YES! Kurt Russell just said on national TV what Americans have been thinking for some time!

Kurt ROCKS as he unloads on these liberal celebrities...

Can we get 5,000 'LIKES' for KURT RUSSELL?

WATCH: Kurt Russell PUNISHES Celebrities Who Get Political And Assume Americans Care What They Think ⋆ US Herald
YES! A formerly oppressed young woman is not going to sit back and watch as moronic liberal Americans let the same dangerous people she fled from waltz right into our nation completely unchecked.

BRAVO to this young woman having the courage to get up in front of a huge audience and TELL IT LIKE IT NEEDS TO BE TOLD!!!

EX-Muslim Has DIRE WARNING For IGNORANT Americans Who Are “Welcoming The People I Fled From” [WATCH] ⋆ US Herald
They called it “Strategic Election Plans”.
Are you at all surprised?

BREAKING: WikiLeaks Drop SHOCKING Info on Obama's Election Meddling ⋆ US Herald
THIS RULES! Sheriff David Clarke just CRUSHED Michelle Obama for her hatred of America and it's not only spot on, but it's also HILARIOUS!

Share this everywhere if you think Obama is actively engaged in trying to undermine Trump's presidency!

Sheriff Clarke Says He's 'Never Been Prouder' Since Obama Left Office, Takes BRUTAL SWIPE At Michelle Obama For Disrespecting America ⋆ US Herald
This woman committed a crime back in 2015 and was allowed to stay in the US illegally. Now she's killed a 66-year-old beloved family man.

This should have NEVER happened, but of course, liberals could care less about the family of the deceased.

Share this everywhere if you want to see our immigration laws enforced.

Woman Kills 66-Year-Old Man In DUI Crash After Being In US Illegally For 4 Years, Avoided Deportation In 2015 For Another Crime ⋆ US Herald
This is what it looks like to be the First Lady!!

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VIDEO: Melania Trump Just WOWED The Nation With This POWERFUL Introduction Of Her Husband At Florida Rally ⋆ US Herald
The left is coming after Trump HARD and now they just got caught RED HANDED!!

Hard Evidence EXPOSED Of The Left's Plan To SABOTAGE President Trump ⋆ US Herald
Hysterical liberals make 'safe spaces' for kids by removing pro-Trump teachers!

REPORT: School Teachers FIRED After Making Pro-Trump Remarks! ⋆ US Herald
These cocky thugs thought they could screw over taxpayers and would never get caught but they are so STUPID it was inevitable.

Ten Moochers BUSTED For Welfare Fraud While Being Investigated For Selling Much More Than Fried Chicken ⋆ US Herald
Turns out life goes on without them...

Immigrants are welcome, illegal immigrants are not, it's that simple.

'Day Without Immigrants' Protest Totally Backfires After Most of America Fails to Notice⋆ US Herald
If you try shooting at a fighter jet while standing out in the middle of the road, you're going to have a bad time.

This devastating footage is absolutely incredible. [Watch Below]

VIDEO: Islamic Extremists Fire At Jets With Anti-Air Gun, It Gets Them Noticed In An Explosive Way! ⋆ US Herald
They tried to bully this mother of two US soldiers into taking her flag down. She wasn't having it AT ALL! [Watch below]

Do you support this military mothers RIGHT to fly the American flag?

VIDEO: They Told This Military Mother To Take Down Her American Flag, Instead She Did THIS... ⋆ US Herald
Judge Jeanine is not taking any mess from these brats!

We love the judge, what a pro...

VIDEO: Ignorant Protester Flips-Out on Judge Jeanine; “F**k Trump! F**k These White People!” ⋆ US Herald
This jihadist was taking a leisurely scooter ride and had no idea what was following him, then... BOOM.

This footage shows the awesome power and accuracy of the Warthog A-10 in graphic detail.

VIDEO: Jihadist Out For Scooter Ride... Then THIS A-10 Warthog Show Up! ⋆ US Herald
Free tuition only if you're black and especially if you are a black ex-con! Seriously?

Share this everywhere if you think this policy is unfair to so many non-black students who've earned their admission into this University!

University Students DEMAND FREE TUITION For ALL Black Students Including Ex-Cons, Otherwise School Upholding "White Supremacy" ⋆ US Herald
Being a victim of violence for simply showing any support for our President is becoming common across America.

This thug needs to be caught and put in a cell ASAP for these outrageous threats caught in this video..

WATCH: Thug Brandishes Assualt Rifle, Threatens Trump Supporter Over His "Make America Great Again" Flag ⋆ US Herald