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Passengers on the first-ever chartered flight to see the Southern Lights got quite a view [ Link ]

Southern Lights put on show for passengers on special flight
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A tourist took one of the last photos of a London police officer just hours before his death in the Parliament attack [ Link ]

London attack police officer pictured hours before death
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Can't use laptop? Royal Jordanian suggests meditation, small talk [ Link ]

Can't use laptop? Royal Jordanian suggests meditation, small talk
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"This morning was obviously tough for everyone so it wasn't a great start," said London resident Paul Pavli, who snapped a picture of the poster before heading to work. [ Link ]

Someone put up a poster of a burning British flag after the London attack
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Tourists were stranded on the iconic London Eye when the area was locked down after the UK Parliament attack [ Link ]

Tourists stranded on London Eye during terrorism incident
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British politicians tweet through their lockdown in Parliament [ Link ]

British politicians tweet during Parliament lockdown
Mexican consulates across the US are seeing an increase in applications for dual citizenship. One mom explains why she registered her US-born daughter as a dual citizen: "We're preparing more than anything, in case my husband and I get deported.” [ Link ]

Undocumented Mexicans seek dual citizenship for children
The airline electronics ban is already causing confusion and frustration. WhatsApp or iMessage us at +1-347-322-0415 to share your stories
[ Link ]
They're spared the glances. The "go back to your country" slurs facing so many other undocumented migrants in the US. But they live in fear. They're white - and they're Irish. [ Link ]
A Somali child, 4, who was caught up in the #travelban got to meet U.S. Senator Al Franken , who helped her get to the US. [ Link ]
Humpback whales are behaving strangely and scientists want to know why [ Link ]
A woman saved herself from a mudslide in Peru by crawling over swirling debris. She's in stable condition. [ Link ]
Quit tweeting your travel ban anger to @hawaii -- it's not the state of Hawaii [ Link ]

Quit tweeting your travel ban anger to @hawaii
An eclipse will cross the US for the first time in 99 years [ Link ]
Holding portraits of Syrian 6-year-olds, the entire UN organization mobilized to make its message clear on the sixth anniversary of Syria's civil war. [ Link ]

UN sends a message: children are #NotATarget
Well, this isn't your typical Goodwill donation. [ Link ]

Forgotten weed stash donated to Goodwill
New York's Washington Square Park #beforeandafter the #blizzard2017 from Ben von Klemperer. Share your snow photos and videos by tagging them with hashtag #cnniReport. [ Link ]