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Surviving a suicide attempt left this man without a nose and chin. But he has now been given a second chance at a normal life with a near-full face transplant.
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This is how NASA discovered 7 Earth-like planets that could support alien life.
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“I feel caged in sometime because of the occupation and I like to rap about it.” Meet this group of #Palestinian teenage girls using rap to express themselves.
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“It made me feel like a criminal and I’ve never felt that way before,” says this British Muslim teacher who was taken off a flight to America.
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When Beyoncé spoke Somali poetry on her album "Lemonade," she shed a light on a generation of new artists who are are using social media to take back the narrative of their motherland and making it their own: [ Link ]
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Can you believe it? Japan has a Naked Man Festival that's been running for 500 years.
“There is no chance for a two state solution, even though I would like to see it …” We explore the divided city of #Jerusalem and talk to both sides of the decades old conflict.
Our colleague Will Ripley has filed a video diary from inside North Korea – one of the most secretive countries in the world.
What is it like being the youngest minister in the world? Well, Shamma Al Mazrui shares her story a year in as the UAE’s Minister of State for Youth.
Cassie De Pecol is the first woman to travel to every country & the fastest person to do so. As you can imagine it wasn't easy getting into places like #Syria or #Libya. But here is how she did it.
An Amnesty researcher says the new “Human slaughterhouse” report is among the most difficult work she’s done in her life. It reveals horrifying details inside a Syrian prison where up to 13,000 prisoners have been tortured and executed.
Ask a Muslim: Moina Shaiq is on a mission to educate Americans about #Islam and no questions are off limits.
“The world just changed overnight for us.”

Two weeks into Donald J. Trump's presidency and these Iranian professionals say they’re already prepared to leave America.