Cobus Potgieter
01/18/2017 at 19:26. Facebook
Who am I seeing at NAMM this weekend?! Hi-fives and bro-hugs all around. Come hang at the Audix booth!!
My ridiculously talented roommate Eppic took my little jam from the other day and decided to freestyle over it LIKE A BOSS.
I could try and explain this photo, but the truth would be way less entertaining than whatever imaginary story you're making up in your head right now. Friends. 6 days. Big Bear. Unicorn onesie. Also there were drums. Enjoy.
Got any crimes to be fought? Planes to be flown? We got you. Happy Halloween!
Still one of the stories I'm most thankful to be a part of.
One of my best friends and I used to DJ at our school dances, but before you're too impressed: in this case "DJ" meant setting up his brother's huge speakers and queuing Alice Deejay, Cotton Eyed Joe and other hits from "Now That's What I Call Music!" on Winamp. Later on, somewhere in the middle of the dance, the music would stop, the lights would go up, and I would take it upon myself to drum...
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Some days, after lots of drumming, I get weird on Snapchat.
It always starts as an empty text file. Any suggestions?
Sat down on a friend's kit the other day, and spent probably an hour just trading patterns and talking drums. LOVE THIS INSTRUMENT.
I had an impromptu meet-up in London yesterday, and with less than 24-hours notice about 20 lovely people showed up. Some drove more than three hours to get here. Yo, this is weird. I'm a normal dude. For some glorious and unexpected and surprising reason, I get to meet people like this and have really significant and really cool conversations with them. So weird. But SO RAD. I'm thankful for...
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The whole story of my first-ever tour, with one of my favourite bands! These are all the tour diary vlogs from my YouTube channel, compiled into one documentary-style video. Unforgettable experience.
To all my friends who mix drums! This is a killer tutorial on parallel compression, such a useful technique to give the kit more presence in the overall mix without them being overbearing. This is especially useful when mixing your drums over existing drums.. such as covers :)
Taken tonight at the Fancy Drumming Festival in Chengdu. Another culture on another continent, language barrier for days, but when we play drums.. everybody understands. Love China, so SO thankful I got to visit this amazing country and meet so many fans here. I'll be back! โœŒ