It’s surprising to see kids grow up over a year in so many aspects. Complan’s triple action milk protein assures you of their overall growth. So that you can celebrate their every #PrettyLittleSignsOfGrowingUp. Complan wishes you all #MerryChristmas & #HappyNewYear2017
Asking your kids to wipe the table might take them a little longer than you would, they may also do it inefficiently, but it will make them more responsible and well behaved in life. So lay back this Sunday afternoon and allow your kids to take up the household chores for this weekend. It will only prepare them for future. #BadhneKaNayaPlan
It is said that drinking water should be the first thing you do as you wake up in the morning. It has multiple health benefits, which includes healthy skin, good digestion, etc. You can start with one glass and then eventually increase the quantity. #HealthyHabit
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Early to bed is a healthy habit. But, there are times when your kids is enthusiastic about an activity, enough to keep them up past bed time. It's a good idea to be a part of this activity, and make it more interesting for them. As, being easy with kids at times helps them connect better with you. #JustSayYes
Protein is an important macronutrient that aids in digestion, helps in wound healing and balances hormones in our body. #1GlassComplan has protein as much as in one bowl of curd, which makes it not just a yummy but a healthy drink for your kids.
Complan wishes you all a very Healthy and #HappyNewYear2017
Imagine yourself getting an unusual off from work. It only boosts you up for the coming days. Even kids need a day without any discipline, without rules, and without a schedule. It helps them to unwind and makes them more productive for the coming days. So next time #JustSayYes to a day of all play no work, and let them have fun.
The live bacteria found in yogurt, fermented dairy drinks etc. are actually great for your gut. They reduce the frequency of illness in children, particularly those involving stomach. So eating foods with good bacteria everyday is a #HealthyHabit
It’s surprising to see kids grow up over a year in so many aspects. Complan’s triple action milk protein assures you of their overall growth. So that you can celebrate their every #PrettyLittleSignsOfGrowingUp. Complan wishes you all #MerryChristmas & #HappyNewYear2017
Carbohydrate is one of the most important source of energy for the body. It is best recommended in breakfast. #1GlassComplan has Carbohydrate as much as in 1 medium sized sweet potato, which makes it a healthy add-on to your child’s breakfast.
Parents often like to attend their kids at all times. This might make them too dependent on you. It’s a good thing to let your kids have fun on their own at times, as they play block games and puzzles, draw, or just build stories. It permits them to be a better thinker and helps them explore their creative front. #JustSayYes
Martial arts do not just strengthen the body, but work miraculously well to balance the mind as well. Oh! And it’s a whole lot of fun, too. Practice the #BadhneKaNayaPlan and join your kids outdoors for a bit of wrestle from time to time.
Include at least one physical activity in the daily routine of your kids to keep them active in between chores. Start this #HealthyHabit now and raise children who are agile both physically and mentally.
Bothered by children falling sick and missing out on important practice matches? Introduce Complan Nutrigrow, which has 11 immunity builders, into their everyday diet cycle and see them touch sporting heights.
Want to spend quality time together and develop interests that have common ground? How about discovering new music with your kids as #BadhneKaNayaPlan and making learning fun to indulge in?
It not only opens up a whole new ground for discussion but keeps your reasoning skills with your little ones sharp, too.
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for repairing and healing in the body. It also helps in absorption of iron. #1GlassComplan has vitamin C as much as in three strawberries, which comes with great tastes of chocolate, kulfi, vanilla, and kesar-badam.
The harder you train their minds, the better they get with age. So encourage the #HealthyHabit of quizzing them with numbers so that they develop a logical acumen and have sharper minds in the long run. And the younger they start, the better they get.
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Letting kids win an argument may not always be about agreeing to what they say. At times letting them win makes them feel that you are respecting their point of view, which could be different from yours. #JustSayYes :)
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Let's make mushroom interesting. Here are #10WaysToGetYourKidsToEatMushroom