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Complan for Growth
12/08/2016 at 11:30. Facebook
Letting kids win an argument may not always be about agreeing to what they say. At times letting them win makes them feel that you are respecting their point of view, which could be different from yours. #JustSayYes :)
Complan for Growth
12/07/2016 at 13:02. Facebook
Half-nutrition doesn’t allow your children to score straight As in their mathematics test. Make this a thing of the past by giving them a glass of Complan every day! [ Gph.is Link ]
Complan for Growth
12/05/2016 at 13:45. Facebook
Let's make mushroom interesting. Here are #10WaysToGetYourKidsToEatMushroom
Complan for Growth
12/03/2016 at 13:35. Facebook
Half playtime is not good for your children’s mood, nor is half nutrition for their overall growth. Let Complan’s Triple Action Milk Protein takes care of the same.
[ Gph.is Link ]
"Daddy, how was I born", did your child leave you speechless with that question? Kids are often curious to learn about new things. Nurturing this attitude will make them more comfortable to communicate with you. So next time #JustSayYes to kids asking more mature questions.
Turnip is a root vegetable that is rich in vitamin A, C, K, folate, and calcium. Unfortunately, kids are not too fond of this one. So here are interesting #10WaysToGetYourKidsToEatTurnip
This edition of #BadhneKaNayaPlan recommends you to travel with your little ones and discover new places. Besides being able to spend quality time together away from everyday distractions, it helps expose the kids to newer and varying cultures.
Story telling is a beautiful art. It not just expands your child’s imagination but also betters their observation skills. This week’s DIY #BadhneKaNayaPlan is creating stories with your kids. You can also plan to record these or put them down in a diary.
One Glass of Complan gives your child the Vitamin A of 1 medium sized tomato. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient as it plays a critical role in maintaining healthy vision, neurological function, healthy skin, and more. #EkGlassComplan
When subject to everyday disappointments, it is quite normal for children to often resort to crying. So the next time you see them shedding a tear, #JustSayYes to that and allow them to develop their own way of dealing with things naturally.
Had the racket been half, we would have never won the silver! The #WorldOfHalf doesn’t look that pleasing, then why let your kids live on half nutrition? Let’s complete the portion of your child’s half-eaten food with Complan!
In addition to being a rich source of protein, thiamin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus and a host of other minerals, Cauliflower is a rich source of vitamin B6 and vitamin K, and vitamin C. But it’s hard impressing the children with facts and figures. Hence, we recommend to serve them these delicious treats. #10WaysToGetYourKidsToEatCauliflower
It is a #healthyhabit to encourage children to be self-reliant right from the start. This way they will learn from their mistakes.
Stopping half-way in a 100 meters race doesn’t win your children gold, then how could eating half the meal possibly take care of their nutrition? Complan’s 34 vital nutrients provides the essential supplements and ensures a steady growth.
Pausing a cartoon show half-way through to wrap up homework maybe a good idea, but hoping it to be on point with half-nutrition will be silly. Fret not, as Complan takes care of just that, and more.
Potassium is important for proper body functioning. It regulates fluid balance, and controls muscle activities of the body. Complan is packed with the goodness of potassium, so that your kids enjoy good health with good taste.
Isn’t doing an activity with your kids a better way to teach them? This week’s DIY #BadhneKaNayaPlan is to wash a car along with your kids.
When it comes to snacking, parents often refuse their kids considering it being unhealthy. But, by directly saying no to a snack that their kids like, a better way is to limit the portion, and tell them the health value of the snack as you do it. #JustSayYes to Snacking.
We all know the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day, but we never realise that flossing is as important as brushing. Flossing helps keep the difficult areas of the tooth clean, which assures healthy teeth and gums. #HealthyHabit