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Coca-Cola Australia
yesterday at 05:30. Facebook
The designated driver is the real MVP As a thank you, it's free COCA-COLA for you at a pub near you
For more info: [ CokeURL.com Link ]
Did anyone predict our Perfect Serve of 2016? Keep yours coming!
On Snapchat? Follow us: cokeau You never know who’ll make it on to our Story…
Hands up if you've tried new limited edition COKE Ginger! Tell us what you think
We’re on Snapchat: cokeau Follow us to find out who we’re hanging out with!
We ❤ hearing our fans' Perfect Serves. What's yours?
Everything is best enjoyed in moderation: COCA-COLA ✔ group chat messages ✔ hashtags ✔
COKE Ginger is here & Australia gets the first taste
~Limited edition~
When you enjoy something in the right amount for you, it's
We have given away the 10,000th Happiness Cycle bike to Aussie teens this year!
On 26th & 27th October, 800 teens from Western Sydney got a FREE bike through the COCA-COLA Happiness Cycle program in collaboration with Bicycle Network Yew! Happy riding!
Calling it now: summer is going to be epic
Perfectly small Who’s found one?
Pick a friend who you would share this with
Wishing the all-round legend, inspirational young Aussie and Ambassador of the Happiness Cycle, Sam Willoughby a speedy recovery.
Show your support at [ CokeURL.com Link ] #strengthfor91
Current mood: ✨ Our new Kings Cross 'COKE sign' is lit up!
WIN the unsung hero of the original Kings Cross 'COKE sign': the hyphen (‐)

All eight letters were sold in our charity auction, raising $100,700! Now, we want to give YOU the opportunity to win a piece too!

To enter, tell us how you have given back to your community in 25 words or less.

Entries will be judged on creativity, literary merit & originality.

Comp ends: 5:00 PM AEST on 15th...
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…GONE! Each letter in the original Kings Cross ‘COKE sign’ has gone to the highest bidder in our charity eBay.com.au auction. You raised $100,700 for The Wayside Chapel - THANK YOU! ❤
Own a piece of Sydney's history and raise funds for The Wayside Chapel. Bid on a letter from the original Kings Cross 'COKE sign'

Coca-Cola Australia

Getting ready for our charity eBay.com.au auction like…

Bidding starts at 8pm AEST tonight: ebay.com.au/cocacola
Give me a C! O! L! A!
Which letter in the Kings Cross 'COKE sign' would you bid for in our charity eBay.com.au auction & why?
Tell us in the comments below for the opportunity to WIN a $500 Visa voucher.
Most interesting answer wins!

Comp ends: Ends 7:59 PM AEST on 7th September 2016.

T&Cs apply: [ CokeURL.com Link ]

Image by klee / stockarch.com is licensed under a Creative Commons...
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