Coca-Cola New Zealand
03/23/2017 at 22:00. Facebook
When it feels like winter, but your says summer!
Coca-Cola New Zealand
03/22/2017 at 22:16. Facebook
When it feels like winter, but your says summer!
That moment when you can't find the straw #canrelate
Ride & Refresh
by @halfofnothing
Coca-Cola with lemon… or Coca-Cola with Fanta? ???? Which perfect serve gets your vote?

Thanks to Daniel & Caitlin for the inspo! ✌
Sending out Summer in style… We’ll have what Nick Rapley's having ☀
COKE x Broods Summer Mixtape Plug in at
Have you seen our new Summer cans yet? Which one is your fave?
Summer cans & summer tunes! What’s rocking your playlist rn?

Sweet shot from our m8s Jupiter Project!
Perf serve, perf summer What's your idea of a perfect summer?
We ❤ hearing how you love your COKE. What's your idea of a perfect serve?
Did you catch our final giveaway and Christmas carol mashup with Jupiter Project?

To celebrate the spirit of giving this Christmas we’ve given away $16,000 to some of the most generous Kiwis out there, and donated over $100,000 to support the amazing work that Youthline do… all thanks to you guys!! It’s the Time for Giving
Our final giveaway is nearly here! Tune in to our LIVE giveaway tonight at 6pm and help us celebrate the spirit of Christmas by telling us about a mate who deserves a special surprise... and both of you could win a nice cash prize!

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We donated a cool $2,000 to our partner charity, Youthline. Join us next Monday for our final giveaway! #TimeforGiving