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Conservative Tribune
3 hours 18 minutes ago. Facebook
Melania Trump just DESTROYED Rosie O'Donnell after Rosie posted a controversial video about Melania's son, Barron... this left O'Donnell publicly humiliated.

This proves yet again... you don't mess with The Donald or his wife.

BOOM: Melania Destroys Rosie... Leaves Her Begging for Forgiveness

Conservative Tribune
3 hours 57 minutes ago. Facebook
The state of Texas just made a MASSIVE move to allow virtually everyone to concealed carry... here are the details on this major piece of legislation.

If you're a believer in constitutional rights, you're going to LOVE this.

BREAKING: Texas Makes Massive Move to Allow Virtually Everyone to Concealed Carry

Conservative Tribune
4 hours 18 minutes ago. Facebook
After Donald J. Trump's electoral win, liberals began complaining about the Electoral College. So, what happened to support for the system? The poll results are in, and they may shock you...

This absolutely DESTROYED the liberal narrative.

Here's What Happened to Support for the Electoral College After Trump's Electoral Victory

Conservative Tribune
4 hours 38 minutes ago. Facebook
The head of the United Nations Generaly Assembly was just spotted wearing THIS, and the media won't even mention it... here's why it's trouble.

This is yet more proof that the United Nations isn't on our side.

CHILLING: What UN President Was Spotted Wearing That Media Won't Ever Mention

Conservative Tribune
4 hours 58 minutes ago. Facebook
The government just made a huge move against welfare leeches, and conservatives are loving it... here are the two groups of people who are about to be permanently BOOTED off of food stamps.

Do you think the government should do this?

These 2 Groups of People Are About to Be Permanently BOOTED off of Food Stamps

Finally, some tax relief! Here's President-elect Donald J. Trump's new tax plan, and how much you'll be paying...

Democrats never thought this would be happening. Boy, are they surprised.

RELIEF: Here's How Much You'll Pay Under Trump's Tax Plan... No Wonder Dems Hated It

A woman in Pennsylvania was in trouble after contractors left her in the lurch with a massive hole in her roof... that's when some firefighters saw it. They climbed up there and made a TOTALLY unexpected move.

This woman was FLOORED... nobody ever expected this one.

Woman FLOORED After Firefighters Climb On Her Roof And Make Unexpected Move

This is exactly what a president who puts Americans first would say. And of course Donald J. Trump is the one who said it.

But then compare that to what Obama said.

No wonder so many people continue to think he's an Islamist...

Trump Ruthlessly Shames Obama with Perfect Response to Ohio State Attacker

The thugs in the Islamic State group just issued a bizarre edict to their fighters... here's why they say they need to stop texting now.

The reason? It's not because Allah said so. In fact, it's pretty hysterical...

REPORT: ISIS Had To Tell Their Thug Fighters To Quit Texting... The Reason Is HILARIOUS

Donald Trump's campaign manager just rocked Hillary to her core with this incredible announcement. Hillary thought she was safe after losing the election, but this major curve-ball could change everything.

Just After The Clinton Campaign Berated Her, Kellyanne Conway Drops New Email Bombshell

These sick vandals are under massive scrutiny after what the punks left inside the burned-out home of a veteran who supported Donald J. Trump... here's why this has a lot of people furious.

What do you think should happen to these vandals?

HORROR: What Vandals Left INSIDE Pro-Trump Vet's Burned Out Home

This attorney general just stepped up to the plate in a major way, and it could be the final nail in the coffin for the presidential election recount efforts.

Breaking: Attorney General Takes Massive Action Against The Recount Effort

Donald Trump's transition just took a shocking turn that Al Sharpton never expected. With this move, Trump continues to stay one step ahead of the media...

Trump Just Stunned Al Sharpton By Doing The Last Thing To Him He Ever Expected

Jill Stein did it again! See the ridiculous thing the former Green Party candidate just did that has millions of people FURIOUS!

What a fraud...

BREAKING: She Did It Again!

This lady just posted about her new wedding ring...and the internet exploded when they saw it.

Did you see this yet?

Tennessee Woman Puts Pic of Wedding Ring on Facebook... Immediately Goes Viral

On the very first day of the presidential election recount, Hillary Clinton gets hit with the LAST piece of news she wanted to hear.

Just In: First Recount Results Reveal Massive Surprise For Hillary Clinton

They were attacked for believing what the Bible says about homosexuality too. Now the Benham Brothers have weighed in on Buzzfeed's hit job on Chip and Joanna Gaines.

This is great. Let's spread this everywhere.

VIDEO: Benham Brothers Defend Chip and Joanna Gaines Against Attacks

This Georgetown professor believes that American culture is to blame for radical attacks... but Tucker Carlson wasn't buying it. Here's how the Fox News host absolutely TORCHED her.

This is brutal... take a look.

Professor Blames American Culture For Radical Attacks... Tucker Carlson TORCHES Her

A reporter just revealed what happened down in Guantanamo Bay prison when detainees found out that Donald J. Trump won the election... this is AWESOME.

You can bet the media isn't going to like this one bit...

HILARIOUS: Reporter Reveals What Gitmo Prisoners Did Night Trump Won Election