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Cloudnine Group launches second hospital in Pune! #CloudnineHospitals SakalMoney / सकाळ मनी

Cloudnine Group launches second hospital in Pune « Sakal news
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Some interesting 'did you know' facts for you! #babies #parenting #CloudnineHospitals #DidYouKnow
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Here is this weekend's bundle of joy! Her name is Swasti and she was born at Cloudnine Hospital, Old Airport Road, Bangalore. Send us your pictures, if you have a Cloudnine baby in your family! :) #OnCloudnine #CloudnineHospitals #Cloudninebaby
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Do you agree? #FeelGoodFriday #CloudnineHospitals
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Let's take a pledge to raise awareness, to go for regular check ups and to eradicate Tuberculosis on this #WorldTuberculosisDay. Stay healthy! #CloudnineHospitals
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Here is this week's bundle of joy! Baby Maira was born at Cloudnine Hospital, Jayanagar, Bangalore. Send us your pictures, if you have a Cloudnine baby in your family! :) #OnCloudnine #CloudnineHospitals #Cloudninebaby
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Do you know the right answer? #CloudnineHospitals #TriviaThursday
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Glimpses of Corporate Health Summit 2017 held at JW Marriott on 22 March. Cloudnine was the Women's Healthcare partner for this event.

Nitin Nag, (Regional Director, South - Cloudnine Care) was part of the panel discussion! Corporate Health Summit
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Free fertility consultation camp in Malad, Mumbai from 7-8th April 2017! We are offering 1 Free Consultation, 1 Free scan, 1 Free Semen Analysis, 15% discount on Lab tests and special privileged IVF package.
Book an appointment and visit in the camp: [ Link ]

Fertility Camp at Malad, Mumbai!

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It is hard to classify which women are at risk of developing hypertension during pregnancy. However, studies have helped to identify women who are at risk. We have listed out the reasons in the video! #CloudnineHospitals #Video
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Are your managers and employees equally uncomfortable discussing issues of women’s wellness? These and other questions you have always wanted to ask but were afraid to ask… that’s what our ‘women’s panel’ is discussing right now.
The panel is being moderated by Vaishali Kasture (Partner at Deloitte India). The panel consists of Nitin Nag (Regional Director, South - Cloudnine Care), Chandra...
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The last showcase session for the day conducted by Cloudnine Care at #CHS17BLR.

#HealthandWellnessConference #HealthandWellness #CorporateHealth #EmployeeHealth #Conference
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Chocolate is good for pregnancy! :) Have it in the right quantity and it can halve the risk of premature delivery! #CloudnineHospitals #FoodMyth #NutritionMonth
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During pregnancy when the body does not get enough fluid it becomes dehydrated which, even in mild cases, can lead to health problems like constipation, headaches, anxiety, fatigue and dull skin! Keep yourself hydrated and healthy this #WorldWaterDay! #CloudnineHospitals
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This #WorldWaterDay stay hydrated and healthy during pregnancy! Here are 8 tips to beat the heat! #CloudnineHospitals #Blog

8 Tips to Beat the Heat in Summer | Cloudnine Blog
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Pune: Cloudnine Group of Hospitals inaugurated its second hospital in Pune recently.The brand-new facility in Kalyani Nagar comes with the promise of the best maternity and childcare specialists in the region along with state-of-the-art labour & delivery rooms, surgical ICUs and neonatal ICUs.

Cloudnine Group launches second hospital in Pune | Punekar News
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Thank you Corporate Health Summit for associating with us! It's our pleasure to be a part of the Corporate Health Summit 2017.
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Dr. Kishore Kumar, Chairman & Neonatologist, #CloudnineHospitals who inaugurated the new unit said, “This facility is a reflection of Cloudnine Group of Hospitals’ commitment to the city of Pune and a promise to residents here that they will continue to have access to world-class maternal and childcare services.” We inaugurated our second hospital in #Pune. By India Med Today! [ Link ]

Cloudnine Group launches second hospital in Pune – IndiaMedToday
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Histories of genetic diseases helps doctors identify whether these diseases can be passed on to the baby, and how it can be treated or how it can be prevented from happening. Here are a few things explained by our expert! #CloudnineHospitals #video