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Nine deaths from a rare cancer were linked to breast implants, the FDA reported [ Link ]
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One person was killed and 14 others injured during a shooting at a nightclub in Cincinnati early Sunday, police say.

One killed, 14 injured in Ohio nightclub shooting
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It holds the Guinness World Records title of world's largest staple mosaic.

This portrait of Mother Teresa was created with more than a million staples
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This is what Harrison Ford called himself after he mistakenly landed his small plane on a taxiway at a Southern California airport.
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This Rolls Royce is painted with the dust of 1,000 real diamonds [ Link ]
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Baby Dominique was born with a parasitic twin attached to her back from the waist down. She was fostered by a US family so she could have the complicated surgery to separate her. [ Link ]
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New research estimates that 66% of genetic mutations that develop into cancer are caused by random DNA errors, and only 5% are inherited

'Bad luck' mutations increase cancer risk more than behavior, study says
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Clouds that look like a roiling, stormy sea are actually a unique meteorological phenomenon called an asperitas cloud

Look! Up in the sky! It's a new kind of cloud
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She’s the first black female resident in the school’s 30-year history.

Johns Hopkins has first black female neurosurgeon resident
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Authorities in New York seized more than $4 million in cash and six pounds of heroin.

Officials: Smugglers use tricycle, fox urine to hide drugs
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Burger King does not want chicken from farms that grossly mistreat them

Burger King says it will stop serving abused chickens
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Every year for his birthday, Ervin Smolinski gets lottery tickets as presents.

This year, it paid off.

WWII vet wins lottery on 94th birthday
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Wyclef said he was returning from a recording studio when he was pulled over and never told why he was being cuffed

Deputies cuff rapper Wyclef Jean after mistaking him for a robbery suspect
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Crowds gathered in the British capital this weekend to protest the UK's departure from the EU.

Anti-Brexit protesters hit London streets
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A Louisiana marshal has been found guilty of manslaughter for the shooting of a young boy who was killed in the passenger seat of his father's car after a police pursuit.

Louisiana marshal convicted in boy's shooting
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"I don't think that one party's going to be able to fix this by themselves."

Lindsey Graham on health care: Republicans and Democrats need to work together