We believe in a crazy little thing called LOVE. Do YOU?

These people in the Compassion family are spreading love daily – and their stories are totally worth sharing. ❤

Receive Love. Give Love. Repeat.

What if a heart could be moved to heal a broken one? That’s the story of Fatao Kone, from Burkina Faso.

When Fatao’s parents were told their son would need heart surgery, they wept because they had no way to pay for it. But thankfully a neighbor told Fatao’s mother that his Compassion center could help. With no medical equipment in his area, the surgery had to take place abroad, but...
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Today is World Day of Social Justice. It’s a day all about promoting development and human dignity for ALL people. And there is a woman in Uganda doing just that.

At age 12, Patience Namanya’s life looked hopeless. Tragedy was relentless in her home. She lost both of her parents from AIDS, leaving her to be raised by an abusive aunt in the slums of Kampala. She spent many days feeling alone...
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There is great wisdom in such a simple message...
Meet Gaby - a 20-year-old caring and determined woman. We’re completely blown away by Gaby’s story because it makes us reflect on our own circumstances and how God can use anything for good.

For 13 years, Gaby attended the Compassion program at her local church. For 13 years, she dedicated herself to her education under the eye of her tutors and mentors. For 13 years, she opened her Bible and...
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Emily's journey to Africa didn't stop when she crossed the ocean and put her feet on the ground. In many ways, her journey had just started.

To Africa With Open Arms - Compassion Magazine

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never fails. That’s why it’s so important to share it with others today and every day.

These 3 simple lessons from Jesus on how to love your neighbor will help guide you. ❤ ✝

3 Lessons From Jesus on How to Love Your Neighbor

“Where poverty is hopeless, your words of hope and encouragement – your letters, notes and birthday cards – can give your child the self-confidence he or she needs to take on life’s difficulties.” – Jimmy Mellado, Compassion International President and CEO

When the child you sponsor receives a letter it doesn't only brighten their day. It brightens their entire life. Can you see it in the...
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It’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Today, we recognize all of the amazing women and girls making groundbreaking achievements in the world of science, like Rosa Cueto Vega from Peru.

This Fishing Engineer and Compassion alumna is reaching success thanks to her perseverance and resiliency through the hardest of times. Though her journey through poverty was filled with...
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Loved. Remembered. Encouraged. That’s how your letters make the child you sponsor feel.

Why do YOU write to the child you sponsor?

5 Reasons to Write the Child You Sponsor - No Matter What

Happy Birthday to sweet Maria! This little girl is seven-years-old today and she is currently looking for a sponsor. She’s from Tejuçuoca, Brazil, which is a desert community, home to approximately 18,100 residents. The local language is Portuguese and a common meal includes maize, bread, chicken and rice. Yum!

Maria attends kindergarten and when she’s not at school, she can be found playing...
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Fishing Engineer Rosa Cueto Vega's journey began with a daily fight for survival. But now, this Peruvian is reaching further than she’s ever imagined.

Rosa Cueto Vega: The Survival Journey of a Dreamer

These 2-year-olds in Guatemala are adorable! Playing games helps them develop fine motor skills – and they’re having a lot of fun, too! ????
You know what makes Mondays better? FRIENDS!

As part of our program in Indonesia, these buddies have access to a safe and secure playground so they can develop physically and socially. Tag a friend that you're thankful for in the comments! ????
What moved you to volunteer? When was the moment you chose to go from spectator to participant?

Our amazing volunteers share the stories behind why they choose to help ignite compassion in others through volunteerism.

The Passionate Heart of a Volunteer

We believe in you, Salama! Her name is Swahili and loosely translates to “okay” or “fine” in English. A true testimony of how Salama’s life has been– a blessing to her family.

Though many less-fortunate children must spend long hours breaking rocks into gravel, Compassion and the local church are helping to protect children from this form of abuse. As part of our program, Salama has the...
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Looking for a delicious recipe to make with your family? This meal, commonly enjoyed in West African countries, is a 'soup'-er choice!

West African Peanut Soup - Compassion Magazine

"I sometimes feel that what is most beautiful must be even MORE powerful than the sadness. That there will always be light and beauty and color in this world." - Hector, 12-year-old artist

Today is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day! We're celebrating by recognizing all of the talented young artists around the world, including this little boy from Mexico!
This girl has style and knowledge! One of the greatest benefits of our program is that children have the opportunity to receive an education and tutoring to help them succeed. This sweet child from Bangladesh is well equipped to have a better and brighter future!
Meet Juan Gabriel (right). Together with his sister Elvira they make quite a tag team of little artists!

We just met Juan Gabriel today in Guatemala (follow along with our adventures on Instagram Stories and Snapchat!) and found out that he's waiting for a sponsor. If you've ever wanted to sponsor a child - c'mon Broncos fans! Look at his pullover - today's the day. Sponsor Juan Gabriel or...
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