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Co-op Food
12/02/2016 at 20:10. Facebook
With every Irresistible Mince Pie you enjoy this Christmas, you could be helping your community. [ On.coop Link ]
Co-op Food
12/02/2016 at 16:51. Facebook
Fridays are made for a hearty fish supper, with sides & ice cream for dessert - all for just Β£5. [ On.coop Link ]
Co-op Food
yesterday at 20:45. Facebook
Something for you, something for your community. Christmas #TheCoopWay on.coop/2fQNTVD
Co-op Food
11/30/2016 at 20:34. Facebook
What's the best treat with a #Christmas film - an Irresistible Mince Pie or Irresistible Chocolates? on.coop/2g2Zn6e
Co-op Food
11/30/2016 at 12:04. Facebook
We're live with SORTEDfood showing you how to cook with student staple ingredients #studentfeed
Co-op Food
11/29/2016 at 20:11. Facebook
Thank you customers and colleagues; for every bottle of Fairbourne Springs you've bought, together we've changed the lives of 1.5million people. on.coop/2ge0EKn
Co-op Food
11/28/2016 at 12:08. Facebook
Tangy beetroot, creamy yogurt & a hint of horseradish; for a burst of veggie Scandinavian flavour. on.coop/2gdSHEZ
Marshmallow & sweet potato is a Thanksgiving favourite. Would it be tasty or terrible with a roast? on.coop/2gGymtJ
Full of inspiration for the most delicious time of the year; pick up your free copy instore. on.coop/2ggisEY
Celebrate World Vegan Month with rainbow-coloured skewers & creamy satay, ready to dip. on.coop/2gd2itI
Get your pulses racing with this veggie classic. Why not top with Irresistible cheddar?

Vegetarian Cottage Pie | Co-op Food | Recipes

Why do one big shop? Bottle by bottle, week by week; just pick a little up & save the stress. on.coop/2gkdeIH
Through thick or thin, whether veggie or meaty, we're proud to bring new toppings to your plate.
Need a vitamin boost? In stews, drinks or from the bowl; easy peelers, oranges & lemons are just 89p. on.coop/2fRNmk7
Raise a toast to an old favourite, with this easy chorizo upgrade. How do you top yours?

BBQ Beans On Toast | Co-op Food | Recipes

A thick veggie soup will beat any winter chill. Just add crusty buttered bread for dipping.

Winter Soup | Co-op Food | Recipes

Please join us in remembering.