Nye is referring to the Constitution’s Copyright Clause.
Conservative News Today 04/25/2017

Bill Nye makes a false claim about the US Constitution — again

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This father never got any closure because they keep letting them in. Build the wall!
This father never got any closure because they keep letting them in Build the wall

'Where's my son's sanctuary?' Father of a young boy who was killed by an illegal pushes back at libs

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And Millennials and Gen Xers might be there as front-line victims to see it happen.
Conservative News Today 04/24/2017

Time Bomb for Millennials and Gen Xers

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Their ideas may be wrong, but at least they hold them with sincerity and the willingness to debate.
Conservative News Today 04/24/2017

Libs continue to spiral, condemn their own side for 'intellectual weakness'

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"We are willing to talk about the things that we want and things that they want," the OMB director answered.
Conservative News Today 04/24/2017

Watch: Trump's budget chief turn false argument around on Chris Wallace

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A lot of people agree with President Trump on this one!

Trump to astronaut: 'Better you than me' to drink urine
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"I think he can do it with manners. I really do," King said. "Passion is good, manners are good also."
Conservative News Today 04/24/2017

DNC chair Tom Perez can't control his potty mouth on Trump-bashing 'unity tour'

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