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"Scott's feelings may have been hurt by a bevy of unsavory characters on Twitter. But Scott's decision to back Trump -- even as South Carolina's other US Senator, Lindsey Graham, refused to -- has hurt more than just people's feelings. It has endangered lives and livelihoods because of the threat of the repeal of health reform."

You've committed the graver sin, Senator Scott
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"Importantly, we need to pay more attention to how the psychology of blame operates -- how humans inherently seek to assign fault, how that quest can be misused by Trump or other politicians, and how much is at stake -- the pursuit of truth that is crucial for our democracy."

Donald Trump and the psychology of blame
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"Omar Abdel-Rahman, the Egyptian cleric who inspired terrorist plots in New York during the early 1990s and who died in an American prison on Saturday, was also the spiritual guide of key 9/11 plotters."

The cleric who altered the course of modern history
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"It is too early to tell in which direction this unfolding scandal will head. If there is clear evidence of a direct connection between the Trump campaign ... this could get worse than Watergate, becoming a trauma for the nation. But Trump can survive this. If there is no evidence that he was directly involved in these communications, the public might be forgiving."

Russiagate: What kind of scandal?
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"But if he truly wants to regain progressive fans and the respect of his peers, then when he invites guests like Yiannopoulos, Maher should passionately press them on their hate, not mainstream it."

Bill Maher's shameful mainstreaming of Yiannopoulos
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"Trump ignored the inconvenient fact that not a single case of espionage or sabotage was ever proven against any internee, and that the military itself admitted that there was never any evidence to support their sweeping policy. A few months later, a top Trump surrogate went on television and suggested that the internment might actually serve as a "precedent" for another Trump policy -- the...
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George Takei: I hear terrible echoes of the past
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"Where, then, can advocates look? Local governments. Although small in scope, local election rules can have a significant impact. Local laws can normalize election practices, eventually easing their path at the statewide or national level."

To safeguard voting rights, go local
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"Dam failure can lead to cascading failures of critical infrastructure such as nuclear power stations. In terms of the potential for destruction, such scenarios would be not unlike the Fukushima disaster."

Oroville is the best warning that infrastructure matters
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"Some of the major fumbles of the first few weeks of the Trump administration have been due to the communications team: whether it was the sloppy rollout of the executive order on immigration or the series of television interviews with senior officials who were either unprepared, out of the loop or pompous enough to think they could wing it with a network anchor.
But not all the problems are...
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My unsolicited advice for Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway and the team
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"Despite the flood of reports about the connections between the Russians and top members of his campaign, Trump did nothing to indicate he was taking this seriously and that he was bothered by what was revealed.
His showed his thin skin with his disparaging remarks about reporters and news organizations, to the point that he couldn't contain his desire to insult."

Trump's performance fuels worry about his presidency
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"While the establishment politicians and the left scoff at President Trump's Thursday press conference, Trump voters celebrate a victorious display of confidence. After a week of rampant speculation about selective leaks from the intelligence community, Trump boldly took to the East Room podium to address a room full of inquisitive journalists.
Undeterred by critical reporting, Trump did not...
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Trump voters applaud press conference
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"The only possible reason that Acosta was not Trump's first draft -- his heritage -- is now shaping up to be one of his strongest assets. The son of Cuban immigrants, Acosta will bring a much-needed Latino perspective to Trump's inner circle. Yet given Trump's apparent disdain for Latinos, Acosta's tenure will likely be fraught with risk. Consider that Trump barely spoke of Acosta at the news...
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Why would Acosta join the Trump team?
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"Trump will not be satisfied with traditional excuses and will probably express his blunt message that NATO allies have been 'very unfair to us.' Most of our European allies will not be able to meet their NATO commitments on defense spending, but they can help fund a key defense initiative that will save relations with the Trump administration and also strengthen security in Europe: a...
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How to navigate Trump's tectonic change in transatlantic relations
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"In one move, the renaming denounced a culture of bigotry and racism, creating a space for hidden figures like Hopper. The decision draws a line marking what's tolerable and intolerable and what's valued. It shows us that systems can and do evolve toward progress. Celebrating Hopper helps enhance women's voices and recognize women's contributions to the technology field."

The amazing woman replacing a slave owner at Yale
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"A veteran Israeli negotiator once quipped to me that someone or something could just be dead -- or dead and buried.
Wednesday, before his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and with Israel's active participation, Donald Trump may have moved the concept of a two-state solution as a cornerstone of US policy from the just dead to the permanently buried category."

Is the two-state solution dead?
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"Beyond the immediate benefits of gathering intelligence, President Vladimir Putin's government is sending a specific message by dispatching Viktor Leonov to the western Atlantic Ocean. Just as the US Navy commonly deploys warships to seas that wash against Russian shores, in particular the Black Sea and Baltic Sea, the Russian Navy can reciprocate by mounting a presence of its own in US home...
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The Cold War returns to the high seas
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"Donald Trump whining about leaks is like Jack the Ripper complaining about paper cuts. He is President in large part due to leaks."

The irony of Trump whining about leaks
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"In this environment, it is critical for the public to be able to see and hear the workings of the third branch of government for themselves, and in real time. It is long past the day when Congress should mandate cameras in all federal courts, including the US Supreme Court."

Why courtroom cameras can be game changers
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"Indeed, although as a white woman it's not my place to weigh in on whether Adele's comment was offensive, I had much the same reaction as Ajayi and Cooper. I think the whole "controversy" is really not a controversy at all, but rather a red herring that distracts from the real polemic: the fact that a superior album did not win the Grammys' top prize because it represents a black woman's...
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Beyonce and Adele show future of feminism
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"Now we have a crude and unsophisticated president whose management skills, which were always hyped beyond reality, are inadequate to the task of running the country. He tried to substitute attitude for aptitude, confidence for competence, and failed time and again."

For a 'winner,' Trump is doing a lot of losing