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Once there were hundreds - now, only some 10 professional street opera troupes remain in Singapore.

The ageing performers from Xiao Dong Tian Hokkien Opera Troupe 新加坡小洞天歌仔戲劇團 are pushing on, even if it means playing to empty seats. “We can’t force people to watch. But at least we’re trying.” Here's life behind the scenes of a dying way of life.

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Danson Ong
Dorothea Orme
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06/25/2017 at 02:10. Facebook
She's cheerful one minute - then angry and violent the next. People used to love being around Galen's sociable mother - now, she's draining to be with.

How do you care for someone like that without burning out and losing hope? #YouAreNotAlone

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Missy MK
Karen Teoh
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06/24/2017 at 11:20. Facebook
A monster in the gym - and doting dad at home who cooks every day for his family. This 29-year-old thinks it's time that more guys manned up in the kitchen.

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Szeto Hiu Yan
Alex Wong
Mohammad Assad Arshad
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06/24/2017 at 01:28. Facebook
This odd-looking "airfish" could soon be the way you travel on holiday. A Singapore company has grand plans to help this #gamechanger take flight commercially.

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Sawak Maraj
Steven Eu
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06/21/2017 at 13:06. Facebook
At 68 and widowed, grandma You La didn't think she could love again - until she met 71-year-old Xian Wu. The catch? Her daughter is struggling to come to terms with it.

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Serena Lim-Immanual
Mary Anne Ylagan Sian
C Bay Ai Shin
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It's nenek's nasi ayam, with a twist - and busloads come to her house every #hariraya for a taste of it.

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Nageswari Subramaniam
Nasrul Hakimi Ahmad
Syaikhana Suja'ee
They said he'd be a "vegetable" after his horrific accident at 17. But this former ACS boy fought his way back to hope of a normal life - thanks to these people who refused to give up on him.

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Linda Wee
Grace MAdorable
Mingli Lin
5 billion condoms rolled off its factory lines last year. Meet the Malaysian family business that is the world’s largest condom maker.

And because #MalaysiaBoleh, they've even got durian-inspired ones - READ more: [ Link ]

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Ren Yang Ho
Xiuxian Lee
He feeds them, cleans their poop, cuddles them - and thinks of himself as daddy to dozens of otherwise-unwanted dogs at SPCA Singapore

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Shirley Chan
Mae Damen
Abigail Chua
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Koo Hui Ying
Putu-what? It's blue, it's yummy - and it's a conversation starter. That's all the reason you need to try this lesser-known Eurasian dessert.

The full recipe here: [ Link ]

More on preserving the Eurasian culture: [ Link ]
Bessie Ang
Roland C. Fernandez
Veronica Garnell
Their oldest employee is 83. Here’s why tech start-up EverYoung in South Korea hires only seniors.

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Florence Tay
Saw Patricia
Meng Choon
They're sworn to NEVER reveal great-great-grandma's recipes or "she’ll roll over in her grave". Thankfully, to save their heritage, these new-generation Eurasians are more keen to share.

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Kathy Shiao Voon Tan
Rita Cook
Florence Ching
Made bankrupt, divorced - and then he lost his 11-year-old to cancer. But when a broken Jimmy Ong was on the brink of ending it all, even in death his son saved him.

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Theresa Tang Chui Ling
See Chong
"I've proven that I can get anybody who is their own age, shape, size, race paid as a model." In an image-conscious industry, model and Mint Singapore founder Serena Adsit is out to challenge stereotypes about body types.

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Lee Beniot
Rubina Pasha
Belinda Tang
Even mum admits, 4-year-old Victoria's "not an easy kid" to take care of. But helper Za Za isn't allowed to enforce the boundaries.

TELL US: In their shoes, would you let your helper discipline your kid - and how?

We want your views for the new season of #TheFamilyAffair, an observational documentary premiering online first at, on June 19.
Rachel Lim
Elena Chen
Nancy Khoo
'I'd like to deposit S$5 million in cash, please.' Just a day at the bank in Myanmar, where people prefer doing business with gunny sacks of cash over credit card.

#MoneyMind goes to Myanmar this Saturday, 10.30pm SG/HK
Bola Isijola
Kaung Myat Ko
May Naing
Buying new clothes this #WorldEnvironmentDay? Know that 92% of the textile waste we chuck out goes up in flames – as there’s no textile recycling plant here.

#ICYMI, [ Link ] goes on the Trash Trail of the myths about disposable paper cups, your old phones, fridges, and used hard drives.
Lang Ang
Rachel Lim
Nya Waranya
They disco. They deejay. They go to make-out movies. And they're in their 70s.

Check out the Seoul neighbourhood that caters to South Korea's #foreveryoung #ActiveElders. READ MORE: [ Link ]
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XiHwee Wee
Michelle Peck
Here's how you make beetroot + vodka + white clay = taste of rain.

'Mad scientist' bartenders are making Singapore their experimental lab like nowhere else in the world. READ MORE: [ Link ]
Germaine Ong
Priya Mathialagan
Zinniee Ee