This week on The #CONAN Podcast: Van Jones, Andrew Dice Clay ( Official ), and Gad Elmaleh weigh in on Donald J. Trump. [ Link ]
On This Day In #CONAN History: Conan took a trip to Taco Bell HQ and invented a genius hands-free burrito delivery system.

Conan Visits Taco Bell
Bet President Trump regrets not booking this guy for his #Inauguration. #CONAN
Andrew Dice Clay had a good relationship with President Trump — until he fired him off #CelebrityApprentice. #CONAN
Billy Wayne Davis covers ventriloquism, racism, and immortal raccoons in his late night stand-up debut. #CONAN
"Just cause some douchebag got elected I have to walk 12 miles." - Jen Kirkman on The #WomensMarch #CONAN
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Trump admits to Obama that he’s having doubts…about who he fired on season 7 of #CelebrityApprentice. #CONAN
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#Inauguration2017 couldn't book Beyonce, but they managed to snag a professional saxophone pointer. #CONAN
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#CONAN Highlight: “The guy stole my whole act to become President.” - Andrew Dice Clay thinks Donald Trump was hugely influenced by his act
My Kitchen Rules star Andrew Dice Clay is cooking up some fun backstage at #CONAN.
#Conan serves up rare test footage of Google’s self-driving vans.
69-year-old Ted Danson thought it would be a nice idea to race John Krasinski on an ice floe. #CONAN
Gad Elmaleh wants to take #Conan to Morocco for a massage and a "happy ending."
You know those chain letters your aunt forwards you? Donald J. Trump sent one to #Conan.
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