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Domestic violence turns into an in-home mass shooting. Now three young children and their mother are dead.

4 people hospitalized after shooting in SE Albuquerque

The real agenda is no gun laws.
NRA is already pushing for a "guns everywhere" America. It is time for all Americans to push back and confront their dangerous agenda.

‘This is our historic moment’: NRA expects Trump to ban gun-free school zones in name of ‘freedom’

The push for guns at The Ohio State University is real. Call today and support The Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus in Ohio and nationwide.
Dear Media - here is the photo of #WalterScott that should be used when reporting his killer's mistrial and subsequent retrial. Not the image of his last moments.
Man accused of shooting and killing former USC Trojans and NFL running back Joe McKnight was arrested Monday night after previously being released.

Top Sports Searches - ESPN

Another former NFL player shot and killed in the New Orleans area.

Former Jets, USC RB Joe McKnight Fatally Shot at Age 28

A family recognizes their son's peculiar behavior and prevents a tragedy. Exactly why laws like the gun violence restraining order are needed.

Fast-acting Utah parents disarmed their teen son at school, preventing a possible tragedy

West Virginia Governor blames the state's permitless carry law on death of Charleston teenager.

Tomblin cites concerns over gun law in teen's death

Tomorrow marks one year of the office Holiday party shooting in San Bernardino, survivors of the attack are still battling for treatment.

‘Victimizing Me All Over Again’: San Bernardino Victims Fight for Treatment

In 23 years since the bill was signed into law, the Brady background checks bill has stopped more than 3 million sales to dangerous individuals. Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Brady background checks stopped more than 3 million gun sales