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It was a tense town hall in Arkansas, but one little boy and his question about the border wall stole the show: [ Link ]

Kid to senator: Don't take away PBS to build the wall
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The phone is ringing off the hook at a French diner after it was accidently awarded a star from The Michelin Guide [ Link ]

Diner earns coveted star in Michelin mix-up
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The 23-year-old argues that having a Trump supporter for roommate would make for a "hostile environment" [ Link ]

Roommate wanted: No Trump supporters
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Fans can see photos, memorabilia and wardrobe of the popular TV show while they have a cup of Sophia blend coffee [ Link ]

'Golden Girls'-inspired café now open
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Hamilton: An American Musical creator Lin-Manuel Miranda helps a fan make the perfect, romantic mixtape. [ Link ]

'Hamilton' creator spills his mixtape secrets
"There will be no summer sea ice by 2030," one scientist says [ Link ]

Could giant machines refreeze the Arctic?
What’s your most unshakeable belief? Share your video w/ @CNN using #IBelieve and we might use your story [ Link ]
Weed-slinging catapult was found on a border fence in Arizona. U.S. Customs and Border Protection found it and seized 47 lbs. of marijuana. [ Link ]

Drug-slinging catapult seized on US-Mexico border
Will this undocumented mom be there when her kids get home today? [ Link ]

Will this undocumented mom be there when her kids get home today?
It's the time of year for the mesmerizing phenomenon "firefall" to illuminate Horsetail Fall in Yosemite National Park: [ Link ]
Members of the Sikh community are giving Lake Oroville evacuees what they need most right now: a place to stay [ Link ]
Zoo Atlanta lost a bet, so they named a cockroach after Tom Brady [ Link ]

Zoo Atlanta names cockroach after Tom Brady
What does freedom mean to you? Here's an example from CNN's Christiane Amanpour. Share your video, photo or written message by tagging #MyFreedomDay [ Link ]
"Why don't we expand Medicaid and have everybody have insurance? "[ Link ]

Teacher's town hall question goes viral - CNN Video
Amid climate of fear and uncertainty, activists launch effort to inform undocumented immigrants of their rights. [ Link ]

What immigrants' advocates want you to know
Thankfully, no one was in the police cruiser at the time of the accident. [ Link ]

Wind slams semitrailer onto police cruiser, dashcam video shows
The night sky is putting on a heck of a show this weekend. Share your space photos, videos and timelapses by tagging #CNNiReport [ Link ]

Eclipse, full moon and comet team up to put on a show
Footloose-era ordinance stops Valentine's Day dance from happening [ Link ]
Illinois lawmakers are preparing for the zombie apocalypse [ Link ]

Being prepared for zombies is now a real thing in Illinois
Here's what 60 degrees to snowstorm in just 24 hours looks like [ Link ]