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Only 17% of voters approve of the plan and 26% are undecided.

Poll: 56% of voters disapprove of Republican health care plan
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Republican Rep. Brian Mast, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who lost both of his legs, recounted his own experience at the closed-door GOP conference meeting.

The emotional speech that could unite Republicans
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Rick Gates previously served as Paul Manafort's deputy when he was the Trump campaign chairman, and has long worked with him in the private sector, including in consulting work for foreign interests.

Gates out at nonprofit over Manafort-Russia ties
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To make a deal, you have to know when it's time to walk.

Trump card: White House plays its hand in health care battle
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Democrats, women's groups and liberals are seizing on a photo shared by Vice President Mike Pence of a meeting he attended with President Donald J. Trump and members of the House Freedom Caucus.

Is there something wrong with this White House photo?
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Increased enforcement operations are being carried out by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in an effort to pressure "sanctuary cities" to cooperate with federal immigration agents, a senior US immigration official with direct knowledge of ongoing ICE actions tells CNN.

Source: ICE targeting 'sanctuary cities' with raids
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The new CBO score was released after the vote on the House GOP health care bill was delayed.

Full text: Updated CBO score for GOP health bill
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Congressman Mo Brooks remains a holdout on the GOP health care bill, which he decries as a "massive Republican welfare plan."

Freedom Caucus member still 'no' on GOP bill
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"We will vote tonight on a rule that'll allow us to vote tomorrow," House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy tells CNN.

GOP House leader: We hope to vote Friday
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The group of conservative agitators who've irked leadership, held the line against spending bills and rebelled against trade priorities of leaders have now helped delay a health care vote at least one day.

What is the House Freedom Caucus?
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The Secret Service says there were "lapses in security protocols" that allowed the fence jumping incident to occur and says immediate steps had been taken to fix them. The steps include additional officers at posts, technology enhancements and additional response.

Secret Service employees to face discipline over WH fence jumper
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"We've had problems with people going on there and putting false information on there, so we've had to keep an eye on it," Virginia gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart tells CNN.

Virginia gubernatorial candidate removed unflattering info from Wikipedia page
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"We continue to get new information that, I think, paints a more complete picture of at least what we know at the outset of our investigation," Congressman Adam Schiff says.

Schiff: New evidence shows possible Trump-Russia collusion
The Justice Department is investigating Rep. Duncan Hunter on allegations that he used tens of thousands of campaign dollars for personal use, the House Ethics Committee has announced.

DOJ investigating Rep. Duncan Hunter, early Trump backer
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Newly released emails from the Interior Department reveal the extent to which the National Park Service offered assistance to the White House, which was pushing a debunked claim that President Donald Trump had the largest inaugural crowd size ever.

NPS worked with White House to push crowd size message
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While Nellie Tayloe Ross was serving in a position that had only ever been held by men, it wasn't readily apparent to her why so many people had taken an interest in her story.

#TBT: America's first female governor
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As things stand, Neil Gorsuch will need 60 votes for confirmation, and Senator Chuck Schumer believes he won't get them. It could come down to a game of chicken.

Schumer pivots and sets up a game of chicken
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The legislation to repeal major portions of Obamacare would reduce the federal deficits by $150 billion over 10 years, according to the revised estimates. The original bill would have lowered the deficits by $337 billion.

Revised Republican health care bill is more costly, but doesn't insure more people
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Immigration offenses account for half of all federal arrests, according to Justice Department statistics.

DOJ highlights immigration arrests in statistics report
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Senator Pat Roberts was referring to a potential change in the Republican health care plan that would gut a measure requiring insurers to cover "essential health benefits," including mammograms for breast cancer screening.

Sen. Pat Roberts apologizes for 'mammogram' line