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This rapper heard that a white cop had been spending time in a black neighborhood, so that's when he came up with a plan.

This cop had no idea what was about to happen to him, and there's no way he'll ever forget..

Rapper Hears White Cop's Been in Black Neighborhood, Sets Up Shocking Surprise
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Liberals' most-hated restaurant, Chick-fil-A, is at it again.

This time what they're doing to people will really leave liberals furious.

Awesome... this is just another reason we love Chick-fil-A so much!

Guess What Chick-Fil-A Is Forcing on People Now
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This police officer and his wife and children were enjoying some time at home when a thug threw a 50-pound planter through their window and started moving to hurt them.

The cop quickly pulled his weapon and shot. And that's when he realized who the thug really was, and he couldn't believe his eyes.

Cop Shoots Thug Attacking His Home, Then Learns Stunning Truth About Who He Was
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One of our nation's active duty heroes was out to eat when an uppity liberal decided to disrespect him.

In just a few words, he managed to shame this woman HARD. Way to go!

Uppity Woman Disrespects U.S. Soldier In Line At Store... What Happened Next Will Have You Cheering
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A former Marine watched Obama's crocodile tear-filled gun grabber speech and just couldn't take it anymore.

He's written a letter to Obama in response, and boy is it going viral.

BOOM: Ex-Marine Sends SCORCHING Letter to Obama After Fake Tears at Gun Control Speech
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We've all heard about the congressional boycott of the inauguration by sore loser Democrats. Now, one of the top Dems has come forward to say why they boycotted... and it's absolutely sickening.

Will this ever stop?

Congressman Says He Knows Real Reason Dems Deserted Inaug and It's SICKENING
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When she was rushed to deliver her twins, doctors told her husband she only had a 20 percent chance of survival.

As he awaited the birth of his children, he looked at a photo he had taken of his wife just hours earlier. That's when he saw it...

Pregnant Mom On Death's Doorstep. Then Dad Notices Something About Photo Of Her
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One of Donald J. Trump's most famous guests at the inauguration revealed the amazing way that the president started his big day. This is AWESOME.

What were your thoughts on Trump's inauguration?

EXCLUSIVE: Special Trump Guest at Inaug Reveals Stunning Way Trump Started Day
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During his Friday inaugural speech, Donald J. Trump did one thing that Obama could never do during his inaugural speeches. Did you catch it?

If you didn't, here it is...

WATCH: Trump Leaves Out The Word "I" From Inauguration Speech
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In just under 30 words, Donald J. Trump's inaugural speech Friday made some amazing history. Here's what he said that no other president in our history has ever said.

Do you think Trump made the right move by saying this?

Trump's Inauguration Speech Made History In Just Under 30 Words
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Donald J. Trump has barely been sworn in, and already, liberals are starting with another petition. This time, here's the insane demand they're making of the new president.

Unreal... they just won't give it up, will they?

Libs Start Insane Petition Demanding Trump Make THIS His First Move As President
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Donald J. Trump's inaugural speech was definitely epic. However, before he gave his address, a special 9-year-old guest managed to do something almost as awesome as Trump's speech...

Wow. Way to go, kid!

Special 9-Year-Old Guest Was Almost as Awesome as the Trump Speech
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Something horrifying was done to Barron Trump just shortly after his dad became the 45th President of the United States.

Not Even 24 Hours After Trump Becomes President, Something SICK Happens To Youngest Son
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Former Secretary of State John Kerry skipped Donald J. Trump's inauguration, but he just spent part of his first day as a private citizen doing something that immediately got people's attention...

LOOK: On First Day Out Of White House, John Kerry Was Spotted Somewhere Surprising
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On what might have already been the worst day of Hillary Clinton's life -- the day on which Donald J. Trump officially became the 45th president of the United States -- one Trump supporter managed to pour a little salt on her wounds during Mike Pence's swearing-in. This was brutal.

What do you think about what this Trump fan did?

WATCH: Hillary Gets BRUTAL 3-Word Send-Off By Trump Fan While Pence Was Being Sworn In
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It didn't take long after Donald J. Trump's inauguration for the media to start calling the new president Hitler. Perhaps unsurprising, too, is the first person to do it...

All I can say is that I can't believe this guy still has a job.

Media Calls Trump Hitler Less Than 4 Hours Into Presidency... Guess Who Did It
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How far did the anti-Donald J. Trump scumbags at the inaugural go to spread their hate? Well, here's the SICKENING thing they did to Air Force officers who were trying to get into the inauguration.

This is utterly infuriating... take a look.

WATCH: Anti-Trump Scumbags Do SICKENING Thing to Air Force Officers... Infuriating
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