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03/24/2017 at 15:08. Facebook
Our GP Festival is still going strong! Between 24.3. and 28.3.2017 you have the chance to buy even more weapons permanently for GP! Don't miss out on this opportunity to e.g. get your own permanent MP5 RAS or R870 SE for GP! Want to read up on our events? Follow this link: [ Link ]

Weekend EXP Bonus, Login Event & Permanent GP Weapons
Related to recent activity on Facebook and other platforms outside of the game, we want to remind you to always make sure you are talking to real Nexon staff. Please keep the following things in mind:

- Nexon staff will never ask for confidential account data, such as your password
- Nexon staff will never ask you for gifts or money
- Nexon staff will only contact you for official matters on...
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A happy St. Patrick's Day to our soldiers! To make sure you find your pot of gold, we are supporting you with a 100% EXP bonus between 17.3.2017 (12:00 CET) and 19.3.2017 (12:00 CET). Yes, combined with our regular March weekend EXP bonus that adds up to a whopping 200% EXP/GP bonus in total on Saturday! What are you waiting for? ;-)

EXP Bonus, 5-Shot Event & more!
The Operation Janus Beta has been closed on 9.3.2017.
A lot of you have given us very valuable feedback here, on the forums, and through our survey.
We would like to wholeheartedly thank you for your support during the Beta and promise to make adjustments based on your feedback in order to make this new era exciting, fun and fair.
Thank you!
#OperationJanus Phase 2 has been out for 1.5 weeks now. What are you thinking so far? Do you have any questions about it that you need to see answered? Head over to our Reddit Ask Me Anything at [ Link ] and #NXCoyote and #NXEris will do their best to answer your questions about our plans to #makeCAgreatagain!

We are Nexon's Combat Arms production team - ask us anything! • r/Games
The "Operation Janus" Beta Phase 2 has just started!
How to access: [ Link ]
What you can win: [ Link ]
We are going to open the second phase of the Operation Janus beta at ca. 13:00 CET. Some bits and bytes were a bit too excited, so the beta will open when we've caught the little perpetrators and put them back into their place. Are you already excited? Great - so are we! Stay tuned for more information about beta events and more. #makeCAgreatagain
Attention, soldiers! Tomorrow, on 23.02.2017 at 11:00 CET/05:00 AM EST/21:00 AEST, the gates to the future of Combat Arms will open. The second phase of our #OperationJanus beta starts and this time you don't even need a beta key to enter it. Jump right in and secure these stylish rewards you get for helping us to #makeCAgreatagain.
On Thursday, the Operation Janus Beta will enter Phase 2 and all of you will be able to take a look at the new Matchmaking and User Interface ([ Link ] We also want to thank the players who visited #NXCoyote and #NXEris last weekend to #makeCAgreatagain and test the upcoming second phase of Operation Janus some days early. Their feedback was incredibly helpful and we’re excited to hear...
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We’ve got good news for everyone: We’re launching a Beta that’s open to everyone on 23.02.2017! Read up on what you will be able to try out in our official announcement: [ Link ]
During the last months we have made many improvements to #makeCAgreatagain directly based on your feedback and we want to thank everyone who got the chance and took the time to participate in the Graphics...
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Team up with your sweetheart and grind through Valentine’s Day! From 14.2. – 15.2.2017 you will benefit from an EXP bonus as high as 200%, so you can really get it on!
Join GM-TheREALEris and GM-FANGZORZ in game and be prepared to show how much you care - with your pink and blue baton! We’ll be hosting a couple matches each day from Tuesday, February 14th to Thursday, February 16th. Space is limited, so be sure to watch for posted times and room information on our forums! We look forward to receiving your affections, and perhaps giving some of our own ;)...
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Hey Soldiers!
This week starts off with a brand-new #makecagreatagain dev blog that sheds some more light on an upcoming feature. We proudly present our new Shooting Range - sneak peek at the new interface included! Read up on it in our all new dev blog over at [ Link ] :D
ESL Combat Arms is hosting the Search & Destroy Winter Tournament Qualifiers 2017! For more details, conditions and rewards, head over to our homepage and read up on how to get in on the action!
[ Link ]

Combat Arms - Online FPS Action
Dear Soldiers,

A while ago we announced that we set out to #makeCAgreat again. We were hoping to be done with this until the end of Q4 2016, but decided to release the engine update when we are sure that everything, especially the new UI and the matchmaking, is good and ready. We want you to know that all of us are working very hard to make the update happen as smoothly as possible and it’s...
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You’ve always wanted to get your hands on a gold-grade gun, but haven’t been able to? Then this event is for you! For 24 hours, until 11:00 CET on 26.01.2017, you’ll be able to rent these rare weapons with ZERO cost!
Whether you are superstitious or not, today is definitely not an unlucky day! Log in to Combat Arms and benefit from our EXP event, because we have a 100% EXP bonus running until 00:00 CET sharp. Enjoy!

Combat Arms: 100% EXP Bonus on Friday 13th!
We hope all of you are as stoked as we are to enter another year of Combat Arms.
Based on your feedback, we have decided to review our long-serving ban system and have reviewed past account suspensions based on our new rule set. We removed the account suspension if it did not line up with our new rule set or was in a grey area. Any account affected by this will receive an e-mail notification...
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Combat Arms - Online FPS Action
We want to thank you for staying strong in the face of the toughest battles and are happy to celebrate another year of Combat Arms with you. Log in during our Anniversary event to receive your second 8th Anniversary Pistol - the M92FS. As a cherry on top there is an 800% EXP event on Saturday, so between 12:00 and 24:00 CET to benefit from this unbelievable EXP boost!

Combat Arms - Online FPS Action
To send 2016 off with a bang, we are offering tons of your favourite items paired with stylish 2017 specials. Get your MYST-Perfect bag containing 5 guaranteed permanent 1-star gold items! A whole new set of permanent weapons available for GP has also been added. And if you just want to rank up? Log in and benefit from our 400% EXP bonus fireworks on on 31.12. and 1.1.!
Details: [ Link...
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