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Tell the truth, how many times do you think it’s okay to wear the following items of clothing before they go in the wash?
1. Bras
2. Jeans
3. Hosiery
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If you needed any reason to shop (besides the festive season) then this is it. Purchase for over R100.00 or any of the products below at your nearest Checkers or Shoprite store to enter. T’s and C’s here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
The festive season is great for big social gatherings with friends and family. Who are you most looking forward to spending time with this month?
The festive season is great for big social gatherings with friends and family. Who are you most looking forward to spending time with this month?
Did you know that adding Comfort concentrated fabric conditioner to the rinse cycle of your wash helps reduce static on clothing? Especially on nylon items like hosiery and lingerie – nobody likes clingy stockings! Try it for fashion that feels good.
Some of our Comfort family tell us that they hardly ever have to iron their clothes. All they do is hang them up properly after washing, then store them properly right after line-drying. Have you tried this, and has it worked for you? Share your tips.
Between work, school and the demands of day-to-day life, many of us don’t spend much down-time at home. If you’re not going away for the end year holidays, what are some of the ways you’re going to make the holidays at home count?
If it’s elasticated, we associate it with comfort and ease, but if you’ve ever tried folding a fitted sheet, you know exactly how much trouble a little elastic can be! Try this method for folding fitted sheets neatly, it worked for us: [ Realsimple.com Link ]
Did you know that Comfort concentrated fabric conditioner can help make ironing easier? Clothes crease less in the wash, are less wrinkled when they dry, and the iron will glide across the fabric more easily.
Lots of moms (and dads!) say that having a baby has made them do some rather silly things. Tell us your unbelievable baby brain stories – we promise not to judge!
Comfort fabric conditioner helps keep your clothes looking and smelling great. With sunny days on the way, take your pick of our favourite bouquet and bring the outside in!
It’s an American holiday but lots of us love it – if your neighbourhood or your kid’s school celebrates Halloween, what will your kid’s costume be this year?
For many parents, the only time we have to ourselves are when our kids are fast asleep! Do you make time for yourself when the little ones are in bed, and if so, what do you do that’s just for you?
The good thing about hankies is that they’re re- usable. Or is it? Do you or anyone you know still use them, and if so, how do you wash them?
As the end of the year approaches, and school breaks with it, family holidays are on the mind. Share some of your craziest, whackiest, funniest or most unbelievable family holiday stories in the comments!
With our range of Aromatherapy fabric conditioners, formulated with real essential aromatherapy oils to rejuvenate, uplift and refresh the senses, it can! Have you tried Comfort Rejuvenating fabric conditioner yet?
Well our Comfort mom will – read about it out on the Comfort blog here > [ Bit.ly Link ]
Comfort fabric softener is your clothes secret weapon, and not just because it makes them smell amazing! See 10 ways that using Comfort can benefit your clothes on our website > [ Bit.ly Link ]
We have some theories about where the other sock goes. What are yours?
Happy Heritage Day, Comfort fans!
What are the fragrances and scents that come to mind when you think of home?