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Clover UK
09/23/2016. Facebook
Love baking with Clover? Use nature to inspire your cake designs! Take the little ones on a stroll to collect leaves, then use them as stencils to create crafty artwork for your delicious cake toppings.
Share your nature-inspired art with us in the comments to win a Cath Kidston Autumn apron! T&Cs apply.
Clover UK
09/16/2016. Facebook
Pack up the family and head out on an outdoor adventure this weekend – and don’t forget to pack a bag of scrumptious sandwiches and tasty treats to keep everyone going!

What’s your favourite family activity?
Clover UK
09/09/2016. Facebook
With so many free adventures to be had, take your children to your local museum for some quality family time.

Tell us what your kid’s favourite museum is for a chance to win a rocket play tent and don’t forget to take crackers with tasty Clover on them to enjoy during your trip .

T&Cs apply.
Clover UK
09/02/2016. Facebook
After-school art is the perfect way to get the kids out in the garden, especially whilst the evenings are still light! And when they're all Picasso'd out, a bowl of delicious macaroni cheese will help to restore their creative juices.

Is there a little Picasso in your family? ☘
Clover UK
08/26/2016. Facebook
Daisy chains are a great way to get the kids outside playing, and you can teach your little ones a new skill the same way your parents taught you (if you’re lucky you might see a four-leaf Clover ).

Tell us what your favourite simple outdoor pleasure is to win a frisbee, and don’t forget to use Clover in your dinnertime recipes to keep artificial ingredients out. T&Cs apply.
Clover UK
08/19/2016. Facebook
Who needs to go anywhere else when there are adventures to be had in the garden? Share your favourite camping memory with us to win a four-person tent!

When the family’s tired, take them inside for some macaroni and cheese to help refuel, using Clover to make sure nothing artificial gets in.

Ts & Cs apply.
Clover UK
08/12/2016. Facebook
Tempt your kids to spend more time outside this holiday by cooking corn on the BBQ and use Clover to keep artificial ingredients out! Comment below and tell us how you get your family outdoors for your chance to win corn holders for the little ones.
T&Cs apply.
Clover UK
08/05/2016. Facebook
WIN! There’s nothing like being King or Queen of the castle! With historical sites dotted across Britain to explore, there’s plenty to get the kids excited about. Tell us what your family’s favourite day trip is for a chance to win an English Heritage day out. Don’t forget to use Clover in your lunch recipes to keep artificial ingredients out. T&Cs apply.
Clover UK
07/29/2016. Facebook
Are the family getting restless this holiday? Tempt them outside with a trip to the park for some quality time together and teach them some of the games you used to love! We want to hear what your favourite games are to play in the park for a chance to win a kite! T&Cs apply, good luck!
Clover UK
07/22/2016. Facebook
WIN! Heading to the beach this weekend? We want to hear what your favourite picnic treat is. Tell us in the comments for your chance to win a folding picnic table.
Clover UK
07/21/2016. Facebook
This summer, take your family to the beach for some sun and games. When downtime calls, tuck into your delicious “sand”wiches and don’t forget to use Clover to make sure Nothing Artificial Gets In.

Which beach are you heading to this weekend?
Clover UK
07/15/2016. Facebook
Been exploring the nature on your doorstep recently? Share the wildlife facts that you and your family learnt together for a chance to win a Bug Safari Kit. Whether it’s just in your back garden, the local park or a woodland walk, comment below with your findings to win. T&Cs apply, good luck.
Clover UK
07/14/2016. Facebook
“Did you see that?” If you feel your family’s missing out on getting to know nature, download our activity sheet and tick off the Clover Creature Checklist as you go. Remember to pack Clover sandwiches to keep nasties out and share photos from your outdoor adventures with us.

Download here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Clover UK
07/08/2016. Facebook
WIN! Now you’ve decided where to take the little ones using our fortune teller, we want to hear what tasty filling you’re putting in your Clover sandwiches for the journey. Comment below for a chance to win a Little Lunch Cooler Backpack. T&Cs apply, good luck!
Clover UK
07/07/2016. Facebook
Not sure what your next family adventure should be? Don’t worry, you’re only a hop, skip and a jump away! Download the the Clover fortune teller for inspiration all year round and plan your next activity: [ Bit.ly Link ].

Remember to use Clover in your recipes to keep artificial ingredients away.
Clover UK
07/01/2016. Facebook
WIN! There’s so many extraordinary fruits, with all sorts of colours, textures and flavours. If your little ones are fussy, spend time discovering new fruits together and soon they’ll want to tuck in. What’s your top tip for getting kids interesting in what they eat? Share it below and you could win a ” Eating the Alphabet” book to help educate them about food. Terms apply, good luck!
Clover UK
06/29/2016. Facebook
Will your kids only eat certain textures of food? If they won’t try softer dishes try introducing them to soup by including chunky al dente veg for more crunch. Over time you’ll be able to blend it and they’ll be more open to other smooth recipes. Don’t forget to mix in a knob of Clover to keep artificial ingredients away and give it a glossy finish.
Clover UK
06/27/2016. Facebook
Is ‘green’ your little one’s least favourite colour? Feel like you’ve tried everything in the book to get them to clear their plate? We’re looking at how discovering colours, flavours and textures can help. Spend time together trying different food combinations and you might be pleasantly surprised.
Clover UK
06/24/2016. Facebook
After a week of celebrating seasonal vegetables, it’s time for our weekly giveaway! Tell us about your childhood gardening memories by commenting below and you could win a vegetable patch so you can spend time with the family and create memories for them. Terms apply.
Clover UK
06/22/2016. Facebook
My Fussy Eater’s found a sneaky way of including seasonal veg in her kids’ favourite dish. Try it for yourself here and let us know what you think:

Broccoli Mac & Cheese | 15 Minute Meal - My Fussy Eater