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Over the past week, you – sponsors, donors, child advocates, partners and friends - have sent more than 33,000 letters to Congress. You used your voice on social media, sharing your heart and passion for the precious children you sponsor and the work of our local partners in India. We are so grateful and love working alongside you to release children from poverty everyday!

Here are some...
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Thank You for Advocating for Children in Poverty in India!

Our program in India is at risk for permanent closure. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives will hear testimony from us tomorrow as we seek a resolution with the Indian Government.
We ask you - our friends, sponsors and child advocates: Will you use your voice to help the children and communities served by our local partners there and contact your congressperson...
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How You Can Advocate for Compassion International's Program in India

In only a few short hours, YOU - our amazing advocates for kids in extreme poverty around the world - have written thousands of letters to your state representatives alerting them that our program in India is at risk of closure.

To those who have written, prayed, and responded: THANK YOU

To those who have not yet, it only takes one minute to potentially help the future of over 130,000...
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Write your congressperson: Advocate for Compassion International's program in India!

This Christmas season, make it more. Not more stuff. But more love. More joy. More Jesus. #MakeItMore
Due to the government of India’s decision to restrict Compassion’s funds from reaching our partners this year, many of our centers in India are at risk of permanent closure leaving over 130,000 kids - the most vulnerable of India's population - even more vulnerable.

If a resolution with the Indian government isn't found soon, our program there may halt altogether. But your voice could help...
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How You Can Advocate for Compassion International's Program in India

Generosity is about so much more than money; it’s about our entire lives — giving of our time, talent and treasure. Just like the gifts that these children receive are about so much more than the gift itself. They represent the love of Jesus Christ and hope for the future.

We encourage you to be cheerful givers today and throughout the Christmas season. What ways of giving make you feel...
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Today is Giving Tuesday. It’s a day all about giving back and loving others. But what motivates us to give?

We can look to the Bible for more understanding about giving and how we can live more generously.

What Does the Bible Say About Giving?

What happens when you feed a malnourished child through Compassion's Gift Catalog?

You give hope on a plate.

Give a gift in Jesus' name this #GivingTuesday - [ Cintl.us Link ]
It's time for our photo of the week!

When our children’s families face increased struggles, our church partners mobilize to help. So when a drought hit Ethiopia in 2015 and hunger became a serious issue, we stepped in. We began distributing food to families and their children in areas affected most. This little girl joins a line of mothers outside a child development center in Ethiopia, where...
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Who are we kidding? Goats are a great gift to give to a child in need this Christmas.

(Apologies for the baa-d pun. And that one too. )

Don't be sheepish. Buy a goat - [ Cintl.us Link ]
It’s Cyber Monday! If you’re doing some online Christmas shopping today, we’d be honored if you chose us as your #AmazonSmile charity. [ Compassion.com Link ]
These are 4 of our favorite products this Christmas! We hope that you’ll consider giving a gift in Jesus’ name to provide joy for children around the world. Happy Holidays!
From all of us at Compassion International, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
We hope that your Thanksgiving is full of gratitude and peace! Have a wonderful holiday!
Thanksgiving is tomorrow! All set on food but need somewhere to put it?

Learn how to make placemats that will remind your family to give thanks for having enough to eat and ask God to provide for kids who don't.

A Place for Thanks - Compassion Magazine

There is great opportunity for us and several of our partners in how we can innovate and build connections in church planting and child discipleship. And…we love what we see! ⛪

Does Compassion International Do Church Planting?

In this season of giving thanks, we want to say THANK YOU!
When you give a gift in Jesus' name, you will give more than you could ever imagine.

Give now - [ Cintl.us Link ]
This Christmas season, make it more. Not more stuff. But more love. More joy. More Jesus. #MakeItMore
Happy Monday! Here’s our photo of the week!

Motorcycle taxis provide rides to school for kids in the Philippines who can afford it. For the 1 billion people worldwide living on less than $1.25 a day, the cost of transportation, uniforms, tuition and supplies can make education unaffordable. Thankfully, as part of our program, these kiddos receive help for their school expenses and more.