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Susan Rice, the Queen of FAKE NEWS !

She falsely told the world that Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video.

Susan Rice Warns White House Not to Put Out ‘Inaccurate If Not Deliberately False’ Information
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Once again, MSNBC's Katy Tur was proven wrong about some very simple facts.

Boom! GOP Congressman Schools MSNBC on Partisan, Anti-Trump Press
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Who did it? And did President Barack Obama know?

The plot thickens.


Nunes: Need to Know Who Requested Unmasking of Names in Widely Disseminated Intel Reports
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President Donald Trump: "A new national pride is stirring our souls...

"A new era of American greatness is just beginning."


Trump: 'By Putting Our Trust in God, We Will Rise to This Occasion'
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Border Patrol Council Press tells the U.S. Senate:

“The fencing that we currently have can be defeated. Anybody can come up to that fence with a welding torch and cut a hole in it – in fact, they have."


Border Agent '100% Positive' Even a Partial Wall Can 'Secure the Border'
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WATCH--Gorsuch: “You legalize it or don't you. It's a hard question.”
Kennedy: “If you legalize it, it cheapens life, doesn't it?...”

Gorsuch on Opposing Assisted Suicide: ‘I Might Be Right and I Might Be Wrong’
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WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer RIPPED in to the media!

Watch his take down during today's press conference.

Spicer:There’s ‘Probably More Evidence’ CNN Colluded with Clinton Than Trump Colluded with Russia
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It looks like the liberal media want to focus on everything else EXCEPT THE FACTS

Press Secretary Sean Spicer tells the press:

“And at some point, I would implore, urge, beg some of you to use some of your investigative skills to look into what actually did happen, why did it happen, what was going on back there, who knew what when."

WH: Media Obsessed With Process Instead of Substance Regarding Nunes Intel Revelation
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Public broadcasting is a taxpayer-funded tool that liberals use to bludgeon conservatives.

Seven Reasons to Deny Tax Dollars to 'Public' Broadcasting
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WATCH--Durbin: “‘The intentional taking of human life by private persons is always wrong.’ That was a statement that you included in your book, correct?”
Gorsuch: “I believe so…”
Durbin: “How could you square that statement with legal abortion?...”

Durbin Asked Gorsuch If He Accepts Roe v. Wade
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A 14 year old girl was raped at school by two illegal aliens.

What else is it going to take to convince people of the threat of illegal immigration?

How Many Girls Must Be Raped For Us To Get Real About Illegal Aliens?
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Barack Obama's hometown saw the biggest loss of population in the country.

Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore Lead Nation in Population Loss; Maricopa County Has Biggest Gain
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Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter:

"This is, in 28 years, probably the MOST HEINOUS CRIMINAL ACT I'VE EVER SEEN. It really is nauseating."


Deported 4x: MS-13 Gang Member in N.Y. Allegedly Sexually Assaulted 2-Year-Old, Stabbed 2 Women
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Tucker Carlson SHREDDED this lawyer to pieces!

Watch the smackdown Tucker gave this attorney for the two illegal aliens accused of raping a female student in a high school bathroom after he claimed it was a "consensual" encounter.
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What sort of father murders his own daughter because of a religious belief?

While the annual number of honor killings worldwide is unclear, 23 to 27 honor killings occur each year in the United States.

India: Muslim Charged with Butchering Teen Daughter, Dumping Body on Boyfriend’s Doorstep
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The liberal media don't want you to see this !

Homeland Security could have PREVENTED the allegedly brutal and repeated rape of a 14-year-old girl in a Maryland public school.


'14 Year-Old Girl Would Never Have Been Raped' if We Could’ve Done Our Job, Border Patrol Council Says
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INCREDIBLE! SNL stars are helping to raise money for the ACLU to defend people connected to the 9/11 terrorist attack !

They are spitting on the graves of the 9/11 dead and championing the rights of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

'Saturday Night Live' Supports 9/11 Killers