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Staying active in winter can be seasonally difficult, but that's no reason to stop. Here are four ways to keep healthy now: [ Link ] #TestedTough
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The Directors of Toughness are heading into the Yukon wilderness! First... we're going LIVE! Will they survive?
Tune in soon.
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Cold-weather camping frightens most people, but it doesn't have to be miserable. Gear up because this might become your favorite time to set up camp. Here's how: [ Link ] #TestedTough
Raised on a diet of climbing, skiing, camping, hiking and rugby, it was obvious that a warm office and a cozy bed was never going to cut it.
Meet Mark Chase, Columbia's first international Director of Toughness: [ Link ] #TestedTough
For the coldest, wettest days at Old Trafford. United and Columbia Sportswear are #TestedTough.

See our official outerwear range: [ Link ]
The Directors of Toughness set sail on their maiden testing voyage this week. Have you been following along?

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Pictured: Faith Eve Bee
Think you’re #TestedTough? We’re hiring! We need two Directors of Toughness to be gear testers, world travellers, glacier climbers, brand ambassadors, social media gurus, nature photographers and spelunkers all in one. Think you’ve got what it takes? Canadian registration opens Oct 3rd. Learn more here: [ Link ] #ToughJob
Are you looking for adventure? A real job? Are you tough? Columbia is hiring people to test gear in the most unforgiving conditions on Planet Earth and then tell the world about it. Canadian registration opens Oct 3rd. Learn more here: [ Link ] #TestedTough #ToughJob