of the horses. Can you identify these 3? (More info when you click on each photo.)
Check out Kristen's FB page for more: Kristen D Collett Photography.
TCF friend Chad Hanson has written a great article on the real question about Wild Horses:
Do we have too few predators, not too many wild horses?
Click on his photo below to read:
Chad teaches at Casper (WY) College, and he and his wife spend several weeks each year camping, photographing, & documenting the beautiful Red Desert wild horses. Please take a few minutes to read this thoughtful...
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The Wild Horse Question-Chad Hanson
Don't let your public lands be sold to the highest bidders:

Wait — this land is my land?
These are graphic photos of Santa Fe's remains, but Ginger wanted to let them tell more of Santa Fe's story, a majestic wild stallion. Ginger remarked how beautiful his hooves were--almost looked like they had been filed by a farrier in recent weeks. Dr. Lisa remarked on how good his incisors were (front teeth), and his molars were very worn down, which is often the case of an older horse.
SANTA FE: We are sorry to report a loved stallion from the Pryors has died. He was born 2 wks. before Cloud in '95 & is in the first Cloud film, running with Cloud & the bachelors. Santa Fe had a larger role in the 3rd film as he courted Firestorm & challenged Cloud for his mares. Cloud & Santa Fe knew each other through their entire lives, & this handsome bay was one of our favorites. He was...
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Red and White Encore! This just received from Ginger:
"We hiked a couple of miles out to have lunch with Encore, Knight, Missoula, & Naolin. All look good considering the tough winter up here--great fun being with them. Doc was nearby, and Firestorm look good from afar! Pride and his band were 1/2 mile away, but we were too pooped to hike over there."
Ginger and Kristen are on the mountain today & found Naolin & Missoula playing with Encore. Knight seems to be ok with their presence. This video shows them about 2 miles away.
Ginger & Kristen checked on the Freedom Family up in Montana this week: Cavalitta, Josie and Mystery came out to greet them! To learn more about these Pryor horses TCF saved in 2009, check out this link on our website:
[ Link ].
"What was the reason to endlessly pursue this terrified, pregnant mare to exhaustion?” Kathrens asked.
“This contractor has been rounding up wild horses for nearly 40 yrs. & should be aware of BLM humane standards,” states Lisa Friday, TCF Board Member. “Their helicopter pilot must have known that the mare was exhausted. Yet he continued the pursuit, and when a...
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