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From wearing jeans to saying 'Merry Christmas', these Malaysian Muslims share what it's like being criticised for not being “Muslim enough” - as conservative voices get more strident.

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How do you go from living in a roomy riverside home, to a cramped modern flat?

#Ahok's clean-up of Jakarta's flood-prone, polluted rivers has necessitated the relocation of thousands. But the new life's not for everyone.
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We bought 9 formatted used HDDs at Sim Lim Square (but not from the shops interviewed in this clip.) It's disturbing what we recovered from them. This is how easy it is for someone to retrieve private data you thought you'd wiped from your old hard drive.

#TrashTrail on your virtual trash, Monday, 8pm. (UPDATE: The full episode [ Link ] )
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The parallels with the world of the late 1930s are alarming. Is a World War III on the cards? [ Link ]

The #Insight episode: [ Link ]
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How did Fujifilm, the film photography giant, survive the digital age while its biggest competitor filed for bankruptcy? By making cosmetics, yes you heard that right, cosmetics.

Watch #InsideTheStorm: [ Link ]
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Tired of looking for parking space? Let your car help do the work. A carpark-finding sensor system created by Bosch could soon be available in Asia.

More on disruptive technologies on #ChallengeTomorrow, Sunday, Feb 19, 8pm
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Getting millions of people to stop doing their business out in the open is tough. But Singaporean Jack Sim is trying.

WATCH #FindingSingapore [ Link ]
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From singing for Japanese soldiers, to being brutally tortured by them - this is what it was like to live through the Japanese Occupation.

Remembering World War II, #OnTheRedDot, Friday 9.30pm Mediacorp Channel 5
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Women would sweep up rice grains that fell off a lorry. Bread was made with stones mixed in. Hear from survivors of the #FallOfSingapore 75 years ago today, and the hungry years of the Japanese Occupation that followed.

Catch #InMyOwnWay, stories of resilience, premiering March 18.
So that parents can rest easier, this homegrown company created a mat that helps monitor their babies’ sleep quality and safety.

But is this spirit of tech innovation catching on here, or still the exception? WATCH Singapore’s Future Economy, Wednesday, 9.30pm. (UPDATE: Full episode at [ Link ]
10 years on the public housing waitlist, Mr Chui and his family have lived in a coffin home and now, a rooftop slum – in a room barely the size of one carpark space.

#GetReal on Hong Kong’s public housing crisis. Tuesday, 8pm. (UPDATE: Full episode at [ Link ]
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It went from from world's biggest video game company, with icons like Donkey Kong and Super Mario - to almost game over. This is Nintendo's roller coaster story.

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Watch #InsideTheStorm: [ Link ]
Only 7% of Singaporeans recycle their old unwanted mobile phones. So know this: Your phone is toxic to the environment when it’s incinerated.

#TrashTrail on the problem of mobile phone waste, Monday 8pm. (UPDATE: Full episode now here [ Link ]
Rwanda has shed its violent past, transforming into what some call “the Singapore of Africa” - with a teeny bit of help from a Singaporean or two...

#FindingSingapore, this Sunday, 8pm.
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By 17, he’d run away from two welfare homes and been charged with robbery. But at his lowest point, these mentors helped him realise he was capable of more.

Watch as, for the first time, the Singapore Boys Home lets the media’s cameras in.

(UPDATE: Full episode now at [ Link ]
#OnTheRedDot, Fridays, 9.30pm. #ItTakesAVillage
Which film genre does Singapore director Boo Junfeng hate the most? And after tackling the topic of the death penalty in his award-winning Apprentice, why are issues of faith next on his radar?

Watch #ConversationWith, TONIGHT, 8.30pm
Hong Kong's safer, and pays better - that's what prospective Indonesian maids are told. But many end up in debt, even badly abused – like Erwiana.

#GetReal speaks with Indonesia’s exploited women migrant workers. Watch on Toggle: [ Link ]
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(Centre) A Channel NewsAsia series, Inside the Storm: Back from the Brink, speaks to LEGO about how a new employee saved the toy company from bankruptcy.
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This is how a real #Nyonya gets togged up - kebaya, kerosang, and all.

#Peranakan fashion and culture is hip again, but is the modern spin on it good or bad for tradition? READ about the #GreatPeranakanDebate: [ Link ]
Without the support of friends and family, “I would probably have re-offended,” says Kevin, a former sex offender. But then, cancer struck as he tried to turn his life around. #ItTakesAVillage

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