REMEMBER VICTIM KATE STEINLE who was gunned down by an illegal alien who had previously been deported to Mexico five times?

Injustice no more ...

DHS Shifts Funds from Defending Illegals to New Office to Help Their VICTIMS
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One of Trump's top advisers didn't hold back her thoughts about feminism!

Conway: Feminism is 'Very Anti-Male’ and ‘Very Pro-Abortion’
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ERIC METAXAS on Nigeria's forgotten Christians: "In Nigeria ... Christians don’t have time to worry about culture wars.

"They’re too busy facing a real one instigated by their Muslim neighbors and by a government that has studiously decided to look the other way. ..."

The Forgotten Persecuted Christians of Nigeria
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Doesn't take much to set off MSNBC these days.

All Trump has to do is appear on camera and they lose it!

MSNBC Uproar Over 'Meaningless' Museum Visit: 'Sick' Trump Out of 'Chances'
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Why in the world is the government preventing someone from doing a good deed for the homeless!?!

Arizona Stops Man From Giving Free Haircuts to The Homeless
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Rev. Franklin Graham has a warning for those who think they're just watching football...


Franklin Graham: 'NFL Is Trying to Push Homosexuality Through a New Pro-Same-Sex Ad'
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WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus: 'We have to stick together and make sure that we've got President Trump for 8 years."

Priebus at CPAC: Trump, Reagan Share Some ‘Core Principles’
What GOES AROUND COMES AROUND as the shoe Harry Reid made is now on the other foot.


Ted Cruz at CPAC: Thank You, Harry Reid, for the ‘Most Conservative Cabinet in Decades’
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In case you didn't think the pro-transgender movement isn't targeting kids.

Doll Company Unveils New Transgender Doll
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The NY Times took a not so subtle jab at Trump in this ad.

NY Times' New Media Bias Ad Takes Aim at Trump and Conservatives
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Do you really want biological males in your daughter's school shower? Or her bathroom?

FRC: Trump's Reversal of Bathroom/Shower Mandate Is a Victory for Parents, Kids
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When a liberals only response is to call their opponents racist, you know they're in a hole.

April Ryan Defends Making Baseless Claim About Trump; Calls Critics Racists
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It was a meeting intended to help whites combat racism where they separated attendees by race.

Seems kind of ironic to us.

American University Holds 'But I'm Not a Racist' Talk for White People
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Watch this, then look at how the media report it to see if Trump's prediction comes true.

Trump at CPAC: ‘The Dishonest Media’ Will Say I Never Got a Standing Ovation’
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The Bishop of Albany, N.Y. PULLS NO PUNCHES.

He rejects the liberal propaganda on abortion and Planned Parenthood and calls out 3 New York politicians for their hypocrisy.

NY Bishop: Pro-Abortion 'Catholic' Politicians Imperil Their Souls, Create Scandal
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Talk about wacko! Some liberals are so mad at Donald Trump that they're organizing to cast a "spell" on him.
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Pat Buchanan: The culture war "is at root a religious war. ... Secularism has been enthroned as our established religion, with only the most feeble of protests."

Is Secession a Solution to Cultural War?
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Vice President Mike Pence issues a call to arms: Sometimes an opportunity like this comes around "just once in a lifetime ... this is our time!"

Pence to Conservatives: 'Time to Prove Again That Our Answers Are the Right Answers for America'
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In an unbelievable move, the sheriff's department is defending their decision.

Illegal Alien Kills a Man 6 Weeks After Denver Police Released Him