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Shea Craver
Rachel Roberts was 34 years old and still living with her parents in 2014. The cost of living in the United Kingdom is high, but Rachel wanted to be independent. “I thought I’d be living with them forever,” Rachel said. “Even if I’d been able to get a mortgage, I’d have been saving for years before....
Conservative News Today 05/24/2017

No One Wants This Abandoned House, So She Buys It For $1.25 And Transforms It
Kesha Marie Lawson
Rick Laughlin
Glenda George
Ken Jacobs
Lloyd Vickers
"We make a big point out of the fact that Donald Trump was the first sitting president to go to the wall..."
Conservative News Today 05/24/2017

MSNBC host slips in Hillary Clinton among past presidents ... then heads bow
Dorveen Duncan Rowan
Gordon Gengler
Daniel Piper
Connie DePasquale
Idalia Sanchez Wilson
Mike Saunders
“I saw a moving truck a month ago, and he said he was moving to his dad’s house.”
Conservative News Today 05/23/2017

Dem aide suspected of major security breach escapes to Pakistan for VIP-level protection, relative says
Dorveen Duncan Rowan
Evets Ilotnas
Cathy Pawlicki-King
Jon Davis
Donna Theriault
Greg Barber
Fred Ballesteros
Andrew McKinney
Linda Aaron Schulbaum
Ann V. Lake
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Paula Jo
I'm a member of the #NRA, but this pic is below the belt and not cool at all.
Conservative News Today 05/23/2017

Not exactly unifying ... Tomi Lahren's t-shirt pic triggers all kinds of nonsense
Shea Craver
Darlene Blankenship
Diane Kruse
Monica Lewinsky celebrated the death of Roger Ailes and blamed the Fox News founder for the backlash she received over her affair with Bill Clinton.
Conservative News Today 05/23/2017

Monica Lewinsky dances on Roger Ailes' grave; blames him, Fox News for HER Bill Clinton 'nightmare'
Dianne Nunnery
Kathy Dougherty Kuretski
Carol Woodham
Michael Mosher
Gary Hipple
Dianne McDonald
Elizabeth Sherrill
Joseph W. Christian
John O'Sullivan
Shep Smith lectures on “opinion” and “respect,” but just listen to him! Where does he get off?
Shep Smith lectures on opinion and respect but just listen to him

Shep Smith scolds fmr CIA director in testy exchange: We don't have the 'luxury of reporting opinion'
Larry Walker
Suzie Roe
John Nisbet
Philip Dudley Wilkerson
Wanda Holden
Carlos Angel
Chuck Venedam
Rolf Hogfeldt
Ann Rail
But it's too little, too late, and nobody's buying what he's selling now...
Conservative News Today 05/23/2017

Liberal writer a disgrace to America, tweets worst possible joke at Manchester victims' expense
Dee Didasko
Lynne LeFevre
Robert Fritsche Jr
Walter Tillis
Tom Asmus
Noreen Cerino
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