Check out Academy Award nominee "Joe's Violin." It's about a Holocaust survivor (and former Columbia architecture student) who donated the violin he acquired in a displaced persons camp. It changed the life of a school girl from America's poorest congressional district. The film is directed and produced by Kahane Cooperman and executive produced by Peter Kenney, who were both MFA students in...
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Academy Award Nominee “Joe’s Violin”
Thursday night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Columbia writing professor and 2016 Man Booker Prize-winner Paul Beatty said he "hates writing." Hear why:

Paul Beatty Hates Writing

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Columbia research scientist Elizabeth Radin says new data contains proof that we can effectively control the AIDS epidemic in Africa so long as the Trump administration recommits the U.S. to an AIDS-free generation.

I'm witnessing the near defeat of AIDS in Africa. But I fear what comes next.
Meet Habanero, a complex computing machine with enough power to perform 269 trillion mathematical calculations per second. This spicy computer cluster lives deep in the subbasement of the Jerome L. Greene Science Center, the first building on Columbia Manhattanville.

‘Habanero’ Spices Up High-Performance Computing at Columbia
A genetic 'rearrangement' may be tied to some of the most devastating — and difficult to treat — psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia and autism. The Columbia Zuckerman Institute's Joseph Gogos explains how.

From Fractured Genomes to Broken Minds
Columbia gastroenterologist Dr. Shilpa Ravella writes in New York Magazine about how a new urine test could help solve a big problem for nutrition researchers who seek to understand how our bodies respond to what we eat.

Scientists Can Tell If You’re Eating Healthy by Studying Your Pee
Columbia honors the life of Nobel laureate Kenneth Arrow ('51, GSAS). Professor Arrow completed his graduate studies in economics at Columbia, mentored scores of other Nobel laureates, including our own Joseph Stiglitz, and fundamentally changed the field.

Kenneth Arrow, Nobel laureate and seminal economist with wide impact, dies at 95
Food & Wine visits the kitchen of Manal Kahi, a Columbia | SIPA alum whose start-up Eat Offbeat employs refugees from Aleppo, Iraq and other conflict zones -- preserving and promoting their cultural identity with each take-out order.

This Catering Company Hires Refugee Chefs
Taylor Mac has won the Edward M. Kennedy Prize for "A 24-Decade History of Popular Music," a 24-hour walk through American history.

Columbia University Announces Winner of 2017 Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama Inspired by American History
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons 250th anniversary committee shares its vision to eliminate need-based loans and provide all medical students financial aid through scholarships -- making it a debt-free medical school.

Roy and Diana Vagelos Launch Medical School Scholarship Challenge
“This is not just about having a taxicab without a driver, it’s really going to change the way we do everything,” says Columbia Engineering Professor Hod Lipson. “This is an impending tsunami that’s going to sweep through the economy. It’s going to have a ripple effect on anything from e-commerce to real estate to jobs.”

Thinking Machines: When Artificial Intelligence Takes the Wheel
A winter sunset on campus. Photo by Sayed Almohri, MBA'18.
“Every morning you would watch the BBC’s Today program in London, and it would set the news agenda for the day. Now I get up and I scroll through Twitter, and the agenda is set by 1,000 different voices.” - Emily Bell, professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and director of its Tow Center for Digital Journalism, discusses the state of journalism as classified government...
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Journalism After Snowden: Understanding a Pivotal Moment for News Media
"The effects of climate change are like sparks in the tinder," writes The New York Times' architecture critic and Adjunct Professor of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Michael Kimmelman. The Pentagon calls them "threat multipliers." A Columbia University report found that where rainfall declines, “the risk of a low-level conflict escalating to a full-scale civil war approximately...
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Mexico City, Parched and Sinking, Faces a Water Crisis
"Reassuring patients that symptoms can be controlled may help persuade them to initiate treatment and may lead to improvements in quality of life and survival." - Columbia oncologist Dawn Hershman.

Is It Time to Offer Scalp Cooling to Prevent Chemo-Induced Hair Loss? - Columbia University Medical Center
Columbia Business School Professor Steven Mandis quantifies gravity on his way to explaining why Real Madrid C.F. star Cristiano Ronaldo is "The Best." Professor Mandis is the author of "The Real Madrid Way."

The Unseen Powers of Cristiano Ronaldo
What gives humans the dexterity for everything from brain surgery to texting? ​
In Scientific American, ​Thomas Jessell, co-director of Columbia's Zuckerman Institute, describes his lab's discovery of a genetic switch that offers clues to​ the​ evolution of fine motor skills​.

Nerve Cells That Go Out on a Limb Show How the Ability to Tweet Evolved
"Orit S. caught my eye in a place where I probably should not have been looking – during prayer services conducted by the Columbia / Barnard Hillel - Jewish student organization. Back then, in the Fall of 1989, there was no Kraft Center for Jewish Life as there is now – we prayed in Earl Hall. The community’s daily minyan was hardly the place to pick up a date, and yet I found myself going...
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"Carlos and I met at Columbia Business School in 2009 -- we're both Class of 2010. I'm from Chicago, and he's from Sao Paulo originally. My learning teammate went to college with Carlos in Brazil and introduced us in the halls of Uris. We spent most of school saying 'hi' to each other in the hallways, but we didn't really know each other at all. Then three years after graduation, a mutual CBS...
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