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Something is wrong with this delicious scenario

Tap the video to pause the pint in the right spot, post a screenshot in the comments and our new limited edition 'story' glass, plus a crate of Impossibly Smooth Cobra could be yours!

More info here: [ Link ]

(T&C’s apply:
Stephen Barber
Richard Lincoln
Shaun Danton
The Boss searched the globe for spiced foods to pair with Cobra. This involved lots of eating (& air miles).

His findings? Thanks to its impossible smoothness, Cobra is a perfect match with ALL spiced food: [ Link ]
The Boss searched the globe for spiced foods to pair with Cobra

Cobra Beer
Nick E Errington
Jack Duckers
Lloyd Clayton
It's #NationalCurryWeek! Or as we like to call it: National 'Wash-Down-Deliciousness-With-An-Impossibly-Smooth-Cobra' Week (catchy huh?)

With so many curries to choose from, we've created 'The 'Wheel of (Curried) Fortune'. Tap to pause the Cobra bottle, then head over to the site to discover the recipe!

Recipe link: [ Link ]
Shane Adams
Tom Dns
Adam Donoghue
It's September, it's hot... What a time to be alive! Fire up the BBQ, pack a picnic, get the Cobra on ice, just go enjoy the sunshine!

Before you go, can you spot the bottle of Cobra in our 360º image? Boss points if you can... (no spolier alerts in the comments please!) #heatwave
Its September its hot What a time to be alive Fire up
Kevin Kaniah
Dave Singadia
Justin Langdon
Stuck which colour to choose? Treat yourself to more than the one with 2 for £89 or 3 for £120 at Lacoste: [ Link ]
Stuck which colour to choose Treat yourself to more than the one
The Night Tube has arrived! The Capital is now your 'Oyster'.

Here’s something to help your night go more SMOOTHLY. It's our pick of the Victoria & Central line’s late night eateries where you can enjoy an Impossibly Smooth Cobra with your food: [ Link ]


#CobraBeer #NightTube
Alex Marshall
Scott Greenbrook
Anoopam Nath
The boss has done it again. This time, science.

Our new Cobra Smooth Pour Glass. Now available for testing in bars and classy pubs.
Daniel Turnbull
Peter Beach
Tom Skidmore
Meet the new Cobra Smooth Pour Glass.

The biggest breakthrough in pouring since gravity.
Leslie Brown
Scott Buchanan Straker
Anthony Nesbitt
Your drink, your Majesty.
Your drink your Majesty
Samuel Clayton
David Gordo Tyler
Louis Denny Williams
83 Golds and counting. Impossibly Smooth every time.
83 Golds and counting Impossibly Smooth every time
Tony Crooks
Glen Gibson
Steve Pompey Hammond
It's National Boss Day, and The Boss wants to you help you with few bits of office jargon that your head honcho may be partial to. Not that he’s ever been guilty of any, The Boss is more the strong, silent type.

Got any ‘personal favourites’ to add?
Steve Sayers-Bates
Yoseph Abegnale
Mike Riley
Five facts in the time it takes to pull a pint. Because if you haven’t got pub chat, what do you have?

Who thinks they can better us with a bit of Smooth Talk of their own?
Spud Tate
Ryan Bacon
Ollie Wright
THREE DAY WEEKEND! Desk parties for everyone!
Richard Harrington
Richard S Andrew
Ant Whiten
Ice. Cold. Cobra. Have summer that.
Geraldo D'oliveira
Paul Lomas
Carl Wellings
Right on, Bright-on. Much love to ‘I Own This Art’ and The Hop Poles for this little shrine to Smooth.
Right on Brighton Much love to I Own This Art and The
Goddard Llewellyn Goddard
Briaman Chamberlin
Briaman Chamberlin
Two's company, three's a round.
Twos company threes a round
Chris Knight
Wayne Caffrey
Paul Johnston