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High costs are forcing businesses to downsize – but @EmporiumShokuhin’s creator bucked the trend by going BIG. And we don’t just mean the crabs.

More on #MoneyMind here: [ Link ]
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05/21/2017 at 05:59. Facebook
"I’ve never been happy. I don’t know how to be happy."

Trafficked as an 'orphan' child to Sweden, Jyothi Svahn's hunt for her birth mother uncovers an international adoption industry built on lies, greed - and heartbreak for millions.

WATCH the 6-part digital series of the groundbreaking #UndercoverAsia investigation, here: [ Link ] (Chapters 1-3 now up)
Shinyie Lim
Dee Sqz
Lee Jane
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CNA Insider
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She was 5 when she learnt how to cook - to help her mum sell enough kueh to support their family of ten. These days, this grandma's rice dumplings are in demand every time the annual festival rolls around.

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Ling Lim
Nick Koh K C
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05/18/2017 at 05:30. Facebook
Grappling with chaos, making life-and-death decisions, breaking the bad news to families - not everyone's cut out to be an emergency room doctor. Thankfully, she is.

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National University Hospital
Marie Johnson
Ferlin Koh Hwee Eng
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She has watched her husband, siblings and 3 children die before her. At 89, she's fought depression all alone -- until these folks offered their care and friendship.

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Angel Lina
Jennie Tran
Tan LiLian
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05/16/2017 at 14:30. Facebook
They spotted this suspicious character sneaking ashore at Woodlands. But would they have called the police?

At a time of heightened security threats, the answer seems a tad worrying.
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Ravin Ramakrishnan
Syamsul Ab Rahman
Alone for 17 years after her husband died, Helen was falling prey to dementia, loneliness and squalor in her one-room flat. Until this turned her life around.

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Catherine Teo
Kathy Shiao Voon Tan
Sharon Shiroii
Once a Hakka cemetery, this field off Old Holland Road is now abuzz with remote-controlled aircraft aerobatics and sky warriors every Sunday.

Naturally, there's a slightly eerie twist in this tale.
Eri Zemen
Benedict Mrmarksman
Mohammad Fadil
At Nanyang Girls' High School, classes now begin 45 minutes later than most schools, at 8.15am.

The impact on their students has been telling.
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Carolina Koh
Toh Xin Le
Doreen Ng Mei Ling
One transferred from junior college to polytechnic; the other from poly to JC. Did each make the right choice?

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Susan Khoo
Azhar Samsudin
Poh Lye Koh
A short and sweet message from 85-year-old Mr Ng Teak Boon, for all those who offered help and came down to buy his ice-cream :)

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Watch his story here, if you haven't already: [ Link ]
John Gemini
Geri Tay
Lina  Zhang
Forget fish head. With just a handful of ikan bilis and salted fish, the late Mrs Thanaletchmy could make an Indian curry a feast for the senses.

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Kevin Bathman
Kathy Shiao Voon Tan
85-year-old Ng Teak Boon makes a living selling ice-cream, but his life hasn’t been quite as sweet. Especially lately. And he's too embarrassed to get help.

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King Koil Singapore
She makes a living with her potty mouth. Meet Singapore's only female full-time stand-up comedian, Sharul.

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#OnTheRedDot's new series about jobs, Fridays, 9.30pm, Mediacorp Channel 5.
Vasellia Sarmathy
Michelle Koh
Leonard Soh
By 2048, your grandchildren might never eat fish caught from the ocean again. That's a reality check, if you're indulging in pomfret or ikan kuning right now. But here's what you can do.

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#TalkingPoint #sustainablefishing
Pauline Wan Meng Choo
Wong KC
Tracy Ng
#Didyouknow the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve hides a set of ruins forgotten by most? Don’t just walk past – here’s a piece of kampung history you'd be missing, as told by a former resident.

Penny Chua
Mohd Zolkifli
Nurulhuda Muhd Taufiq
So you know about the nasi lemak - but do you know what else had cars flocking to Changi Village on Saturdays? Or where to have a meal at the area's last kampung house standing?

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Carole Westgarth-Thompson
Joe Wong
Bánh Bao Nhỏ
Nepal, the land of 6,000 rivers, is facing a water crisis that has residents queueing for hours to buy water.

And even then, it’s not always safe to drink, #GetReal finds out. READ MORE: [ Link ]
Anne Maes Mary
Anthony Dullah
Rita SP Gan
88-year-old Mrs Lam still makes Hakka noodles the old way - by hand. Are dishes like hers destined to be #VanishingHomeRecipes?

SHARE THIS! We're looking for old-timer home-cooks whose recipes are loved by the family and worth preserving. DM us!

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Kaicheng Liang
Lee Jingwei
"These grandpas and grandmas are found abandoned at dump sites, hospitals, and under bridges - just like garbage." One home in #Myanmar is taking in the sick and dying that others turn away.

More of our regional series on #ElderlyPoverty, at [ Link ]
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Elyn KhaiRulz
Kathleen Shrum