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A new day is dawning for Kenya’s Masai tribes as traditional and modern cultures collide. But with the opportunity of education and access to training materials, children can embrace their local culture AND pave the way to a bright future.

Brave New World - Compassion Magazine

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Sexual slavery and human trafficking are a concern worldwide, but those living in poverty have a higher risk than others. This child is from the Philippines, where over 100,000 children are in the sex industry.

One of the most prominent ways to prevent trafficking is to give children education and opportunity. With the tools to sustain their own...
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It's meal time in Togo!! Now we're getting hungry!

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Meet Tamy. This sweet nine-year-old in our program survived Hurricane Matthew when it hit Haiti in early October. Unfortunately though, the storm severely damaged the home where she lives with her grandmother. Thanks to Compassion donors, our church partners in Haiti have been providing relief for families including Tamy’s. Thank YOU for helping to restore hope for these precious children! ❤
Our ministry is about equipping children so THEY can end the cycle of poverty in THEIR lives. Development, not dependency. This is what Compassion is all about.

Ministry to Children

Happy Birthday to little Djidji! She sure looks adorable in all white! This sweet girl is five-years-old today. She lives on the plains of Haiti, where the most commonly spoken language is Creole. A typical meal in this area might include maize, fish, beans, bananas, goat and rice! Djidji lives with her mother and helps her out by carrying water. She is a preschooler and also attends church...
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Hope is never too far out of sight. When Kevin was 7-months-old, his parents discovered that their little one was visually impaired. Consulting a witch doctor left them even more desperate than they had been. But his mother’s heartache over her son’s blindness turned into determination to help him see. That’s when she learned about our program and the benefits it provides – food, health care...
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You're never too old to learn something new! What was the last new thing you learned to do? Maybe it was how to sew a quilt or cook a dish or build an app.

We love this story from Indonesia because it shows how much we have in common with others around the world who are learning new things too.
Ignite. ONE word that means so much. It will light the way for us in 2017.

What word will you choose to lead this year?

What One Word Will Define Your 2017?

Happy 2017!! We wish you a year full of joy and love! ❤
These are the most popular blog posts of 2016 with a little extra “behind the scenes” peek at how they were developed. Enjoy!

Top 10 Compassion International Blog Posts of 2016

2016 is almost over. That means New Year’s resolutions are starting to come to mind. This 31-day Bible devotional will help you start 2017 with a more responsive heart for those living in poverty by allowing God to lead the way. ✝ ❤

God's Heart For The Poor

Sarah is HIV-positive, but she has not let this be a reason to live negatively. Instead, she uses her diagnosis to help others. She's on a mission to save lives. ❤

Living Positively With AIDS - Compassion Magazine

Faces. They reflect pain. Joy. Hope. They’re a reflection of life. And they touched your hearts on Instagram this year.

Here are our top 10 Instagram posts of 2016.

Top 10 Instagram Posts of 2016

Join in the dancing and drumming in Togo!!

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Merry Christmas! Rejoice! The light of the world has come to bring us hope and joy! May you have a blessed day celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. ✝ ✨
From all of us at Compassion International ...

What gifts do children around the world want for Christmas?

We asked and they answered with some adorable ideas.
11-year-old Samuel lives on Java, an island in Indonesia. For him, Christmas includes a day of fishing, followed by helping to cook one of his favorite traditional dishes: nasi goring, a dish of rice fried with eggs and spices.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Christmas?

The Little Fisher Boy - Compassion Magazine