Tooves. Mick. Dawesy.

2010 premiership heroes.

Now, our newest Life Members.
A special night for four fine Collingwood people.

Congratulations to our newest Life Members.

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Disappointing news for our AFL Women's rookie.

We're #SIDEBYSIDE with you in your recovery, Kate.

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Sheahan's ACL injury confirmed -
Josh Smith's unlikely to make the trip to Western Australia this week.

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Defender hurt during training -
"As a club we expect all our athletes to behave safely and within the rules on our roads and we are extremely disappointed in Moana’s actions."

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Statement: Hope issued speeding fine -
Tag a mate who (like Darcy Moore) always ruins nice things.

The sweet taste of success.

Our AFL Women’s players + coaches lap up their first victory.

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AFLW: The emotions of win No. 1 -
Goals. Celebrations. Magpie victory.

Sit back + enjoy.

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Kate Sheahan’s debut was over in the blink of an eye.

But her knee injury helped spur her Magpie teammates on to a famous victory.

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Sheahan's emotional debut -
An historic weekend for our club.

The first win for our AFL Women's team ✅

The first win for our Collingwood Magpies Netball team ✅
The finish from Alicia Eva was all class.

But the set up from Jess Cameron was something special.

She’s only played one game, but Kate Sheahan has made a huge mark on our AFL Women’s team.

“She’ll go for scans on Monday.”

Our hearts broke when debutant Kate Sheahan’s knee gave way.

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Scans to confirm Sheahan’s knee injury -
When the goals came, they came in a rush.

Enjoy all the big moments from a memorable night.

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AFLW: Highlights of our first win -
We've waited our turn.

Now is the time to enjoy AFL Women's victory.

Behold the emotions of a team's first win #SIDEBYSIDE
The full story from a magical night at the Whitten Oval.

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Report: Pies break AFLW duck -


It's Collingwood history #GOPIES
Awful news for AFL Women's debutant Kate Sheahan.

Fingers crossed for you, Kate.

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It's a fiercely physical contest out there on the Whitten Oval.

A last-minute injury to debutant Sheahan is a real dampener.

This game is there for the taking #GOPIES