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There really is no better place when the sun decides to shine.

Here's Some Of The Most Breathtaking Sunsets From Around Ireland Today
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3. Pick up toilet paper George Michael just died SO SAD love mam xxxxx

Classic Irish Mammy Texts We've All Received At Least Once In Our Lives
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A lot can change in 14 years... and here's what happened

All The Best Bits Of The Love Actually Sequel And How To Watch It
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His skills include replying to long texts and my personal fave: "Crying during Marley & Me".

What This Guy Did To Try Get A Date Is Genius And Most Definitely Gas
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You can't help but think about just how frustrating this would be...

This Guy's Hilarious Quest To Get A Rainbow Bagel Will Change How You Feel About NYC
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Outside of college a number of mental health services are not free so it's important that if you're struggling and need a helping hand you use the free services that are available.

The Collegetimes team

Here's How Your College Can Help You Feel Calmer, Less Stressed And Happier... For Free
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