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Don't you hate it when you want to party but you forget your portable speaker at home? You can always just pop it in a Consol jar to turn up the tunage. Read more about other natural speakers, here. [ Link ]

The Best (Free) DIY Smartphone Volume Boosters
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React with ❤ if having killer workout gear is something that motivates you to hit the gym with a Consol Grip & Go.
Think you've got chemistry with a special someone? Then say it with a gift from The Consol Shop in Woodmead.
Is the Valentine's Day prep stretching the wallet? Don't worry. You can still enjoy the good life with Consol's endless hacks for luxurious living on Pinterest.
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In a busy home, organisation is everything! What's your family's favourite way to use our handy bottles and jars?
Forget the endless embassy lines - here are 114 countries you can travel to on a South African passport, visa-free! Where would you head to first?

Here are 114 Countries South Africans Can Travel To Without A Visa
At Consol, we love celebrating winners! Congratulations to #ExpressionSession champion Kgothatso Mahlangu! Her remarkable voice stood out from hundreds of entries and she received a R30 000 prize! For moments that count, choose glass!
Thanks to its non-porous surface, glass doesn't absorb foods, liquids or germs. It's also tough enough to be washed at high temperatures, making it one of the most healthy and hygienic ways to store your food.
Craving adventure but not quite ready to quit your day-job? Ever heard of a coworking retreat? They're taking the world by storm. Keep your job and travel the world, one month at a time! #Hustle
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Can co-working vacations offer a better work-life balance?
Great experiences last a lifetime! What's your most unforgettable childhood memory?
Is #2017 the year you take your #SideHustle to new heights? Take inspiration from these top young SA entrepreneurs: [ Link ]

Top 31 entrepreneurs under 40 making waves in South Africa [Digital All Stars] – Ventureburn
We raise our glasses to those of us moving into new homes this year. Bottom’s up, and here’s to the memories. Who of you are making the big move?
Don't worry about if it's working or not yet. Stop looking for results – let them find you. Just tighten your grip, and go for it.
So, most of us are back at work or will be soon! We hope you made epic memories to get you through another year!
Summer holidays aren't over just yet. Throw a party to celebrate and don't forget to pay extra attention to the drinks station. Your guests sure will. Here are a few ideas with flair from Creative Living Patio Furniture:
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25 Creative Drink Station Ideas for Your Party
Let’s raise a bottle to the new year. How are you going to make your mark on 2017?

Remember, for moments that count, drink from the glass. #ChooseGlass
It was a great year, but now it’s time to say goodbye to 2016.

Are you ready to make your moment count in the new year? Remember to #ChooseGlass.
Show off your #GlassGame this festive season.

Celebrate those moments that count and drink from glass. #ChooseGlass
Make this the best December yet. Get your crew together, fire up the braai and put those bottles on ice.

For moments that count, drink from glass. #ChooseGlass
Bring your #GlassGame to iBigDays this December. How are you going to turn up?

Remember, for moments that count, drink from glass.