Experts agree: Trump immigration policies could mean exploding budget deficits ([ Link ], a slower real estate market ([ Link ] and ineffective, less efficient law enforcement ([ Link ].
Why Trump's immigration crackdown could sink U.S. home prices | Bloomberg News/ [ Link ]
Trump’s mass deportations have arrived. But will Republicans pay for...
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Trump's immigration plan could cost billions, experts say
Conversatorio con el congresista Luis Gutierrez y el Prof. Luis E. Romero Nieves acerca del proyecto de ley (H.R. 900) que propone un plebiscito con opciones Libre Asociación o Independencia para Puerto Rico.
Facultad de Derecho y Revista Juridica/Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico
23 de febrero de 2017 | 7:00 p.m.
Teatro de la Facultad de Derecho | Universidad Interamericana de Puerto...
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"Bannon, Sessions and Trump know they don’t have the resources to round-up and deport ten million immigrants, so they are strategically injecting fear into immigrant communities and making the police, churches, and the courts danger-zones for immigrants. They want to turn the American people against immigration by driving home the lie that immigrants are a criminal element that detract from,...
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Mass Deportation Strategy Based On Hostility, Vengeance & Lies Will Destroy Families, Communities & Jobs
A photo from a campaign by photographer Herminio Rodriguez to raise awareness about the fight against toxic ash created by a coal fueled energy plant in Guayama, Puerto Rico and stored in a landfill in Peñuelas. But in Chicago and in working class neighborhoods across the U.S., we are fighting very similar battles, as well.

"Apoyando comunidades en la batalla por justicia ambiental contra...
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I wrote this for NETWORK, the Catholic social justice organization, and their newsletter Connection Magazine, shortly before inauguration day and the Women's March on Washington, but it captures a lot of what we have been seeing in recent weeks. You can read it here: [ Link ]

"We must support our allies who will also be targeted by the Republican agenda, be that women’s health care,...
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Standing Together to Meet the Challenges Ahead - NETWORK Lobby
Russell Berman of The Atlantic published an extensive Q&A he conducted with Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez (D-IL) on Thursday morning. It covers President Trump’s immigration raids, the way the Trump Administration is conducting itself, and what Democrats can and should do to resist. You can read the article here: [ Link ]
• On immigration raids and deportation: “It’s the tip of...
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Luis Gutié​​​​​​​rrez on Trump's Immigration Raids: 'We Are Turning the Clock Back'
These two pictures were taken by Norma Cárdenas, the wife of Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-CA). Tony is a real star of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Democratic Party and a friend as well as a colleague. But on this day – January 21, 2017, the day of the Women’s March on Washington -- we both took a backseat to our wives. Soraida Gutiérrez was overjoyed to have been given a gift – the Pink...
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In 20-plus years, I have never heard of the Republicans controlling what meetings Democrats can have with officials of the Executive Branch and never had a staffer ask me to leave a meeting to which I am entitled to attend. My constituents have questions about who is being targeted by ICE, which DREAMers with DACA they are targeting for deportation, which victims of domestic violence ICE is...
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Gutiérrez On Being Asked To Leave ICE Meeting In Capitol By Speaker Ryan And Chairman Goodlatte
On February 16, 2017, I had the honor of meeting with two groups of students visiting Washington. They were students from the Phoenix Military Academy, led by their teacher Cheryl Verhey of the History Department; and Lane Tech College Prep High School, led by Missy Smith, of the Social Studies department. Our future is in very good hands if these bright students are any indication!!!
Part of our press conference after being asked to leave the congressional meeting with ICE. Speaker Ryan's staff asked me to leave along with a few other Members of Congress. I have never heard of any staff telling a member of Congress to leave a meeting with a senior government official. ICE refused to meet with the Members who had requested the meeting -- the Members whose constituents are...
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El Debate Entre Los Asimilistas Y Los Puertorriqueñistas - Mi discurso de hoy sobre mi proyecto de ley HR 900:
Texto y link de YouTube: [ Link ]
English translation of speech on the House floor about the future of Puerto Rico and the debate between the assimilationists and the Puertoricanists: [ Link ] (w/ link to YouTube)

"El puertorriqueño es su diáspora de Nueva York a...
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Donald Trump has crossed a line and he should let Daniel go. Let him go. Immigration authorities have no reason and no right to hold someone who has been granted deferred action, holds a valid work permit, and is an asset to his family and his community. Just let him go.

What does Donald Trump want with someone who is working above board, on-the-books, who has gone through an extensive...
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Gutiérrez On Detention Of Daniel Ramirez Medina, An Individual With DACA
“The Trump people are clearly ducking accountability and oversight. This is unacceptable as rumors and fear circulate within cities and towns across America and ICE is too busy to meet with the CHC or key Democratic leaders? That just doesn’t fly.”

ICE Backs Out Of A Meeting On Deportation Raids
El domingo, Telemundo transmitió este programa excelente que contesto muchas de las preguntas que nuestra comunidad tiene sobre inmigración, redadas, deportación y como proteger a sus familias ahora que Trump es presidente. Mis más sinceras gracias y felicitaciones a José Diaz-Balart y a todo el equipo de Telemundo por reunir a una gran audiencia y panel.

Programa especial sobre inmigración, Trump y los hispanos
The goal of such policies is to inject fear into immigrant communities, frighten families and children, and drive immigrants farther underground. It damages public safety and the fabric of American communities while putting a burden on local social services and the foster-care system.

Democrats, advocates question ICE enforcement raids
El proyecto que yo radiqué provee un curso de acción alterno y descolonizador que va dirigido a generar debate y discusión en el Congreso sobre el tema colonial de Puerto Rico, y a proveer una ruta de disposición del territorio particularmente para aquella mayoría de congresistas que no favorecen – ni favorecerán – la anexión de una nación latinoamericana como un estado de la unión.

El Congreso jamás concederá la estadidad
Celebrando la repatriación de Oscar López con mis vecinos en Puerto Rico.
Like so much the President says, the idea that mass deportation is a tool for crime reduction or national security is a straight up lie. There is no law-enforcement or anti-terror motive for rounding up working-class immigrants in their homes, in the fields and workplaces, or taking random people off the street. The President is lying when he says deporting immigrants is about fighting crime.

Gutiérrez On Reports Of Increased Deportation, Raids & Round-Ups
“Este es el momento de la unidad de las fuerzas anticolonialistas y puertorriqueñas. Quiero decirles a los puertorriqueños que hay alternativas, que no tenemos que vivir arrodillados”.

“This is the time to unite anticolonial and Puerto Rican forces. I want to let Puerto Ricans know that there are options. We don’t have to live on our knees.” English version: [ Link ]

Proyecto de Gutiérrez quiere acentuar la vigencia del independentismo
Entrevista con Jose A. Delgado sobre la hermandad entre Oscar y yo. “Un día se va a entender la enormidad de lo ocurrido: dos conmutaciones de sentencia a un hombre acusado de sedición, decididas por dos presidentes distintos, con 16 años de separación”.

Gutiérrez y Oscar López, hermanados por la lucha de la independencia