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Amina Baraka at new masses night.
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What exactly is the administrative state and why are ideologues like Bannon so determined to see it destroyed?

Steve Bannon rolls out his far right nationalist agenda
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If Missouri’s workers and unions have their way, the state’s majority Republican legislature and its new GOP governor won’t have the last word on the fate of “right to work” in the Show Me State. The voters will.

Missouri voters may have final say on “right to work”
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The peoples uprising against Trump deepens. Will it be enough to set the GOP agenda back? What will it take? Comments welcome. Here's a tool to find one in your area. #resistance #notmypresident

Town hall protests spread: Trump didn't believe what happened next
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Over 300 town halls forums are occurring all over the country. Please participate and/or help organize one. Photos and videos are appreciated. Here's a tool to help you find one in your area.
[ Link ]

Unionists join in at town halls as resistance to Trump builds
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All across the country workers were fired for participating in the action: they pledge to continue to fight on.

Workers who participated in “Day Without Immigrants” face backlash
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226 people interested · 52 people going

Resist. Unity rally with Angela Davis!

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The demonstrations are demanding that all of Trump's cabinet nominees be opposed.

New York’s Resist Trump Tuesday demonstrators speak to wavering Dems too
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Soviet filmmakers of the 1920s and early 1930s arguably produced the greatest cinematic political films ever.

Ten films that shook the world: The Russian Revolution centennial
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SACP calls for radical economic reforms, Greek communist mayor on trial for prohibiting fascist demonstration, Communist Parties fight outlawing of CP of Ukraine and much more.

International Notes: February 20th
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The Trump team has rushed back to Wall Street, fully embracing their neoliberal platform.

Neoliberal agenda thriving despite Trump’s nationalist trade rhetoric
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Ecuadorean socialist presidential candidate Lenín Moreno teetered on the brink of victory last night.

Socialist presidential candidate Lenin Moreno leads in Ecuador
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“We are disheartened they [Boeing employees] will have to continue to work under a system that suppresses wages, fosters inconsistency, and awards only a chosen few.”

Loss at Boeing reflects unionbusting tactics, not Southern culture
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Trump says the press is the enemy of the people. Is there a whiff of fascism in that charge? Are there others? Weigh in!

What is fascism? (With video)
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Through his decades of outspoken leadership in struggles on behalf of working people, Kaufman won deep respect and admiration. Many younger union leaders and Communist Party activists considered him their mentor. He never wavered in his revolutionary beliefs and his commitment to workers’ rights and social justice.

Wally Kaufman, 89: union and Communist Party leader
Oneil Cannon participated in nearly every civil rights, labor and democratic struggle for nearly a century. He lived a partisan, committed life. RIP Oneil!!

Oneil Cannon, longtime Communist, centenarian
The anti-labor proposed labor secretary is out! Congratulations! Score one for the working class!!

Puzder expected to withdraw as labor secretary pick