I'd say it's about time for another medley.
Hitting this beautiful thing with sticks makes me happy, pays my rent, and connects me to people the world over. How wonderfully weird is that ❤
Throwback to 2013 when I found out that I definitely chose the right instrument.
Throwback to that one time I said "HEY if we sell out of Cobus Method packages within the first week of launch I'll shave my head!". Also a throwback to the only time you could clearly see my super hardcore head scar that I got when my brother threw a mini lawn chair at me because I deflated his soccer ball after he refused to play with me (calm down we were like 5 years old). Also a throwback...
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I know drummers are supposed to be hella cool, but being a huge dork is one of my favourite parts about being a human. I don't always post about drumming, but I promise I'm pretty consistently dorky on Instagram (and in real life). Insta: @cobuspotgieter
YES, I finally have my kit all miked up and dialed in again!! I recorded some drums for a few remote sessions over the past few days, and I finished a few days early, so before I have to move out of this recording space and take the kit down: I thought I'd see if any of you need drum tracks :) Watch below to hear the drum sound and get more info!
Free live lesson on foot technique! COME HANG.
NEW VLOG VIDEO SOON with updates on new drum covers, the Recover Music Project, and making more content! FINALLY. Special mention: how much I love bagels, auditioning for Justin Bieber's world tour and not getting the gig, and also how much I love bagels. #bagelsbagelsbagels
NAMM hangs! It's always super inspiring talking to these two epic human beings.
I'm at NAMM all day today! Follow me on Instagram stories for updates: cobuspotgieter (also if you're here track me down and come say hello!)
Who am I seeing at NAMM this weekend?! Hi-fives and bro-hugs all around. Come hang at the Audix booth!!
My ridiculously talented roommate Eppic took my little jam from the other day and decided to freestyle over it LIKE A BOSS.
I could try and explain this photo, but the truth would be way less entertaining than whatever imaginary story you're making up in your head right now. Friends. 6 days. Big Bear. Unicorn onesie. Also there were drums. Enjoy.