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"The joy of running through beautiful locations is my greatest motivation. In this way I come to realize I am alive. This is why I run." - Ruy Ueda, Columbia/Montrail Athlete

UTMB is the toughest mountain race in the world. Ruy lives for this kind of challenge.
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"Here the views of the river feel as if you're standing on nature’s own private balcony."

Looking for some hiking inspiration for your next trip to Portland? These hikes are a must: [ Link ]
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Spring is in the air and that means bear season is here.
We've got tips for handling bear encounters:[ Link ]
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Did you know that of the 71% of water on Earth, less than 2% is fresh and accessible?

Today is #WorldWaterDay and our friends at The Freshwater Trust have some staggering facts about the future of our fresh water. Now is the time to do your part and ensure conservation efforts continue: [ Link ]
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Teaching someone you ❀ a sport you love? Just remember that everyone learns in a different way.

Here are a few more tips to help you navigate being a guide for your loved ones: [ Link ]
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Portland folks!! Wanna hang out? I've sent in info on my favorite cocktails!!!

Come meet our Directors of Toughness!

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What's master angler, George Poveromo's dream fishing day?
"Just good old fashion fun fishing in my own backyard."
[ Link ]
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'"...If you want to do it, tell yourself you can, build in a positive attitude and allow your body time to get used to the concept, you can do it." - Faith Briggs, Director of Toughness

Running long distances requires not only physical training, but emotional and mental preparation. Faith shares how she prepared for the toughest run of her life: [ Link ]
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"Get a grip of whatever you need to see you through and hold on to it. However long it may take or however hard it may be, if you refuse to give up you cannot be beaten." - Mark Chase, Director of Toughness

Can you think your way through a 100KM trail race? Mark shares his insights from El Cruce: [ Link ]
We are going live with fishing legend George Poveromo and our Directors of Toughness from Miami, Florida.
"The most important phrase I heard during the race was, "Hay que disfrutarla,” which means, β€œYou need to enjoy it.”- Faith Briggs, Director of Toughness

Faith gives us her top tips for surviving and most importantly, enjoying your first endurance race: [ Link ]
"It was the type of acceptance you never wanted to give up, a place you never wanted to leave and one I will never forget." - Mark Chase, Director of Toughness

Check out Mark's unconventional route to recovery after completing El Cruce: [ Link ]
"Any runner will tell you that you don't get to run 100KM through The Andes without the right equipment" - Mark Chase, Director of Toughness.

Check out Mark's must have gear for surviving a 100KM trail run and everything in between: [ Link ]
"I've been able to go into this race knowing that the gear is going to get me through." - Faith Briggs, Director of Toughness.

Faith's top picks for gear that can endure 100KM of the toughest trail running conditions: [ Link ]
Our Directors of Toughness are tough. We put them through the ultimate test. El Cruce, a 100KM endurance race across The Andes in Argentina and Chile.

Are they tough enough to survive 60 miles of extreme temperatures, high altitudes, and rough terrain through the world's longest mountain range?
Our Directors of Toughness are tough. We put them through the ultimate test. El Cruce, a 100KM endurance race across The Andes in Argentina and Chile.
[ Link ]
LIVE with the Directors of Toughness deep in Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. One of the tallest mountain ranges in the world.
SKI RESORT HACKS: Finding the best trails for your skill level β›·
[ Link ]
"It is one of the few places in the world where you could be skiing in the morning, then boating on the lake beneath the warm afternoon sunshine."

Lake Tahoe is having a moment, check it out: [ Link ]