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So now, the human body has 79 organs.

Scientists identify a new human organ
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3 secrets to becoming insanely productive, without being a morning person. (via CNBC Make It)

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The first step in fulfilling a $1,200,000,000 commitment.

Japanese mogul who told Trump he'd create 50,000 US jobs makes good on promise
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President Barack Obama is using his pardon power for federal crimes.

Some big names got a measure of mercy from President Obama
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This one fact is central — yet absent — from the debate.

The hidden reason Republicans are so eager to repeal Obamacare (op-ed)
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The former Wall Street lawyer now offers guests "Wake and Bake" breakfasts and 420 Happy Hours.

Weed entrepreneur brings in over $1 million a year running 'bud and breakfast' hotels
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This could value Chuck E. Cheese’s at more than $1,000,000,000.

Restaurant chain Chuck E. Cheese prepares IPO
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She had to tell them, no, they would not be getting free services.

Stylist shocked by Trump family request shows why you should (almost) never work for free
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He noticed that high-level executives all shared this specific skill.

A surprising trick for getting ahead at work
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Turns out Prince wasn't just an incredible musician, but also a prolific real estate investor.

Prince left behind $25 million in real estate, a cash horde, and 67 gold bars
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A look inside Donald J. Trump's plane before he gives it up.
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Divorce filings pick up in January — a trend researchers theorized could be fueled by a rough holiday season.

It's January, also known as divorce month. Here's how to cope
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"Killing even one bad habit can dramatically transform your life."

I quit these 3 bad habits and it doubled my productivity
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Jim Cramer explains the trading theory for a hedge fund to make money on a stock like Bank of America.

Cramer reveals the key hitting the jackpot on Bank of America