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"It would not be overly dramatic to characterize some of the outcome differences as alarming, including significant differences among hospitals within the same metropolitan area.
For example, if you had called 911 for a heart attack in Phoenix, you could have been treated at a hospital with a 5% death rate or a facility with a 15% death rate, depending on which of 14 local hospitals cared for...
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Want to fix the health care system? Fix hospitals first
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"The march Saturday will not change Donald Trump but it could change you, your involvement, your families' opinions and the midterm elections. Don't sit back and rely on the government to improve the quality of your life, rely on yourself to improve the quality of the government. Marching is the easy part: It's what happens next that can change everything."

Marchers won't change Trump, could change world
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01/22/2017 at 20:50. Facebook
"It's truly hilarious that the Trump team, so vocally opposed to political correctness, is now being PC in describing a lie. Sorry, Kellyanne, I'm not buying it. 'Alternative facts,' as NBC's Chuck Todd so accurately put it in response to you on the air, 'are not facts, they're falsehoods!'"

Dear team Trump, 'alternative facts' are lies
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"The American drone war in Pakistan effectively ended nearly eight months ago when the US conducted its last drone strike, killing the Taliban's leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour."

Will President Trump restart the drone war in Pakistan?
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"My 101-year-old grandma fought for women’s rights with the same fierce determination that led her to take driving lessons on her 95th birthday. 18-wheeler truck driving lessons. Wearing kitten heels. My great grandma & mom fought for women’s rights too. And my son & daughter march today. Our nation is generations into this fight. And we’re absolutely not turning back now."

Women, this is our rallying cry
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"President Donald Trump has an opportunity to prove to the perpetrators of hate crimes and harassment who invoke his name that they are mistaken. He has an opportunity to state repeatedly and unequivocally that this is not what his administration represents."

Why we'll help Mr. Trump put people of color first
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"President Trump needs the support of all Americans. We need to give him a fair opportunity to succeed or fail, like we gave Barack Obama."

How Donald Trump can be America's change agent
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CNN contributors and analysts offered these assessments of the 45th president's inauguration.

Trump's inauguration: How'd he do?
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"Attorney General nominee Sessions would be wise to follow the Obama approach here, and President Trump should understand that there are a lot of electoral votes in those weed-legal states."

Marijuana: Is the party over?
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"You appealed to our nation's oldest fears and divisions, and you disguised all of this prejudice as patriotism. But now that you have taken an oath to serve the American people, I want to offer some words of wisdom -- and of warning."

Dear Mr. President: We're going to fight back
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"If President Trump wants to go big league, he needs to make an immediate impact with a bold agenda in the first 100 days. From Supreme Court nominations to immigration and trade promises, Mr. Trump needs to make his priorities stick."

Santorum: Trump will succeed if he keeps promises
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As the inauguration ceremony begins, a poem of protest from Robert Pinsky.

An inaugural poem of protest
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"...these words in the presidential oath clause are the only first-person-singular words in the entire Constitution, a document that begins, famously, with collective language — "We, the people, ... do ordain and establish..." — and that also elaborates the legislative and judicial branches, which are far less personal than the presidency."

The Oath: 35 words, four views
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"Beyond his many durable achievements, nothing will erase the memory of a president who brought dignity, honor and integrity to the Oval Office. He set high standards of conduct for those around him. He and his family were wonderful role models, so welcome in these times of coarsening culture.
We'll remember those moments of amazing grace, when he lifted our spirits, and the evenness with...
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David Axelrod: Obama's legacy can't be erased
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"The question now is can Trump shut down the uncertainty that has candidacy created and make sure that America has friends when it needs them, because whether we like it or not, the space between action and reaction on the global stage is getting shorter."

Can Trump talk to the world like he's talked to America?
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"The man who will put his hand on the Lincoln Bible on Friday is unlike any president in living memory. But he does not defy understanding. In fact, Donald Trump is a product of his generation, a profoundly narcissistic president who should be regarded as the baby boomer-in-chief."

Donald Trump: 'Me generation' boomer-in-chief
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"Donald Trump's inauguration will feature readings, musical performances and prayers, but like his Republican predecessors, no poets, according to the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. This prompts the question: What impact does poetry — or its absence — have at moments of national significance?
Former Poet Laureate of the United States Rita Dove thinks not having poet is...
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Rita Dove: Why President Trump needs poetry
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01/19/2017 at 20:58. Facebook
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"We hope, Mr. Trump, as you begin to lead this country, that you and your administration will listen to a diversity of Christians, and a diversity of leaders from other faiths, too. Local churches (and synagogues and mosques) are on the front lines as our nation seeks to address its most pressing issues: racism, homelessness, immigration, health care, economic opportunity and opiate addiction....
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We prayed with Donald Trump
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"To have risen to the heights that she has risen to before she even became first lady -- from being a lawyer to her public service dedication in Chicago -- are things you just don't shake off. All of those are character-building experiences. You can tell when you speak with her that she grew up in a space where family, community, and making a difference were everything. And she carried all of...
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Isha Sesay: Michelle Obama has been a relatable first lady