Had fun with this one in Switzerland!
#mosaicflow Lion!
Custom drawn for a lady who came from the Netherlands!
Thank you!
at Aurora Tattoo Lancaster

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Fun flower sleeve I got to do while in Switzerland!
IG: @coenmitchell
#mosaicflow forearm piece I did for a lovely lady from Austria last week at Aurora Tattoo Lancaster !
Torso piece I did in Switzerland!

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#mosaicflow Turtle I did during my time at Aurora Tattoo Lancaster last week :)
Fun times!
A sad last day here at Aurora Tattoo Studio in Lancaster! Was privileged to be involved with a fun promo shoot with the boys
Thanks Aurora!
Fun #mosaicflow Kitty I did during my time in Switzerland a few weeks back :)

IG: @coenmitchell @tattoogold_
#Mosaicflow Giraffe I did during my time in London
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IG: @coenmitchell
Snapchat: coenmitchell
Myself and Moko Kauri Ta Moko Had a lovely couple fly out from Austria to be tattooed by us at Aurora Tattoo Lancaster last week! Thank you for travelling!
Left piece is by Dan, Right piece was done by me.

#moko #mosaicflow
Healed! Underbum #mosaicflow on my lovely friend Katy :)
If you have healed shots please send them through to me so I can repost :)
Mosaic Flow Calf piece I did in London :)
Books are currently closed sorry!
First piece down in Lancaster UK at Aurora Tattoo Lancaster !
Wow! Eiffel tower bucket list check ✔
Thank you INKED Australia/NZ For the Article! Featuring my awesome client Summer Ann and myself, Photos of the #mosaicbody and interviews with Summer and myself!

-Blurred sternum not done by me
Mosaic Flow Owl I did last week!

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