Big thanks to the Trump Administration for signing and issuing a Presidential Permit today to construct the Keystone XL pipeline. This project will support our economy, create well-paying jobs and contribute millions in annual property tax. These are meaningful benefits that will support families and businesses in communities here in the U.S. that we call home. #TimeToBuildKXL

Consumer Energy Alliance Applauds the Latest Keystone XL Decision - Consumer Energy Alliance
"There is a dominant school of thought that energy access can be achieved around the world with only carbon-free sources...“leapfrogging” traditional development patterns...while compelling in theory, this vision lacks several critical factors: the need to manufacture the goods that will build the economy, the scalability of energy sources, and the affordability of that energy."

To create...
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Using Natural Gas to Reduce Energy Poverty
Natural gas is a driving force behind enjoying the outdoors, watching sporting events and spending time with friends and family – all by keeping energy affordable and reliable! Don't get left in the dark, keep the power going strong. #PowerOnNewEngland
Learning is fun with friends so get to Energy Day! Learn more about Energy Day being held in Sam Houston Park and at East High School! Visit Energy Day or Energy Day Denver 2017!
Energy Day and its partners and sponsors are leading the way in reinforcing the importance of STEM education and the development of new energy technology. The future of energy lies within the minds of our youth!
Saying no is easy, saying nothing is easier, but saying yes gives a voice to Pennsylvania families and businesses who can't afford the financial consequences of no.

Pennsylvania Families and Businesses Need Your Help
During a Nor’Easter aren’t you glad have a clean and reliable supply of natural gas? What might happen without it? Don’t get left in the dark – Power On New England!
Infrastructure upgrades are most evident during rare storms like these, but we shouldn't wait until then! --- "While winter storms like Stella are not out of the norm, they do pose a significant threat to the reliability of the U.S. grid system. Utilities like Pepco and Eversource and in New York are undergoing grid modernization proceedings aimed at boosting reliability and investing in...
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Northeastern utilities gear up for Winter Storm Stella as thousands face blackouts
Just like roads, engines or something as simple as that squeaky back door - everything needs to be upgraded and maintained. Say yes and support vital energy infrastructure in Minnesota!

Say Yes to Vital Energy Upgrades in Minnesota - Consumer Energy Alliance
Your environmental impact is more than just the car you drive and the electricity for your home. Do you know your true environmental footprint as a consumer? This is just a loaf of bread, image everything else you use and consume in a day!

What's The Environmental Footprint Of A Loaf Of Bread? Now We Know
In 2015, Massachusetts received just over nine percent of its power from renewable energy and paid the fourth highest electricity rates in the country. It’s time to start engaging in the conversation about how we develop and diversify our energy resources with both natural gas and renewables. More importantly we need to recognize their impact on New England’s economy and its families. Click...
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Power On New England
CEA supports the Atlantic Coast Pipeline because we believe in American energy powering American families. Our homes, businesses and livelihoods depend on the reliable, affordable energy that this project can provide. Click here to sign a letter urging the government to approve the #ACPipeline: [ Link ]
A new report from the National Council of State Legislators offers a list of policy options state legislators can consider to keep current nuclear reactors running, producing electricity, sustaining jobs, and maintaining clean energy affordability in their communities.

NCSL Offers State Legislators Policy Options for Preserving Nuclear - Nuclear Energy Institute
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy, “At every step in the process the analysis has shown that the greenhouse gas emissions standards for cars and light trucks remain affordable and effective through 2025, and will save American drivers billions of dollars at the pump while protecting our health and the environment.”
Critical infrastructure projects like Keystone XL and Dakota Access will bring much-needed crude oil to markets, which will help create the fuel, power, and products that Americans use every day. Everyone – families, farmers, manufacturers, distributors and small businesses – will benefit from the decision to green light a pair of pipelines that will help cash-strapped families lower costs,...
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Consumer Energy Alliance Applauds Trump Administration Pipeline Decisions - Consumer Energy Alliance
Energy costs are “affordable” up until a certain point. That tipping point, experts agree, is when costs exceed 6 percent of a household’s income.

Do you know what percent of your families income is spent on energy?

Without More Pipelines, Scary Economic Scenarios Become Real | RealClearEnergy
It’s not just pipelines, "not-in-my-back-yard" or NIMBY affects all forms of energy - even solar. We can’t keep saying no to families and small businesses who need affordable energy.

Robbins Residents Protest Proposed Solar Farm
Energy security isn't just about producing our own energy to avoid imports from foreign nations. Denying energy infrastructure projects that bring more abundant supplies of low cost energy places additional burdens and difficulties on those with the least amount of resources. There are consequences to everything - no is not the answer. How do we find solutions to benefit all of our...
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Our latest report highlights the consequences of the "keep-it-in-the-ground" movement and shows the U.S. will lose one-third of its electricity generation capacity without more infrastructure, hurting families and households across the country who pay a disproportionate amount of money on energy.

Report: U.S. Will Lose One-Third of its Electricity Generation Capacity Without More Infrastructure - Consumer Energy Alliance
Like cooking at home and enjoying meals with friends and family? Energy plays a big role not just in ensuring our meals are hot, but that we have the leftovers to enjoy tomorrow!

A Pipeline to Your Kitchen