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Basketball star Steph Curry gave this young patient the surprise of his life, and a day he'll never forget.

Steph Curry hopes visit to hospital provides 'lasting memory' for Brody

Volunteer Norbert was in the right place at the right time when he had a sudden heart attack. Thanks to his #HospitalHeroes, he spent Thanksgiving with his family.

Hospital Volunteer Was In Right Place When He Had Heart Attack

23,000 letters to the editor. 2,000 tweets to senators. 1,000 song submissions for our NICU playlist.

Take a look at the amazing impact our community has made in 2016. Together, we’ll ensure our new Congress protects care in 2017 and beyond.

Standing Together to Support Patient Care | Coalition to Protect America's Health Care

"Over 60 doctors and nurses from 12 different specialty teams (from obstetrics, anesthesia, cardiology, neonatal and more) came together in an hour and a half to get Kieran into the world as smoothly as possible.” #HospitalHeroes

Baby born with heart outside her chest — see her amazing progress

We're thankful for #HospitalHeroes who provide great care so we can have a safe and healthy holiday with our families. Happy Thanksgiving!
It’s almost Thanksgiving, and we’re thankful for you being part of our community this year! Take a look at all that we’ve accomplished in order to protect care.

Standing Together to Support Patient Care | Coalition to Protect America's Health Care

“When Dr. Wiser walks in on a situation, everybody breathes easier." #HospitalHeroes

Dr. Wiser’s selfless work saving Dickson Co. lives honored

Despite the odds, Avery is still fighting, with help from the dedicated care from her nurse Kristan.

18-month-old with rare genetic condition survives against the odds

Accidents happen — be sure to have the help you need.

Share this with a young person in your life to show why it’s so important (and easy) to #GetCovered.

Live Awesome

Health insurance helps you achieve your "awesome" - Visit HealthCare.gov to apply for health coverage, renew your current plan or choose a new plan. For your...

Today on Veteran’s Day we thank the #HospitalHeroes and all others who’ve served in the military. We honor your service and bravery!
America’s hospitals are committed to hiring military professionals when they return to civilian life, ensuring their unique skills are used to strengthen patient care.

In advance of Veteran’s Day, show your support for all veterans in health care. Sign the pledge.

Stand up for veterans in health care

A new era is about to begin. Share this to show you’ll ask our new president and new Congress to protect patient care.
Many of us associate our favorite songs with distinct memories in our lives. But what happens when these memories are lost to Alzheimer’s disease? Find out:

How Music Unlocks Hidden Memories in Alzheimer’s Patients

While still in the womb, doctors discovered Lynlee had a rare tumor. #HospitalHeroes performed an emergency operation, placed her back inside the womb, and then delivered her three months later.

Baby ‘born twice’ thrives after life-saving surgery

Election Day is almost here! Share this to show that when you vote, you always have patient care in mind.
Check out the incredible transformation seen in Alzheimer’s patients once they listen to music from their past.

How Music Unlocks Hidden Memories in Alzheimer’s Patients

Taking care of patients has a much different meaning now for two nurses who battled breast cancer themselves.

Sprinkle Pink: Nurses help others after beating breast cancer themselves

“Cancer changed my attitude on life. I appreciate so much more every day.”

Read Diane’s inspirational story: #BreastCancerAwareness

Surviving Breast Cancer: My Story | Coalition to Protect America's Health Care

It was a big day for the kids at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Iron Man, Captain America, the Flash, and more superheroes gave them a surprise they’ll never forget.

Video: Superheroes Surprise Pediatric Patients at New York-Presbyterian Hospital

“In what have been some very difficult days here in the hospital, it’s refreshing to be reminded that there are such great people in the world.”

Chris Pratt, Perfect Human Being, Hangs Out With Patients At Children's Hospital