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The wildebeest, hippos, gazelles and warthogs of Southern Kenya have a little less to worry about. [ Link ] Via CNNTech
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Jeopardy pulled the game show's top clues on investing topics. Test your financial trivia knowledge.
[ Link ]

Jeopardy! CNNMoney edition - CNNMoney
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It's still not clear whether millions of European Union migrants living in the U.K. will be permitted to stay in the country. [ Link ]

Brexit: 4.2 million migrants still wait to learn their fate
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The cool, aspirational car in the world's most populous nation is ... a Buick. [ Link ]

Buick is a lot more than a dad wagon in China
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Find out why @MelindaGates has dedicated her work to the worldwide well-being of women and girls in a new @CNN podcast with @PoppyHarlowCNN
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So far, 285 restaurants across the U.S. have signed on, pledging to create safe and equitable work environments, where no one is discriminated against and everyone is paid a fair wage, offered benefits and given opportunities for professional growth. [ Link ]

Sanctuary restaurants vow to protect undocumented worker rights
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Samsung is known around the world for its smartphones. But in its home market of South Korea, the huge company is a whole lot more than just a tech brand. [ Link ] Via CNNTech
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See how the world's largest and fastest growing economies change over time. [ Link ]

The new global economy
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The spike was fueled by conflicts in the Middle East, tensions in the South China Sea and the perceived threat from Russia to its neighbors. [ Link ]

Global arms trade hits highest level since end of Cold War
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While Uber does damage control for its reputation, competitor Lyft is sinking its teeth into more markets. [ Link ] Via CNNTech

Lyft launches in 54 new cities, while Uber does damage control
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Braai is a mindset. It's a feeling of home. It's a sense of belonging. It's also very, very tasty: [ Link ] via CNN Travel

How grilled meat united a nation
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A "national landmark" in the making? (via CNNTech)

Apple's massive spaceship campus will open in April
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Part shared kitchen, part food-business incubator, this kitchen is a testing ground for food entrepreneurs: [ Link ] Via CNNTech
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The strangest things can be justified as legitimate deductions on your federal tax return. [ Link ]

Deductible or Not? - CNNMoney
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Believe it or not, the answer varies depending on where your flight departs from -- and where it lands. [ Link ]

Has my pilot had too much to drink?
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Tesla committed billions to build its ginormous "Gigafactory" in the Nevada desert. Now the company wants to open more locations. [ Link ] Via CNNTech

Tesla may open 3 more Gigafactory locations
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"Those who like time off should consider finding a job in Paris, where people work only around 35 hours per week ... and have 29 days of paid vacation." [ Link ]

10 cities with the shortest working hours
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Since taking office, Trump has contradicted his own policy plans on several issues crucial for the global economy. [ Link ]

Trump vs. Trump: Who to believe on the global economy?
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After his father and two uncles suffered strokes, Hoyoung Ban decided to develop a device to help people regain control of their hands. [ Link ] Via CNNTech
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Maybe you've had a soul-sucking commute for years. Or maybe you just log way too many long days away from your family. [ Link ]

Want to work from home? These are the best companies for telecommuting jobs