Today, actor Jesse Williams surprised members at their weekly lunch meeting. He said he stopped by to pay his respects to the 49-member caucus. Members talked with him about criminal justice reform, diversity in film, and other issues in affecting our community.
Today actor Jesse Williams surprised members at their weekly lunch meeting He
Zachary Ferguson
Abner Normal
Mike L Curtiz
Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have launched a tour of black colleges and universities around the country, hoping to mobilize students, listen to their concerns and encourage more of them to step up as leaders.
Congressional Black Caucus 04/21/2017

Black lawmakers launch tour to mobilize historically black colleges
Ricardo Quiñones
LaShene Lowe
Marion Lamar Perryman
Powerful op-ed by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson about the 300 Nigerian school girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists three years ago today. Rep. Wilson has been leading the fight in Congress to ensure that something is done to #BringBackOurGirls.
Powerful oped by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson about the 300 Nigerian school girls

Remember the Chibok Girls
Abner Normal
Brian Tirbovich
Robert Marks
Karen Stagg
Lorraine McGhee
Alice Alïïce
#FlashbackFriday @repbrendalawrence
FlashbackFriday repbrendalawrence
Once more a court has found that #voterID laws are tools of voter suppression. Congrats to CBC Member Rep. Marc Veasey and other plaintiffs for this victory. The Congressional Black Caucus will never yield in its fight for #votingrights

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Once more a court has found that voterID laws are tools of

El He
Linda Hunsaker Metcalf
Heather Smith
Nat Turner
Leslie Glover
The chair of the Congressional Black Caucus is blasting Attorney General Jeff Sessions after he ordered the Justice Department to review police reform activities, including consent decrees.
Congressional Black Caucus 04/07/2017

CBC chair slams Sessions over review of police reforms
Charles Barnes
Zachary Ferguson
Clyde Williams
Statement from CBC Chairman Rep. Cedric Richmond:

“The bullets that tore through the body of Dr. King on this day 49 years ago tore through the heart and soul of the African-American community. And sadly, even after Dr. King and his family sacrificed so much, the country has not realized his dream.

“Although we have made much progress since 1968, African Americans still find themselves...
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Statement from CBC Chairman Rep Cedric Richmond:

The Shocked Reaction to Martin Luther King’s Assassination
Ivan Allen
Bill Towart
Today we launched #CBCOnTheYard, our tour of HBCUs. The goal of the tour is to listen, involve, and mobilize students to effect change in their communities. "We often think that young people have a lot to learn from us, but we also have a lot to learn from them, especially now when they’re the folks launching and leading Black Lives Matter and other grassroots movements,” Chairman Richmond...
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Today we launched CBCOnTheYard our tour of HBCUs The goal of the
Steven Bouchard
Raylene Yeung
By U.S. Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-La.) (Chairman, Congressional Black Caucus) On January 31, President Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. If confirmed, Gorsuch’s lifelong appointment to the court would have serious consequences for all Americans, but…
Congressional Black Caucus 03/30/2017

CBC Opposes Nomination of Judge Gorsuch and the Senate Should Too
Tom Meyer
Anthony Williams
Janey McLean
Our nation's public schools are more segregated now than they were in 1968. Despite this, Secretary DeVos, the head of the Department of Education, ended a program that helps fulfill the promise of Brown v. Board of Education.

The Opening Doors, Expanding Opportunities grant program was meant to support school districts and their communities in increasing diversity in their schools. Nearly...
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Our nations public schools are more segregated now than they were in

Trump’s Education Department nixes Obama-era grant program for school diversity
Patricia Smith
Anthony R. Barnes
Ricardo Quiñones
Please, please, please, don't mess with "Auntie" Maxine Waters. She will read you like a book in the library. #BlackWomenAtWork
Please please please dont mess with Auntie Maxine Waters She will read

Maxine Waters: 'I cannot be intimidated'
Tameka L Castleberry
Ricardo Quiñones
Sue Smith
#ALotToLose Photo Credit: AP
ALotToLose Photo Credit AP
Zachary Ferguson
Lydia Taylor
Robert L. Gilyard
Here's the letter we wrote with @CongresswomanNorton on missing Black and Latina girls, and how folks assume that missing children of color are runaways, not victims. #MissingDCGirls
Heres the letter we wrote with CongresswomanNorton on missing Black and Latina
Cyrus Drew
Joy Elizabeth Fincannon
Robert L. Gilyard
There's a lot of great innovation going on at our #HBCUs. Stay tuned for our #CBCOnTheYard announcement.
Theres a lot of great innovation going on at our HBCUs Stay

Google Opens "Howard West" To Train Black Coders
Cyrus Drew
Ivan Allen
Dani Forbes
"This is going to be a serious meeting, not a photo opportunity," said CBC Chairman Cedric Richmond before the meeting.
Do you see the blue book on the table? Yesterday, the CBC delivered a 130-page policy agenda for Black families in the 21st century to President Trump and his Administration titled "We Have A Lot To Lose." The title was our answer President Trump's campaign question to Black...
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This is going to be a serious meeting not a photo opportunity
Melody Harmony
Terry Johnson
Pam Ranberg
Egundayiisi Olanrewaju
Egundayiisi Olanrewaju
Mikey Dee

Each chapter of the 130-page book the CBC will present to the president will cover areas of major concern. Voting rights, education, criminal-justice reform and economic justice are among them. None of what will be proposed should take the president by surprise. The CBC has been trying to get Trump’s attention on all of this for months.

The “New Deal for Black America” he issued in...
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Excerpt Each chapter of the 130page book the CBC will present to

Opinion | Trump asked blacks, ‘What do you have to lose?’ He’s about to find out.
Sarita Suter
Jennifer Shepard Payne
Michelle Carter-Bell