In honor of World Water Day, here’s a look at what the gift of water gives to a child in need.

Kabatesi, that adorable little girl in the bright dress, lives in Nyamenge village in Rwanda. She used to wake up early every day to walk one-hour to the river to fetch water before school and still arrive late. After school, she would repeat the process and arrive home late, with little energy to...
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663 million people worldwide still do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. This affects the health, development and well being of children and adults throughout the world.

This World Water Day, YOU can help by providing a lifetime of safe drinking water to kids and their families.

World Water Day: Bringing Awareness to Water Issues
Today is World Poetry Day AND World Syndrome Day. Join us in shining a light on these important days and find out which upcoming days of recognition we think are totally worth a little extra attention.

What’s your favorite world day to celebrate?

The Day of Recognizing World Days of Recognition
“Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” – Hebrews 12:1

Those words rang true for Pammi Simone, a 35-year-old Compassion sponsor that went the distance to help kids with great needs. After losing her husband three years prior, she was in need of support, inspiration and a hope that life can be meaningful. And she found that in Compassion’s clean water initiatives.

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You – sponsors, donors, child advocates, partners and friends – have written over 84,000 letters to congress to ask them to speak up for children, babies and mothers living in extreme poverty in India. We want to THANK YOU for your love and care for these children and their families!

Your letters will be a seed that God plants to make a future difference. We are so grateful for your support...
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Today is International Day of Happiness! It's a day to recognize the importance of happiness in our lives. We believe that happiness is universal and should be experienced by everyone — that means every child and family, no matter what their circumstance is or where they live.

While you're enjoying the things that bring you happiness, don't forget about sharing your happiness with others. ❤????

International Day of Happiness: Seeking to Transform the World
Come with us as we look back on our work in India.

The ministry of the churches we partnered with will continue as long as believers in the country are faithful to God’s call to take care of the poor. The creativity, might and passion of the churches, children and families impacted will live on. The work that has been done and the love that has been given will not be forgotten.

The History of Compassion International in India [VIDEO]
The Waodani tribe of Ecuador’s Amazon faces challenging situations as the outside world pushes deeper into their world. But through a unique partnership with Ecuador for Christ, Compassion is able to help them cope, while allowing them to preserve their culture.

A Pioneering Partnership - Compassion Magazine
Cute baby alert!

The first priority in promoting effective child development is to ensure that children survive the early years when they are most vulnerable to disease and malnutrition.

As part of our Child Survival Program, we offer help that moms and babies desperately need, including medical exams, monthly growth monitoring to protect babies from malnutrition and workshops to teach...
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Today marks a heartbreaking moment in Compassion’s history. We must leave India after having faithfully served for 49 years. But we will not forget the work that has been done nor the love that has been given. Over 280,000 children have been positively impacted by Compassion’s work in India. And even as we exit, our 589 church partners will continue their ministry, moving forward in their...
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Recently, we sat down and talked with Sandeep Maity, a Compassion graduate from Kolkata, India. His perspective on Compassion ending its work in India is one we should take to heart:

“It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to be frustrated. Those things are happening to me, too. But we should also feel encouraged. Just think of all the changes that have happened in a child’s life because they have...
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Perspectives on India: One Compassion Graduate's Words [VIDEO] | Compassion International Blog
We love seeing the adorable letters that kids send to their sponsors! 16-year-old Alexis from El Salvador is quite the artist. His drawing is just what we needed to get into the basketball spirit with the NCAA March Madness Tournament starting this week!

What’s the cutest letter you’ve ever received from the child you sponsor?
A lot can change in a decade. And for Jeyson, 10 years helped changed the course of his future.

At age 4, he joined the Compassion program in his community. Born into poverty in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador, his life was difficult and uncertain. But at his Compassion center he was welcomed into a place where he'd be known. Loved. Protected.

Over the next 10 years, Jeyson still lived in the...
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To say losing a child you sponsor is devastating is an understatement.

Maybe the child you sponsor recently left the Compassion program. Maybe you sponsored a child in India and you had to deal with the devastating loss of that child leaving the program far too soon.

Whatever the reason may be — we encourage you to write a final letter to say goodbye. Speak those final words of hope. And...
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How Do You Say Goodbye to a Child You've Never Met?
Compassion is being forced to close its sponsorship program in India on March 15. Yet, we cannot imagine not being able to serve the vulnerable children in India, especially when the need is so great. We continue to work diligently to advocate for the more than 100 million children living in extreme poverty in India. And YOU can help.

Please take just one minute to write your congressional...
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It’s International Women’s Day, a day to honor the cultural, social, economic and political achievements of women.

And MOST important – it's a day to remind ourselves why girls are SO. AMAZING!

Why Girls Are So Amazing
Today is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate bold young women, like Beatrice from Kenya.

Beatrice is resilient. Strong. Courageous. Young but fiercely focused. And this is in the face of enormous pressure from her circumstance and community, where boys and girls are not given equal opportunities. Beatrice faces gender inequality everyday.

But yet she perseveres. As part of the...
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Tomorrow is International Women's Day. Women and girls represent half of the world's population and half of its potential. Standing for their progress and advancing gender equality matters to us.

We believe that quality education is the foundation of improving people's lives — particularly a woman's life. Here's how YOU can be bold for change and help provide an inclusive and quality...
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International Women's Day: Advancing Gender Equality
18-year-old Emilda stepped onto stage with her teammates at the 2011 Special Olympics, waving to a cheering audience. But most in that audience did not know the obstacles beyond her special needs that this athlete from the Philippines had overcome to get there.

A Golden Opportunity - Compassion Magazine
Child development equips children today with the skills to succeed tomorrow.

Compassion believes that child development is an investment of time for a lifetime. It’s dynamic. It changes as a child’s needs change. It’s personal, individualized and relational. And it’s tailored to ages, gender, health, cultures and family situations.

Because our desire is that each child is able to reach...
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