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Just couldn't get 'em.
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Pat Coyle is the 7th head coach in Mammoth history.

Coyle Named Head Coach
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Locked in on the defending champs...
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Our team-signed jersey is up for auction!

All proceeds benefit Right To Play.

Right To Play Jersey Auction
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02/17/2017 at 18:36. Facebook
Here's a little peek at what we acquired yesterday...

(And here's to hoping we see more tomorrow!)
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It would be pretty cool to watch him score goals in your customized jersey...

Win Greer's First 'Lacrosse Out Cancer' Jersey
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Eli takes you inside the skirmish on Sunday night...

Seriously, as close as you can get!
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You know them, you love them...

You need to watch this video!

A Valentine's Day Bromance
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Roses are red,
Violets are blue...

But we prefer burgundy,
And know you do, too!
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Before tonight, Brent Adams had never scored in the NLL...

Tonight, he not only scored, but he got a HAT TRICK and the OT GAME WINNER!!
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02/13/2017 at 02:48. Facebook
Happy Birthday, Zack Greer!

Go get 'em.
What are we planning on stealing from the Stealth...?
Let's sneak away with a win!
Our seven goals in the second quarter on Saturday are tied for most in a single frame this season...

But let's not stop at seven!
No. 51 is up for auction, and a new jersey will be available tomorrow morning so get to bidding!

'Lacrosse Out Cancer' with Eli McLaughlin
FIVE players had multi-goal games on Saturday... Including this hat trick from Callum Crawford!