Anyone else out there need this today? X
To all the girls who need this right now x
So I used a tarot app for the first time, asked a question and this came up...hmm lucky me!
When Mr X came into my life, I'd never expected the whirlwind that was to come. He's changed me, he's changed the way I see the world, he's made me cry, he's made me laugh but above all...he made me realize something I've NEVER said out loud before...and maybe never will.

Follow Mr X's journey to meeting...ME!

Xx A
Sending my prayers out to everyone in London xx
To all the men out the one you're with xx
Hahaha this cracked me up!
Hahahahah YEP!
Experienced that this week!
Happy Friday!! X
Well I'll be! A friend of mine has taken a leaf out of my book and decided to share his own stories, albeit his stories are much more sultry, sexual and mischievous.

If you feel like you want to read about a high flying, high profile criminal defence lawyer with more secrets thank Victoria then I suggest you head over and be prepared because...Mr X is in my story soon too...and you'll have...
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I won't lie this is totally me! Haha
It is NOT your place to judge me.
Everyone better run that day! Lol
Never trust those who are willing to stab you in the back and act like nothing's happened.
Something my bestie told me today