Happy birthday to actor Lee Pace, voice of 'Mountain.' natureisspeaking.org/mountain #NatureIsSpeaking
#Toyota has generously donated a truck to our Conservación México field office. With this truck, our lead scientist Jürgen Hoth is able to reach remote locations to study glaciers, habitats of endangered species like the volcano rabbit (a relative to Japan’s endangered Ryukyu rabbit) and the Sierra Madre Sparrow (one of Mexico´s most endangered bird species), and work with the local...
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Actor Lee Pace reminds us that our forests are our future. Help protect an acre of forest now and SC Johnson, A Family Company will match it >> [ Ci-intl.org Link ] #NoForestNoFuture
New research offers data to back up something conservationists have argued for a long time: Without enough money and staff, marine protected areas can’t successfully protect the ocean.

Key to protecting the ocean? Money and manpower, study finds

"Will they wage wars over me, like they do over everything else?"
Listen to 'Water,' voiced by Penélope Cruz, on #WorldWaterDay.
New research indicates that the West African country of Liberia has among the world's highest forest carbon stocks — but only 6% of its closed-canopy forests are currently protected. #IntForestDay

To a country on the edge of development, what is nature worth?

Help us protect an acre of forest now for #InternationalDayofForests and SC Johnson, A Family Company will match it >> [ Ci-intl.org Link ]
When Natasha Calderwood first visited the Peruvian Amazon on a research trip, she never expected to connect with the illegal loggers long villainized. When she realized how crucial it was to involve them in efforts to protect forests, it sparked her “aha!” moment — and inspired her career in conservation.

My ‘aha!’ moment: A day in the life of an illegal logger

It’s clear: Forests are worth more standing than cut down. Help us protect an acre of forest now for #InternationalDayofForests and SC Johnson, A Family Company will match it >> [ Ci-intl.org Link ]

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"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep"
—Robert Frost
This Tuesday, March 21 is International Day of Forests. Why are forests important to you?
STATEMENT: Conservation International Co-founder, Chairman and CEO Peter Seligmann on President Donald Trump’s FY2018 Budget Blueprint
[ Conservation.org Link ]

Statement by Conservation International Co-founder, Chairman and CEO Peter Seligmann on the President Donald Trump’s FY2018 Budget Blueprint

A new study lead by Conservation International's Jennifer Howard finds that coastal wetlands are carbon storage powerhouses.

Study Finds That Coastal Wetlands Excel at Storing Carbon - Eos

Need a break from the cold? Warm up with our beach quiz.

Where's the Beach?

Amid competing demands for land use, can Indonesia chart a sustainable path?

Charting a sustainable path in a land of peat, oil palm and pollution

Last November, New Caledonia’s Néaoua Valley was hit by a devastating flood and landslides — causing massive destruction for the Houailou community. It turns out forest loss was a critical factor that contributed to the damage.

Behind an island landslide, a degraded forest

Seafood is the most consumed animal protein in the world — more than pork, chicken, beef & eggs.

Where does half your wild-caught seafood come from? The answer may surprise you

Join Conservation International in thanking the wildlife rangers who've dedicated their lives to protecting nature.

Thank a Wildlife Ranger

This farmer & mother of 10 still finds the time to patrol her local forest.

On remote Philippine island, female forest rangers are a force to be reckoned with

This week's photo is from California based renaissance man, Chris Burkard. Chris is an accomplished explorer, photographer, creative director, speaker and author. He works to capture stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature, the latest of a long list of projects to do just this being his upcoming film "Under and Arctic Sky". A story on surfing some of the most...
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