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The inaugural AFL Women's season is just days away.

How is the team shaping up for the opener against Carlton Football Club?

WATCH - [ Magpi.es Link ]

Preparations ramp up for round one - collingwoodfc.com.au

One to mark into your calendar.

#piesintra will return to the Holden Centre in 2017.

DETAILS - [ Magpi.es Link ]

February intra-club locked in - collingwoodfc.com.au

The best at BOUNCEinc?

A few stood out in today's obstacle course challenge.

The stopwatch was out + the race was on.

But what are the benefits of today's off-site session?

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Pies' parkour challenge - collingwoodfc.com.au

The competitive juices flowed at BOUNCEinc this morning.

Our players jumped + raced around a challenging obstacle course.

COVERAGE - [ Magpi.es Link ]

A Tuesday change of scenery - collingwoodfc.com.au

A change of scenery for our 2016 leading goalkicker?

Pick up on some emerging storylines from this morning's match simulation.

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A new role for Fasolo? - collingwoodfc.com.au

The stakes are high in the forward pocket of the Holden Centre Oval.

Join in the battle between a mic'd up Brenton Sanderson + Jordan De Goey.

VIDEO - [ Magpi.es Link ]

Sanderson and De Goey's coffee bet - collingwoodfc.com.au

AFL Women's 2017.

Just 20 days to go.

In addition to his AFL coaching duties, Anthony Rocca has been teaching some tricks of his trade to the Collingwood Magpies Netball team.

Watch below for Pebs' thoughts on our recently formed star-studded line-up.

"The fans will see Collingwood play a really exciting brand of footy in 2017"

A compelling insight from our new assistant coach during today's training session.

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Mic'd up: Sanderson and his forwards - collingwoodfc.com.au

21 days remain until we kick off the inaugural AFL Women's

The best snaps from inside the Holden Centre as preparations ramp up.

GALLERY: [ Magpi.es Link ]

AFLW: Behind closed doors - collingwoodfc.com.au

Could the number on his back be a good omen for Callum Brown in 2017?

Take a look back at some of the best to have worn the #17.

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Our No. 17s - collingwoodfc.com.au

The race to round one of the AFL Women's season continues.

And our inaugural coach is setting the bar high.

STORY - [ Magpi.es Link ]

Siekman: 'Take it in your stride' - collingwoodfc.com.au

The Christmas + New Year's break has been and gone.

But what adventures did our player's did get up too in their time off?

DETAILS - [ Magpi.es Link ]

Social: Christmas break recap - collingwoodfc.com.au

One young Magpie walked away from today's training very, very happy.

However Jamie Elliott's surprise gift came with one condition...

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Elliott makes a young fan's day - collingwoodfc.com.au

Two were restricted while one impressed with the main group.

The stories + best photos from this morning's training session.

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Training in photos: Reid, Wells and Elliott - collingwoodfc.com.au

Can you believe this photo is TEN years old?

Here's the ultimate quiz for the Magpie Army... how many of the Class of 2007 can you name?

PLAY NOW - [ Magpi.es Link ]

Quiz: How many can you name? - collingwoodfc.com.au

Jack Crisp + the Magpies are ready to attack 2017.

And the training vision is here to prove it.

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Crisp: Ready to launch - collingwoodfc.com.au

#8 - The rise + rise of Brodie Grundy (official).

What are you excited to see in 2017?

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17 reasons to get excited - collingwoodfc.com.au

A year older, a year wiser.

Birthday boy (on Saturday) Scott Pendlebury among others in the best photos from today's session.

PHOTOS - [ Magpi.es Link ]

Gallery: Back on track - collingwoodfc.com.au