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Loudmouth Madonna is making a PATHETIC attempt to get away with making a terrorist threat against our President.

The Secret Service has other ideas...

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Madonna's Backtracking Fast To Cover Her Butt After β€˜Blowing Up the White House’ Threat Being Investigated
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Liberals everywhere are PISSED OFF after what Trump just did to abortion funding overseas...

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WIN: Trump Just Made Huge Move To Stop Abortion Funding - Liberals Are OUTRAGED ⋆ US Herald
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It's about time these liberals start realizing that there are very real consequences for their actions... especially when those actions include trying to get the president KILLED!!

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INSANE Liberal Burlesque Dancer Finds Out The HARD Way What Happens When You Call For Trump's Assassination ⋆ US Herald
This type of talk is TERRORISTIC and should be punished to the full extent of the law... It's time we start holding these celebrities accountable for coercing attacks on fellow Americans!!!

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VIDEO: Newt Gingrich Just Said Madonna Should Go To Jail For EXPLOSIVE Comment She Made About The White House ⋆ US Herald
WATCH: Passengers Cheer As"Nasty" Woman Gets BOOTED OFF Plane After Threatening TRUMP Supporter.

I can't stop cheering right along with the passengers on this plane. JUSTICE IS SERVED!

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WATCH: Passengers Cheer As"Nasty" Woman Gets BOOTED OFF Plane After Threatening TRUMP Supporter ⋆ US Herald
This thug has the audacity to brutally murder his classmate and then take a selfie of himself with the dead body. DISGUSTING!!!

Black Man Murders White Roommate, Then Posts 'Selfie' With Victims Body Online ⋆ US Herald
This is what a liberal "peaceful" protest against "hate" looks like and it's completely UNACCEPTABLE!

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WATCH: Lunatic Liberal Actor Shia LaBeouf Physically Assaults Trump Supporter In Unhinged Protest Meltdown ⋆ US Herald
We LOVE this retired couple... calm and cool.

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Retired Couple Has The Misfortune To Witness Rude Teens, How They Handle It Is Pure Genius ⋆ US Herald
This liberal moron threatened to murder Trump with a sniper rifle. Now he's crying about how his life is over.

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WATCH: CEO Who Threatened To Assassinate Trump Says His Life Has Been RUINED ⋆ US Herald
If you know any Democrats and want to ruffle their feathers then this is the PERFECT joke to 'SHARE' with them... Hilarious!

Woman Buys Dress For Her 4th Wedding, If You're A Liberal It's Best You Look The Other Way ⋆ US Herald
This woman almost KILLS a police chief after high speed chase.

Apparently BLUE LIVES DON'T MATTER to this low-life.


VIDEO: Police Chief Knocked Out By Woman's Car After High Speed Chase ⋆ US Herald
BLM's free pass from Obama just ended!

Trump just made a HUGE move against the Black Lives Matter hate group that has them on their heels.

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Trump In One Of First Acts As POTUS Just Put Black Lives Matter On Notice With THIS Amazing Pro-Cop Move ⋆ US Herald
This group of would-be cop-killers tried to set up a trap and murder a group of unsuspecting police officers, but they didn't count on this ONE person showing up...

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Group Of VICIOUS Thugs Set Up Ambush To Murder 4 Cops, Make HUGE Mistake That Cost Them BIG TIME ⋆ US Herald
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Loudmouth Whoopi Goldberg Trash Talks Trump's Kids - INSTANTLY Regrets It... ⋆ US Herald
When Donald & Melania Trump attended the National Prayer Service the day after the inauguration Melania did something so touching it had everyone watching her.

This really speaks volumes...

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WATCH: Trumps Arrive At National Prayer Service When Suddenly Everyone Sees What Melania Is Doing
Judge Jeanine Pirro serves up a BRUTALLY STARK warning for inauguration protesters and she's SPOT ON!

I can't stop cheering for Judge Jeanine... It's called CONSEQUENCES!

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WATCH: Judge Jeanine LETS LOOSE On Law Breaking Inauguration Protesters - "There's Going To Be Consequences" ⋆ US Herald
If Democrats Didn't Like James Comey Before, They're Really Not Going To Be Happy About This!

Comey Goes Rogue, Reveals "Dirty Little Secret" He Was Forced to Hide