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I am proud to stand with John Lewis, my friend, ally, and the drum major in the fight for freedom and equality who is the conscience of our nation.

Trump ataca a ícono de los derechos civiles y provoca que al menos 20 congresistas se nieguen a ir a su toma de posesión

Reintroduction of BRIDGE Act...look for more information tomorrow after press conference.

English version of Univision article: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Press release (English): [ Bit.ly Link ]

“We need to do whatever we can to protect DACA recipients who are already working on-the-books and not move backward to strip them of legal status,” Rep. Gutiérrez said. “These young people are a lifeline...
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Grupo bipartidista presenta nuevo proyecto de ley para extender protección a los dreamers

Mas cobertura: Univision | Despierta America (con video): El congresista Luis Gutiérrez no asistirá a la toma de posesión de Donald Trump - Univision [ Bit.ly Link ]

El congresista Luis Gutiérrez no asistirá a la toma de posesión de Donald Trump

EL NUEVO DIA: "A Gutiérrez, quien conoce a Oscar López Rivera desde que él tenía 19 años, le emocionaron las palabras de congresista Espaillat, en momentos en que al presidente Obama le quedan solo ocho días de trabajo en la Casa Blanca para decidir si libera al prisionero. 'Le queda poco para tomar la decisión correcta”, indicó congresista Soto, primer boricua elegido al Congreso por un...
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Activistas hacen última petición a Barack Obama por Oscar López Rivera

Please take a look at today's Chicago Sun-Times column by Mark Brown: Gutierrez, aldermen push for release of ex-FALN leader | Chicago Sun-Times [ Bit.ly Link ]

Brown: Gutierrez, aldermen push for release of ex-FALN leader

An excerpt from today's edition of Democracy Now..."Amy, I think we should take a positive action, and so I’m coming on Inauguration Day, not to the inauguration, but to get ready...so that my wife and I, hand in hand with what I believe will be a million other women, come together. And we need to come together because when women are attacked, we all are attacked. And when women win, we all...
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Rep. Luis Gutiérrez on Why He Will Boycott Trump Inauguration & Will Instead Join Women's March

Rep. Gutiérrez spoke on the House floor this morning about immigration, the Trump Administration and a series of pro-immigrant events taking place in Washington and around the country on or about January 14. The Congressman said while the new President himself is “a bit of an unknown because he changes his mind on some key issues about as quickly as his Twitter feed refreshes…it is Trump’s...
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Este miércoles, le entregaremos al Presidente Obama 208,000 peticiones pidiéndole que libere a Oscar López Rivera. Estamos haciendo todo en nuestro poder para convencer al Presidente Obama que deje a Oscar en libertad antes del 20 de enero. || On Wednesday, the 208,000 petitions gathered to support Oscar Lopez Rivera will be given to President Obama. We are doing everything we can to...
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My speech this morning on the Floor of the House about why I will not be at the inauguration ceremonies on Jan. 20 but will be marching with women at the Women's March on Jan. 21. "We all heard the tape when Donald Trump was bragging – bragging! – about grabbing women by their private parts without their consent. It is something I can never un-hear. Bragging to that guy on TV that he would...
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Erasing DACA means erasing jobs in Illinois: Removing 35,893 DACA workers from the workforce could cost the state $2.24 billion in annual GDP according to a new report out today from the Center for American Progress: [ Americanprogress.org Link ]
Eliminar a DACA eliminará trabajos. En Illinois, despidiendo 35,893 trabajadores con DACA le costaría al estado $2.24 billones en GDP. Center for American Progress: [ Americanprogress.org Link ] (in English)
EXCERPT: Rep. Gutierrez has been an outspoken critic of President-elect's harsh language against immigrants, particularly in the Mexican-American community. Rep. Gutierrez is Puerto Rican and his district is almost 72 percent Hispanic.

VIDEO: Congressman Waves Bag of Skittles at House Hearing [ Nbcnews.com Link ] via @nbcnews 1:23

Rep. Gutierrez mocked Donald Trump Jr., the President-elect's...
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Rep. Luis Gutierrez will boycott inauguration to protest Trump

Stopped by Wendy's on the way to visit my mom and took a picture with the crew! Thanks guys!
I could not look at my wife, my daughters or my grandson in the eye if I sat there and attended as if everything that candidate Donald Trump had said about women, Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, the disabled, or any of the other things he said in his speeches and Tweets – that any of that is OK or erased from my memory.

2 House Democrats boycott inauguration over Trump comments

THE FORWARD: 5 Startling Shifts in Pro-Israel Politics After Vote by Congress (by Matt Guttman, 01/06/17):

#3 Progressive Democrats are taking on Netanyahu
Delivering perhaps the most scathing indictment against the resolution was Illinois Democrat Luis Gutierrez, who decried the “strongman” government in Israel and reminded listeners of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress against the...
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5 Startling Shifts in Pro-Israel Politics After Vote by Congress

Why I oppose HRes 11 related to Israeli-Palestinian peace (from today's floor debate): "I know in my heart that the best path to peace is to have two separate, sovereign states that peacefully coexist. The two-state solution is at the heart of American foreign policy – and every President and every Congress since I got here – put the two state solution at the heart of what America wants for...
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Friday is Oscar Lopez Rivera's birthday and let's make sure this is the last one he has to celebrate in federal prison. Please watch the video, produced by OurRevolution.com, with clips of Rene 'Residente' of Calle 13, Bernie Sanders, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin and Oscar's daughter Clarisa, among others. Take Action. Share the video. Make your voice heard before President Obama leaves office.
Taking health care coverage away from 20 million Americans is no laughing matter, so we are asking Republicans to #ProtectOurCare and not to #MakeAmericaSickAgain Please share if you agree!
I proudly stand with the Pro-Choice Caucus in calling on Republicans to #ProtectOurCare.
My wife Soraida and I are looking forward to joining the Women's March on January 21 in Washington. As a Member of the House Judiciary Committee, I have witnessed the parade of hearings and bills attacking women's health, families, basic rights and core American values so I plan to stand with women, join arms with allies, and face the future knowing we are not alone. I hope to see you there.

Women's March on Washington