Donald J. Trump's Department of Homeland Security head just announced his latest plan to crack down on illegal immigrants, and the left definitely doesn't like it.

Here's how the DHS is going to make sure that Trump can follow through on his campaign promises.

Homeland Security Chief's Latest Plan To Crack Down on Illegals Has Libs Going Crazy
In this major city, some residents are furious after the mayor took an official stance on its "sanctuary city" status... here's what he had to say.

Do you agree with the stance that this mayor took?

Residents of MAJOR City Go Nuts After Mayor Takes Official Stance on "Sanctuary City" Status
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When this Muslim woman voted for Donald J. Trump, she thought that the "tolerant" left would respect her freedom of choice. She thought VERY wrong.

Here is the horrible thing that happened to her after she came out as a Trump voter...

Muslim Woman Admits Voting for Trump... How She Was Treated by the "Tolerant" Left Says It All
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Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer was one of Donald J. Trump's biggest opponents on the right. However, the legendary polemicist just did a 180... here's the perfect advice he gave the president.

We agree with Krauthammer 100 percent... do you?

WATCH: Trump-Hating Krauthammer Does a 180... Gives The President PERFECT Advice
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How well has the Ivanka Trump boycott worked out? Well, if you're a Donald J. Trump basher, you're going to hate what just happened to this popular Ivanka product after all of the left's effort.

Ouch... time to give it up, guys.

Trump-Bashers Are Going to HATE What Just Happened to This Popular Ivanka Product
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This Christian florist was sued by a gay couple over her refusal to provide flowers for their wedding. Now she's doubling down, though... here's the way she's planning on coming back...

Do you support what this florist is doing?

Christian Florist Sued by Gay Couple Doubles Down, Vows To Launch Massive Comeback
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Her husband surprised her at work with a bouquet of flowers, leaving her teary eyed.

Next thing she knew, her son appeared with flowers... then another... then another... but when they asked her ONE simple question, she's left in complete shock and BAWLING when they bring her outside.

(Grab the tissues!)

Husband Brings Her Flowers At Work. But When Sons Appear, They Leave Her SOBBING
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This is what the media doesn't want to talk about when it comes to Donald J. Trump's "big, beautiful wall."

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Bombshell Study Reveals Incredible Bonus Benefit of Trump's Wall
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He had just spoken to his own 81-year old on the phone when he heard her cries...

That's when he took off running.

81-Year-Old Woman Loads Groceries in Car at Walmart. But When She Starts Screaming, He Does THIS
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If you're on MSNBC, don't speak unkindly about Elizabeth Warren. Here's how the most liberal of the cable networks will get revenge on you if you speak ill of "Fauxcahontas."


WATCH: MSNBC Gets Instant Revenge on Guest Who Reveals Truth About Elizabeth Warren
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Poor Don Lemon. It only took two words from a guest for the CNN anchor to cut this interview off.

Take a look at the two words that had this media snowflake melting...

WATCH: It Only Took 2 Words from Guest to Make CNN's Don Lemon Cut Off Interview
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If they weren't happy BEFORE the protests, imagine how ticked off they were afterward!

Welcome to the real world!

100 People Ditch Work for "Day Without Immigrants"... Return to Epic Surprise From Bosses
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It's not wise to trust the media's knee-jerk reactions.

Looks Like Trump Was Right About Sweden
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A group of young students are in deep trouble, and not the kind that gets you sent to the principal's office.

Here's what happened after they attacked at Donald J. Trump's motorcade.

My guess is that their "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" essay is going to be a lot more, um, bleak than their classmates'.

Students ATTACK Trump's Motorcade, Instantly Learn Brutal Lesson
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China has been one of Donald J. Trump's top priorities ever since he got into the White House. Now, he just made a big move in the South China Sea that has the government in Beijing VERY unhappy...

Is President Trump making the right call here?

DEVELOPING: Trump Makes MASSIVE Move In South China Sea... Chinese Are NOT Thrilled