The House could vote on the American Health Care Act tomorrow. Now is your chance to protect your family’s coverage. Email Congress today.

Coalition to Protect America's Health Care
The proposed replacement for the #ACA could lead to a substantial reduction in the number of Americans able to buy affordable health insurance.

Tell your elected officials: Don’t support the ACA replacement bill, and ensure health care coverage is available and affordable for all.

Coalition to Protect America's Health Care
Changes to health care affect us all. Tell us: Why does care matter to you?
Two conjoined sisters finally get to head home after two years of planning, a long surgery, and a lengthy recovery. Congrats to Ximena, Scarlett, and their whole family!

Formerly conjoined sisters leave hospital
Congress has introduced a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act that could end coverage for millions. Speak out now and tell your lawmakers to protect patients and our access to care.

Coalition to Protect America's Health Care
Changes in routine and medication commonly leads to delirium in elderly patients. Hospital volunteers can ease it, helping patients get healthier and return home quicker.

Volunteers used to combat patient delirium
Nursing assistant Katelyn was off-duty when she witnessed a car crash — and jumped into action to save a man’s life. To thank her, the man’s family stepped up to help ensure she can continue saving others.

Md. family pays it forward to nursing student who helped save their son's life in crash
Don’s called the Baby Whisperer, and he has an amazing volunteer gig: rocking NICU babies and spoiling them with love.

Don Klusmann | Coalition to Protect America's Health Care
Asthma is a common childhood illness that can land families in the hospital. Dr. Brottman works with low-income families to help manage childhood asthma, with fewer emergency room visits.

Gail Brottman, MD | Coalition to Protect America's Health Care
Like many nurses at small community hospitals, Vickie tackles her job with versatility and leadership.

Vickie Bessey MSN, RN | Coalition to Protect America's Health Care
Changes to the Affordable Care Act could put our health care in jeopardy. What does access to quality care mean for you?
For teens recovering from an organ transplant, a new sensor is a welcome alternative to mom’s nagging.

Children's Hospital of Texas uses ingestible sensor to improve adherence in adolescent transplant patients
Baby Eirianna weighed 13 ounces at birth. With excellent care from her #HospitalHeroes and the constant support of her family, she has finally made it home. Best wishes to her and her family!

After 140 days, premature baby to leave Mount Sinai NICU
“To make that person able to breathe… It is a miracle.” Watch the University of Iowa lung transplant team at work.

University of Iowa Lung Transplant Team | Coalition to Protect America's Health Care
Surgery is scary — so before one boy had his cochlear implant surgery, several police officers came to cheer him on and help him smile.

Officers surprise St. Pete boy in hospital
One mother asked her Facebook friends if they put "saving a life" on their bucket list. A volunteer stepped forward.

Toddler gets kidney thanks to Facebook post
With changes on the way to the ACA, we’re gathering stories about how access to quality care has affected our community, and sharing them with Congress. Tell your story today and help remind Congress of what’s at risk if they don’t stand up and protect patient care.

Access to Health Care Matters
“I am 62 yrs old, a diabetic, have hypertension, my aorta valve has been replaced, and I am currently a dialysis patient. Health care is necessary for me to live.” - Brenda, Louisiana

We’re gathering stories from every state to show why access to quality health care matters. Share yours now:

Access to Health Care Matters
During the health care repeal and replace debate, we’re standing up to protect access to quality health care everywhere — including in America’s rural communities. Learn more about rural health care:

Providing care in rural America | Coalition to Protect America's Health Care
Four-year-old Leah survived double bone marrow transplants — and kept her spirit and voice intact throughout. Watch her inspiring hospital bed performance:

This Kid Is Winning At Hospital Karaoke After 2 Bone Marrow Transplants