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"I breathe a sigh of relief as the GOP's American Health Care Act goes to its grave. As long as the maligned Obamacare and its Prevention and Public Health Fund remain funded and functioning there is reason to hope that America can once again see improvements in its population's life expectancy, women can safely give birth to healthy babies, and families can afford to confront tragic...
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A huge sigh of relief on health care
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"There is no way this will stand. No matter what President Trump says, he is not done with Obamacare. Congress still needs to rescue Americans from this law. Now they have a chance -- and a responsibility -- to do it right."

For GOP on health care, there's no 'moving on'
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"The fact is the government's commitment to provide health care for all Americans has a long, twisted history, one worth reviewing in these perilous times in which more than 28 million Americans may find themselves suddenly uninsured."

Failing at health care: A presidential tradition
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"Critics and other artists who object to the painting point to our equally painful present, when children like Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice are subject to fatal brutality. Others claim that a white artist should not take up a subject that was so central to black experience -- they see 'Open Casket' as a form of appropriation."

Can white artists paint black pain?
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"Converts are vulnerable to these ideas. Often isolated in their new communities, extremist groups know to exploit that isolation, offering them an anchor.
They have not grown up imbued with the Islamic tradition or teachings and are therefore easily swayed by Islamist ideology. In a lot of cases, troubled by sins of their previous existence, they will seek to atone through zealotry."

Why radical Islamists seek to exploit converts
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"But in a strange way -- and despite his perceived Euroskepticism -- US President Donald Trump has presented the EU with an opportunity. As the US slowly withdraws from its global engagements, Europe has a chance to carve a leadership role for itself. At least in selected policy areas."

Trump has given the EU a chance to lead the world
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"One of the "fixes" put in place to appease the Freedom Caucus is the option to impose work requirements as a condition of obtaining Medicaid coverage. The bill also gives states the ability to revoke Medicaid from new mothers if they don't find work within 60 days of giving birth. That is two months after giving birth. Work requirements disproportionately impact women as they currently...
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GOP bill gambles with women's health
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"But it strikes me that many of the characterizations of London as a shattered city, many of the angriest posts, and many of the nastiest comments didn't originate from London at all. Most prominent among these: Donald Trump, Jr.'s tweet -- 'You have to be kidding me?!' -- in response to London Mayor Sadiq Khan's 2016 comment to The Independent newspaper that terror attacks are "part and...
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What Donald Trump Jr. doesn't get about London
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"Thanks to the energy of Time magazine's Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer and the self-absorption of our President, someone opened the portal into Donald J. Trump's brain -- like in the movie 'Being John Malkovich' -- in the form of what for the want of a better description is a stream of consciousness interview with the 45th President of these United States."

Being Donald Trump: a president living in his own fantasy world
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"It was only a matter of hours before some bigots decided to use this despicable attack on one of our most enduring symbols, the Palace of Westminster, for their own base political purposes."

Muslims are not 'part of the problem' -- telling them they are is
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"I've talked about my abortion in every venue conceivable -- before the US Supreme Court, the American public, at cocktail parties and conferences, and -- as of last week -- the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary, which is holding hearings to vet Judge Neil Gorsuch on his fitness for the high court."

What I would tell Gorsuch about my abortion
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"[A]ny budget that increases defense spending should include an investment in our most important military asset: our men and women in uniform, specifically the 1.1 million active-duty enlisted personnel in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard."

Give the troops a raise
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"A special prosecutor, if competent and credible, would be able to dig through the available evidence and, ultimately, make an informed and nonpartisan decision about bringing criminal charges. A special prosecutor is exactly what our country needs. And we need one now."

Russia probe needs a special prosecutor right now
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"When legislation does not have a clear majority of votes, it's ultimately unwise to assume it will fail. Party leadership, and especially a President who seems to thrive on doling out threats, have ways to influence vacillating members of their party to ensure a path to passage."

On health care, party will trump principle
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"These attacks are hard to defend against in free societies where crowds will gather, as was the case for Bastille Day in Nice, or the Christmas market in Berlin, or students attending Ohio State -- and now the throngs of tourists and visitors that typically crowd the sidewalks around the Houses of Parliament."

London shows the challenge of preventing low-tech terror
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"This week's vote on the health care plan will be a key moment in the political history of the Trump presidency. A huge amount of political capital, for everyone involved, rests on the outcome of the vote in the House. The final decision will also have massive policy implications for the President and both parties on Capitol Hill."

A historic vote on the end of Obamacare
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"We have seen this violence before and will endure more to come. But we don't give in to terrorists. A barbarian cannot change a country as old and civilized as ours."

A barbarian cannot change Britain
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"In the end, national security measures based on secret information require us to trust the government. That trust is at historic low levels right now, so people both in the US and other countries are rightly skeptical of the official unsatisfying explanations. The new laptop ban highlights this mistrust."

Puzzling out TSA's laptop travel ban
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"Power not in the hands of elected officials, but the President's close friends and family. Statecraft taking second place to the interests of the inner circle.While there's no real evidence that Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin's puppet, his White House is certainly starting to resemble the Kremlin in the way it works."

Trump's White House is starting to look a lot like Putin's Kremlin
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"Having a blinkered view of the world is necessary in the early stages of a technology company, when there's a need to find revenue and profit. But there comes a time for responsibility -- and a little self-examination. As the author Stephen King observed, 'nobody thinks of themselves as the bad guy.' Yet sometimes that's where you find yourself."

Will Uber's crisis shake Silicon Valley's confidence?