Il calcolatore delle licenze core di HPE OEM Windows Server 2016 [ Link ]
Which edition of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 matches your customers' IT needs? [ Link ]

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10 reasons you'll love Windows Server 2016
2017 sera l’année de la Transformation Numérique. Chez Hewlett Packard Enterprise et Microsoft nous avons tout prévu. Démarrez 2017 à fond avec les (Flex) Solutions dont vos clients ont besoin.
Today kicks off the beginning of our HPE ProLiant Gen9 Server + Microsoft Windows Server 2016 matchmaker blog series.

Read today's blog to find out why we think HPE + Microsoft is such a great pairing: [ Link ]

(Then, be sure to check back for part 2 in which we discuss which ProLiant Gen9 Servers we think pair best with Windows Server 2016 Standard edition.)
Hewlett Packard Enterprise + Microsoft = true love

Happy Valentine's Day from the Coffee Coaching team!
HPE + Microsoft = Vero Amore

Buon #SanValentino2017!
Ensure your customers’ Windows Server 2016 Client Access License (CAL) needs are filled!

HPE Microsoft Coffee Coaching
Learn how you can kick off 2017 with the (Flex) Solutions your customers want: [ Link ]
Did you know that HPE OEM Microsoft Windows Server 2016 licenses are the simplest, most cost-effective license for many businesses?

Check out our blog to learn more ways resellers and customers can benefit from HPE OEM WS2016.

Why HPE OEM Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Avec la fin de l’année 2016 c’est aussi la fin de vie des Microsoft Windows Server 2012 CALs. Les HPE OEM Windows Server 2012 CALs seront interrompus le 31/01/2017, avec une date d’obsolescence fixée au 28/02/2017.
Nul besoin de paniquer! Les HPE OEM Microsoft Windows Server 2016 CALs sont maintenant disponibles et fonctionnent non seulement pour Windows Server 2016, mais aussi pour tous les...
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Costruite la vostra soluzione IT moderna per le #PMI


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Build your modern SMB IT solution
So, we know change can be confusing—but it doesn't have to be!

To help with core-based licensing calculations, resellers and customers can leverage the new HPE OEM Windows Server 2016 Core Licensing Calculator.

This tool helps easily identify the type and number of core licenses required to properly license an HPE Server with Windows Server 2016.

Learn the all about this great tool from...
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To protect consumer product keys from being obtained and used by unauthorized individuals, Microsoft now includes a concealment panel on all Certificate of Authenticity(COA) labels.

To ensure you do not damage your COA and product keys, find out the dos and don'ts of concealment removal: [ Link ]

Windows Server 2016 Certificate of Authenticity: correct concealment removal
Quale edizione di Microsoft #WindowsServer2016 si abbina meglio con l'IT dei vostri clienti? [ Link ]
Les PME cherchent de plus en plus à profiter des avantages qu’offrent l’IT hybride, l’IoT ou le Big Data. Fiabilité, rentabilité et flexibilité, HPE permet de trouver la solution parfaite.
Dans ce blog nous souhaitons vous communiquer quelques informations utiles pour vous permettre de choisir l’édition de Windows Server 2016 qui correspond le mieux à vos besoins.