“It is past time for the racially oppressed to do what people who believe themselves to be ‘white’ will not do."
Conservative News Today 06/24/2017

Campus closes and prof flees state after he posts "Let Them F-ing Die' about whites

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Medical procedures are nerve-racking enough. It’s stories like this one that reminds us to make sure we do as much research as possible before going under the knife. In 2014, it was reported that a professional anesthesiologist in Seattle was accused of putting his patients’ lives at risk. The distu...
Conservative News Today 06/24/2017

Mom In Labor Says Doctor Is Distracted. When They See His Dirty Texts, He Gets What He Deserves

Not only was there no evidence to support their sanctimonious claims, the accused attacker is not even an American citizen.
Conservative News Today 06/24/2017

Media omits legal status of man arrested for murder of Muslim girl – over and over again

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Every day the unhinged within the Dem Party, liberal media and Hollywood elite are exposing themselves in a massive collective meltdown.

This particular guy also says he’d never say what he was ranting in public – too late!
Every day the unhinged within the Dem Party liberal media and Hollywood

Dem official caught in expletive-filled rant yells he wished Scalise had died, ‘glad he was shot’

Peter A. Carlson
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“Wow, what I’d do that’s so bad?” a weepy Dennis Rodman asks in one of the strangest interviews you’ll ever see.
Wow what Id do thats so bad a weepy Dennis Rodman asks

Rodman plays hero, then victim, & pleads with Trump to give Kim Jong-un a chance in BIZARRE interview

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This is what Democrats do when they're allowed to run things for generations...
This is what Democrats do when they're allowed to run things for generations

Sad: What Socialism Did to California Summed Up by One Meme

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When Fox News Channel’s ‘Special Report’ gets heated, you know we’re in tumultuous times.
When Fox News Channels Special Report gets heated you know were in

Usually calm 'Special Report' panel blows up over President Trump's doozy of a tweet

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