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Why do humans speak so many languages? Our researchers are using simulation modeling to study the processes that shape language diversity patterns: [ Col.st Link ]
Here comes the sun
See you here in 204 days
Whoa. In case you were wondering what the Front Range looks like from the International Space Station...
Be ours? ❀

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9NEWS (KUSA) asked Dr. Temple Grandin what we were all thinking:
What does it feel like to be added to the National Women’s Hall of Fame?

WATCH: Dr. Temple Grandin shares her excitement

Happy birthday to us

Whistle along to help us celebrate our 147th Founders Day.
Overheard during today's Founders Day Celebration:

"I got a picture with CAM the Ram. The sun is out. It couldn't be a better day."
We aren't surprised. But we're SO proud.

Congratulations, Dr. Temple Grandin.

Temple Grandin named to the National Women’s Hall of Fame

What happens when one twin goes to space and the other stays on Earth? CSU researchers are going where no researchers have gone before

Early findings raise more questions in space radiation research

Our Colorado State University CSU Marching Band has always been on point. Can you guess what year this photo was taken?
We started the day with a sunrise. Why not end with a sunset?

Goodnight, State.
Waking up in Fort Collins. No, you're not still dreaming
Here's to 63 years of you, CAM the Ram. Happy CAMiversary

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β€œJohn Mosley is one of the great figures in Colorado State history – a Tuskegee Airmen, the first Black football player on record at our University, and a remarkable, inspirational human being.” - CSU President Tony Frank

Lt. Col. John Mosley to receive Founders Day Medal

Watch now as CAM the Ram makes his pick for #SuperBowlLI.

Which team do YOU want to win?
Six more weeks of winter. Get out there and enjoy it β›·
It’s Signing Day.

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