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Chef and restaurateur Jp McMahon is urging support for our Burundi-based kitchen garden project.

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“Two years ago we had no health services, we lived in fear for our children. Now we can smile.”

Concern CEO Dominic MacSorley and Chairman Tom Shipsey visit the Central African Republic this week to witness the impact of our work there. Follow their trip: [ Link ]
It’s amazing what a good foundation, some seeds and a little nurturing can do! Marie José’s lush kitchen garden in Burundi provides her family with an array of vegetables, helping to ensure a healthy, diverse diet. #KitchenGardenFund
This is not directly related to our work but the sentiment seems very apt right now.
Three year old Hanan is one of over four million Syrians who’ve had to flee their country since the war began.

Refugees don't travel by choice. They travel because they are in fear for their lives.

This is Joseph. Thanks to your support, he is rebuilding his life after the devastation caused by Ebola and is the first person in his village to attend third level education. He is pictured here with his very proud father Lusine.
This is Lustilla. She is a caregiver, working in a community based childcare centre in Malawi. She works hard to make sure that the children in her village reach their full developmental potential.
It’s difficult to capture the full breadth and diversity of our work across 28 countries in one post, so we’ve handpicked some highlights from 2016: [ Link ]
Are you looking for your next adventure? Look no further – sign up to the brand new and exciting Concern World Champions today: [ Link ] #ConcernChamps
People of a small Irish town moved to tears of compassion for the Syrians who will soon join their community.
A serious humanitarian crisis is unfolding in South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation – beyond the glare of media spotlight. Concern is there. Thank you for watching, sharing and helping us to stand #withSouthSudan
2016 was a fraught year. In 2017, let's take action for the world we want.
“Despite the turmoil and change of 2016, there has been one constant: the generosity of the Irish public” - As 2017 begins, our CEO, Dominic MacSorley thanks everyone who continues to support our work.

Thank you to our supporters 2016

Through this year of turmoil, there has been one constant: the generosity of the Irish people. Thank you for your support

As the sixth winter of the Syrian conflict sets in, refugees living in informal shelters in Lebanon are preparing for severe weather conditions.

We are providing families with insulation and repair kits to reinforce their shelters. We are strengthening sanitation systems, protecting sites against flooding and laying access routes to withstand the elements. Your support is helping refugees to...
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As fighting escalates in Syria and Yemen, civilians continue to bear the brunt of conflict marked by unparalleled suffering, destruction and disregard for human life.

Help protect innocent civilians – support our emergency response work today: [ Link ]
Join Donal Skehan for part two of his trip through Malawi with Concern. Donal explores a vibrant market, learns a new sweet potato recipe and reflects on the strength and resilience of the communities he meets. See the full video: [ Link ]
How many of this year's Christmas presents will still be making an impact in years to come? Concern Christmas Gifts will be, as Donal Skehan recently discovered in Malawi. Browse for little rabbits like Stefano's now! [ Link ]
Malawi is a diverse and vibrant country full of beauty and potential, as Donal Skehan discovered on his recent trip with Concern. See the full video: [ Link ]
A big shout out to everyone taking part in the Concern Fast today. Your hard work is helping to fund life-saving treatment for malnourished children like Loveness. We cannot thank you enough.

If you want to take part but haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time, just go to [ Link ]
The connection between hygiene facilities and school attendance is simple, especially for teenage girls in Ibuga School, Tanzania.

This World Toilet Day is your chance to start giving a crap. Learn how we are prioritising sanitation in our programmes around the world: