#ALotToLose Photo Credit: AP
Here's the letter we wrote with @CongresswomanNorton on missing Black and Latina girls, and how folks assume that missing children of color are runaways, not victims. #MissingDCGirls
There's a lot of great innovation going on at our #HBCUs. Stay tuned for our #CBCOnTheYard announcement.

Google Opens "Howard West" To Train Black Coders

"This is going to be a serious meeting, not a photo opportunity," said CBC Chairman Cedric Richmond before the meeting.
Do you see the blue book on the table? Yesterday, the CBC delivered a 130-page policy agenda for Black families in the 21st century to President Trump and his Administration titled "We Have A Lot To Lose." The title was our answer President Trump's campaign question to Black...
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Each chapter of the 130-page book the CBC will present to the president will cover areas of major concern. Voting rights, education, criminal-justice reform and economic justice are among them. None of what will be proposed should take the president by surprise. The CBC has been trying to get Trump’s attention on all of this for months.

The “New Deal for Black America” he issued in...
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Opinion | Trump asked blacks, ‘What do you have to lose?’ He’s about to find out.

President Trump has invited all 49 members of the Congressional Black Caucus for a meeting at the White House next Wednesday, according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer. 

Trump invites Congressional Black Caucus to White House meeting

This Congress, the CBC has a historic 49 members, including one Republican, which means the CBC makes up almost a fourth of the Democratic Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. Can you guess who the Republican member is? Hint: This person is the first African American to be elected to Congress from his/her state.
By U.S. Congressman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (D-Va.) A nation’s budget is a document that reflects its priorities. While President Trump has yet to submit his first budget to Congress, we are already learning what will likely be in it. The President has proposed a $54 billion increase in military spe...

President Trump Should Consider CBC Budget If He’s Serious about Helping Black America

A little political humor from a restaurant near our Capitol Hill office. Stay warm and safe, folks!
#FlashbackFriday CBC Chairman, Congressman Cedric Richmond, questions panelists during our recent "Trump Administration, Russian Officials, and National Security" panel. Yes, we're still the "Conscience of the Congress."
When Assistant Democratic Leader and CBC Member James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.) is bragging about you, we know congratulations are in order. Congratulations, Chelsea Evans!

South Carolina Law Review elects first black woman editor in chief - @UofSC | University of South Carolina

Trump Administration, Russian Officials and National Security
Trump Administration, Russian Officials and National Security
Check out Congressman Bennie G. Thompson's interview with CNN about conversations President Trump's aides had with Russian officials during the 2016 Presidential campaign and the resignation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn for lying about the nature of his conversations with a Russian diplomat. Thompson is the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security and a...
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Congressman Thompson - Flynn Resignation Interview CNN

Last weekend, several members of the Congressional Black Caucus, including Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kamala Harris, Congressman John Lewis, Congressman Bobby Scott and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, joined with activists at the White House and at airports across the country to protest the Trump Administration’s #MuslimBan. Here’s what happened to Congressman Scott when he tried to speak...
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Congressman denied access to border protection officials at Dulles airport

CBC Chairman Rep. Cedric Richmond talks with Roll Call about two cities that are important to African-American history and culture, and the African-American leaders past and present who inspire him. #BlackHistoryMonth

Black History Month: Roll Call Talks with Rep. Cedric L. Richmond, CBC Chair