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CNA Insider
yesterday at 07:34. Facebook
Think #Causeway traffic jams are a pain? Before it was built, going from Singapore to JB meant an all-night journey by oxcart and sailboat.

More on the biggest engineering feat in Malaya of its time, on #AgeOfInnovation, Sunday, 8pm.

Watch episode 1: [ Bit.ly Link ]
CNA Insider
01/15/2017 at 03:58. Facebook
How do seniors REALLY feel when we call them 'old', or assume they need help?

"I'd think of my grandparents. Never when people say 'elderly' do I think they mean me": Sylvia Toh Paik Choo, 70.

More about the young-at-heart on #TurnBackTheClock, Jan 16 (final episode), 8pm
CNA Insider
01/15/2017 at 02:01. Facebook
How far should #heritage areas like Chinatown, Kampung Glam and Little India be "spruced up" - and when does it run the risk of "disneyfication"?

READ MORE on keeping conservation 'real': [ Bit.ly Link ]

WATCH the #TalkingPoint episode: [ Bit.ly Link ]
CNA Insider
01/14/2017 at 03:52. Facebook
In Japan, everything about high school girls is up for sale – photos, anime, their scent ... even the girls themselves.

READ MORE: A clampdown in the works this year? [ Bit.ly Link ]

#GetReal investigates the #JKGirls industry, Tuesday 8pm.
CNA Insider
01/12/2017 at 03:50. Facebook
This man refused to be evicted - so the developers who forced his neighbours out at gunpoint have now walled in his home.

#GetReal on villagers rising up against land-grabs in Cambodia, on Jan 10, 8pm SG/HK. (UPDATE: Watch the episode here [ Bit.ly Link ]
CNA Insider
01/11/2017 at 04:30. Facebook
He went from being a banker, to setting up a militant training camp in #Indonesia. Now, he seeks redemption for his family’s sake.

More on the #INSIGHT special on Battling Islamic Radicalism: [ Bit.ly Link ]
#Didyouknow Singapore’s public transport was ‘world class’ in the 1930s? Its trolley bus system was the largest around – and it came with 1st- and 2nd-class seating.

#AgeOfInnovation premieres Jan 15, 8pm.
READ MORE: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Why you should let grandpa/ma tell their stories: Talking about the #GoodOldDays can help treat depression, slow dementia, and make old folks feel better about their lives.

More on how to #TurnBackTheClock: Monday (Jan 16, final episode), 8pm

READ about the experiment here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
She refused to budge when the bulldozers moved in to demolish her home. Now, she leads a band of housewives fighting against government seizure of their land.

#GetReal on land-grabbing in #Cambodia, Tuesday, 8pm SG/HK.
READ more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
86-year-old June Gan's recipe for laksa is how she was taught - the old-fashioned Nyonya way. Will such old hand-me-down recipes one day be lost forever?

READ MORE about the debate over what's "authentic" or not in #Peranakan cuisine today: [ Bit.ly Link ]

A cry for help across the miles from an old friend triggered everything. These orphans in #Tanzania had changed his life forever - now, can this Singaporean do the same for them?

READ the full story: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Buying Happiness #changinglives
This story of a widow who gave shelter to dozens of unwed mums and homeless waifs, touched many hearts when it aired in May last year. (Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Since then, Sarah Tan has continued to help those in need (she's taken in 2 more children, making a total of 5 - aged 2 to 15 years). But business at her 'bao' stall has fallen after the brief surge in people wanting to help fund...
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Nursing homes do everything for residents – but watch what happens when these seniors are given back the power to make their own decisions.

An empowering social experiment on how to #TurnBackTheClock on ageing. Mondays, 8pm SG/HK.
READ more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Can Singapore survive if its birth rate falls - and would it be a national duty to make babies?
The debate at a #TalkingPoint forum. More on THURSDAY, 9.30pm on Mediacorp Channel 5.
When school reopens tomorrow in Singapore, all students from primary to JC level will be required to clean their schools daily. But Taiwan (once called 'Garbage Island') has been doing it for years.

What a difference it made. #BestofCNAInsider #Throwback2016
#BestofCNAInsider: "After I got to know the religion, I felt really sad... It's a very soft and gentle religion. It's just that a lot of things are taken out of context and used for the wrong reasons". Muslim convert Ms Li Jinghan's Hari Raya story was one of the most-watched in 2016.

To read more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
A hitman tells #GetReal how Rody Duterte's #WarOnDrugs in the Philippines is helping drug syndicates - with their police accomplices - get away with murder.

Season premiere of the award-winning investigative series on Jan 3, 8pm SG/HK.
"Change or die".
"If people don't have much demanded of them, they can't achieve greatness."
This exclusive chat with Uniqlo founder Tadashi Yanai on what makes him tick was the most-watched CNA Insider video of 2016.

Read more of the interview with Japan's richest man: [ Bit.ly Link ] #BestofCNAInsider
#NewYearsResolution: Buy less, throw away less. These Repair Kopitiam volunteers can teach you to fix your old stuff for free. #BestofCNAInsider #Throwback2016

To read more on upcyling: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Is de-cluttering your life your #newyearsresolution? Get inspired by this former hoarder. More Japanese like him are converting to a #minimalist lifestyle.
#BestofCNAInsider #Throwback2016