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CNA Insider
today at 00:19. Facebook
Its demographics are what many a developed economy with a fast-ageing workforce would kill for – 7 in 10 Timorese are aged 25 or younger. But that blessing can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here's why. #TimorLeste

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CNA Insider
yesterday at 11:15. Facebook
A red-light dance-off? One behavioural expert has some unusual ideas to get jaywalkers to use road crossings. And they don't involve fines.

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CNA Insider
12/08/2016 at 04:02. Facebook
They called him “crooked hands” and “ugly” because of his muscular dystrophy. But music freed this 22-year-old of limits.

This and other stories on youths with disabilities, as told by students of LASALLE College of the Arts in collaboration with #OnTheRedDot. Friday, 9.30pm, Mediacorp Channel 5.
CNA Insider
12/04/2016 at 14:30. Facebook
"I'm straight, I'm not gay. I'm not transsexual."
A peek into the world of Singapore's male-to-female #crossplayers (cosplayers who #crossdress).

CNA Insider
12/04/2016 at 11:03. Facebook
UPDATE: A peek at Uncle Lee's overhauled one-room rental flat in Jalan Bukit Merah, 10 hours after volunteers from Helping Joy "助乐" began the mammoth task of refurbishing it.

See how it all started this morning: [ Bit.ly Link ]
CNA Insider
12/04/2016 at 05:20. Facebook
More elderly Singaporeans are dying on the roads – and it’s largely due to #jaywalking. So why do nearly 8 in 10 of them still cross where they shouldn’t?

#ItFigures on Monday, 8pm SG/HK.
CNA Insider
12/04/2016 at 01:53. Facebook
CNA Insider is #FacebookLive from a one-room rental flat in Jalan Bukit Merah, where a group of 25 volunteers from Helping Joy "助乐" is giving an elderly Uncle Lee a better home to live in.

The cleaning, disinfecting, decluttering, repainting and refurbishing will take this helpful bunch at least 9 hours to complete.

UPDATE: What a difference! [ Bit.ly Link ]
CNA Insider
12/03/2016 at 01:30. Facebook
A girl cries rape. The guy thinks she sent all the signals of saying ‘yes’ to sex. What constitutes consent?

Watch this video and TELL US.

We want your views for an upcoming episode of #TalkingPoint on Dec 8.
#Didyouknow this traditional Malay sailboat and its sailors were well ahead of the modern English sailboats?

Watch the comparison filmed by national-sailor-turned-artist Charles Lim, and described by kolek enthusiast Mazlan M Nasir.

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What would you do if you saw a stranger getting scammed right under your nose? #TalkingPoint and The Hidden Good set up a social experiment to find out.

Thursday, 9.30pm on Mediacorp Channel 5. (UPDATE: Full episode now at [ Bit.ly Link ]
More children are growing up in families riven by divorce. #OnTheRedDot gets students from NAFA to produce an emotional episode telling what it’s like for some of them.

FRIDAY, 9.30pm on Mediacorp Channel 5. (UPDATE: Full episode now here [ Bit.ly Link ]
Hungry? Here's home-made otak-otak, just-caught seafood, and traditional kueh-kuehs.

This is how the locals eat in Keban, in the Riau islands just south of Singapore. #islandlife
"In the evenings he would bring me to go and look for crabs and fish." - Mazlan Nasir on growing up on Singapore's #LazarusIsland with his father, before they were resettled.

A family's quest to recapture the #goodolddays of #islandlife -
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WATCH 'Racing Time & Tide': [ Bit.ly Link ]
It’s a parent’s nightmare when your child goes missing - especially if he/she has special needs. But here’s how parents can get greater peace of mind.

More on the #TalkingPoint episode about missing persons: [ Bit.ly Link ]
20 milion trips - that's how many Taipei’s bike-sharing system logged last year. Run by Giant Bicycles, it's revolutionised the way the Taiwanese commute. Here’s how.

The full #ItFigures episode on Toggle: [ Bit.ly Link ]
They still craft sampans the old way - by hand - on Pulau Tjombol in the Riau Islands. Watch a centuries-old craft at work.

Our series on sailing culture and kampung life in the Riau Islands:
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Watch the short film: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"God forgive me!"

WATCH: The moment when your racing sailboat with 7 men on board floods and capsizes ...

The centuries-old art of kolek racing is making a comeback, with the help of a SIngaporean family: [ Bit.ly Link ]
#Taipei is tripling its cycling-only lanes (currently 500km worth) in the next 3 years. The idea is to get people to swop cars for bikes - and ride safely.

#ItFigures, Monday, 8pm.
For nearly 200 years, they were a breathtaking sight along the coasts of Singapore, Johor and the Riau Islands. And then... they largely disappeared.

One man and his family are now working to bring back the glory days of #kolek racing.

READ: His 3-part story here [ Bit.ly Link ]
73% of wealth in Singapore is owned by the top 20%.

But did you know Singapore has one of the world's highest social mobility rates?

More about the wealth gap on #ItFigures: [ Bit.ly Link ]