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#feelingold which one of these was YOUR song back then?
#tears #coamm
To all the girls out there you deserve better x
To everyone who's felt this #coamm
So true
He sets my soul on fire. #coamm
Haha yep!
Mostly the fake people out there calling themselves real! #truth
Make sure they're worth it!
Yep pretty sure the wrong people have made me almost reach this recently!

#COAMMPLAYLIST - Unwell - Matchbox Twenty

It had been such a long day; I couldn’t wait to climb into bed and count the time until I fell into my dreamland where everything would work itself out. My phone buzzed next to me on my bed. I smiled and fought down the feeling of pure bliss as I saw his name light up on my screen. There was something different about him,...
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So true! Xx
To all of those women wanting to give up on love x
He won't
Shine your light xx
Unless you're the one standing there waiting! Xx
Late but whatever! Lol
Yep I won't argue this one
We all have it in us!