Comic Relief
Comic Relief
04/25/2017 at 09:30. Facebook
Together we’re making great progress in the fight against malaria and more people are surviving than ever before. But there’s still more work to be done.

Davina McCall heard first-hand how malaria effects people in Tanzania. We’re working with GSK to try and help communities #FightMalaria. [ Link ]

Comic Relief
Comic Relief
04/24/2017 at 10:11. Facebook
“There used to be some terrible diseases, but now you can immunise against them.”
On #WorldImmunisationWeek, find out more about how #VaccinesWork to save millions of lives from preventable infectious diseases every year [ Link ]
Comic Relief
Comic Relief
04/23/2017 at 07:55. Facebook
Good luck to all those taking part in the marathon today. ????‍♀

This year we’re delighted to see the strong focus on mental health. With 1 in 4 people in the UK suffering from a mental health issue each year, it’s so important to raise awareness about mental health, how common it is and where people can get help [ Link ]
"The Big Debate with young people" saw two schools go head to head to discuss some of the most challenging global issues facing their generation. And there was a surprise guest on hand to give them some inspiration! [ Link ]
Together with Debate Mate & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation we're at the Royal Institution of Great Britain this morning to hear a fascinating #BigDebate
You'll be able to see the highlights here later. #BigDebate
Together with Debate Mate Bill Melinda Gates Foundation were at the Royal
Jessica Crist
Lola Stuve
Christina Relton
Jill Taylor
Ceyhun Aksoy
Riozi Khan
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mums around the world ❤
Lisa Lisa Stahl
Imogen Higgins
Theodore Iceb Barrett
"This life, it's not what either of us would have chosen."

Alexandra Roach tells Elizabeth's story.

Elizabeth suffers from anxiety and was just 12 years old when she started to self-harm.

The experience made her determined to help other young people experiencing the same feelings. She now volunteers for TESS, a text and e-mail support service funded by Comic Relief.

BBC Three
Barry Dalgleish
Teresa Carmel Gresswell
Marcos Amadeu
"I was made to go with dirty, smelly people. Things happened."

Zawe Ashton tells Mira's story.

Mira was a victim of sex trafficking. Fortunately she is now being helped by Housing for Women, a Comic Relief funded project, which provides accommodation and support to women who have been trafficked into the UK for sexual exploitation.

BBC Three
Teresa Carmel Gresswell
Barry Dalgleish
Emily Marston
Thank you! You are all amazing! You’ve helped us raise a fabulous £71,308,475 so far for #rednoseday ????????????????????
Comic Relief 03/25/2017
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Just £20 can provide a severely malnourished child, like Devine, with four week’s supply of life-saving emergency food. Your donations make a huge difference. [ Link ]
Dave Adlington
Nigel Ball
Dilson Belper
"I had to punish myself, push everyone away."

Russell Tovey tells Jordan’s story.

Jordan suffered from severe depression after the loss of his grandfather and on more than one occasion felt suicidal.

Luckily Jordan was supported by Lighthouse, a charity funded by Comic Relief, which helps young people who are going through an emotional crisis.

BBC Three
Alan Davies
John Hand
Teresa Carmel Gresswell
Today's the day! #RedNoseDay is here! [ Link ]
Todays the day RedNoseDay is here
John Hand
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The Red Nose African Convoy sets off tonight at 9 on BBC One
The Red Nose African Convoy sets off tonight at 9 on BBC One
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