The 4.02 million people living in Montreal's metro area make it the 4th largest French-speaking city in the world. #Canada150
Happy #ValentinesDay to all the lovers! Though the U.S. & Canada are just good friends, there's still plenty of love for all.

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Proud to be a part of #streetartformankind event this Saturday afternoon. @CanCGMiami @samexhibition come visit! #StopChildSlavery
Canada is currently the leading and most secure, reliable and competitive energy supplier to the United States, including of crude oil and refined petroleum products, natural gas, electricity and uranium. Canada also imports a significant amount of energy from the U.S., particularly electricity and…

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Most Canadians know the music of Bob Marley, but few are aware that the lyrics to one of his greatest hits, “Redemption Song,” were born in a 1937 speech delivered by Black rights activist Marcus Garvey in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The African Nova Scotian Roots of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”
For a worry-free trip to Canada, plan ahead. Find out if you need a visa or an eTA. [ Link ] #eTACanada

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
Government of Canada's official one-stop-shop for comprehensive international travel information.

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Be sure to check entry rules before flying to Canada. You may need a visa or an eTA. [ Link ] #eTACanada

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
US permanent residents: Make sure you get an eTA and bring your #greencard and passport to fly to Canada. [ Link ]

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
One of the world’s most popular sports was born in 1892, when Canadian James Naismith published the 13 "Rules of Basketball" #Canada150
Did you know? An eTA to fly to Canada costs only C$7 and lasts up to five years. [ Link ] #eTACanada

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
Dual Canadian citizens: Flying to Canada after Nov. 9? Grab your valid Canadian passport too! [ Link ]

I am a Canadian citizen and a citizen of a visa-exempt country. Can I...
During #WW1, Canadian Doctor Cluny McPherson saved the lives of countless soldiers with his invention of the gas mask in 1915 #Canada150
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Meet, Greet & Learn at KeatsConnelly on Tue Jan 24 2017, 5:00pm EST: MEET, GREET & LEARN
The QFCC is going North to start 2017 (OK not that far...

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RunWild 5k Countdown: 71 Days. Join the race and run to empower the homeless! Register here:
2017 is Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, a unique opportunity to bring people and places together as we dream big about our communities and our country.

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